How to reset the default settings any web browser

Hi friends, today's tutorial we will talk about the most common browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer. Specifically we will see how these browsers can reset settings they return to factory settings, just as they were immediately after installation.
Why would we want to reset the default settings of a browser?
For several reasons, it can happen that after a strong malicious, your browser will become corrupt, no longer work properly, very hard to move or redirect to dubious websites. Another reason is that you may have applied a trick seen on various sites and decide you will not like the setting that you did then but do not know how to change the setting, do not know how to bring the browser to normal, you simply forgot what you applied setting.
I often get the question "the browser asked me if I want to set it as default and now it doesn't ask me, how can I change the default browser?"
Well, in this situation, if you are to atehnici, resetting the browser to the default settings (basic), on next start the browser will ask you again if you want to use as the default browser. So if you are not too technical and do not know how to set a default browser, you can call this method in case you do not have enough time to be informed about another method more formal and perhaps more effective.
That said, I invite you to watch the video tutorial to see exactly how any browser settings reset to default

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  1. What he forgot to say is that if you tutiral sync or backup of browservar and will sincronizeza and settings when logging in to accounts sync will restore the settings from last synchronization browservarului.

  2. But what is "tutiral"?

  3. Maradentro said

    Tip tutorial: PC configuration on the new platform AMD Kaveri cheap! :) :) :)

  4. stefan said

    I DON'T THINK IT IS VALID AND IF YOU ARE AN EXAMPLE, NATION ZOOM OM I TRIED IN SOME WAY TO CHIP TO GET OUT OF IT AND I DIDN'T SUCK… I don't know how to use computers, even try… but I would be interested to know if you can disable nation zoom from a computer… I'll wait a week, after which I'll reinstall windows. Thanks in advance

  5. I went in Firefox about: config, browser.newtab.url we chose,iar I open a new tab cursor remains above the post url, what changes we have to make the cursor quadrant google search?
    without any addons!

  6. Adriane you can do in the future and a tutorial on how to get those surveys. get ride bypass skip surveys. I looked over and I found much. Maybe you're more skillful.

  7. Costelina said

    Adrian because we're in that department; you put your homepage in your browser (home) google for example, why not write up the post but a simple google .com sausage characters and numbers and what else is there * ? do you know why this happens?
    thank you (looking forward and we have prepared your colleague Cristi)

  8. Valentin said

    This site is no longer what it once was…

  9. Salut.Acum as trench videotutorial, I'd like to clarify about ip So if I use THOR would change my ip to another from another country and show ,,,, I know because I checked and, BUT THAT THE OTHER IP I only use it if TARA Thor.Intrebarea that bothers me if I want to download the cartoon for example ptr my son torrents and launch Thor after writing the post home "www ...... com", where I could find what I should you download my provaiderul where we net ,,,, he sees as a download, I use different ip as use uTorrent, or he sees only as much dawloadez ceva.Merci

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Thor can not be used for downloading torrents. There does not protect you, you hide your IP only for certain protocols, specific ports used by web browser
      Write clearly on the official page that it does not protect you (does not hide your ip) in case of P2P download (peer to peer - the protocol used by Torrent)
      Quoted by the official website of the project:
      How can I share files through Tor Anonymously?
      File sharing (peer-to-peer / P2P) is widely unwanted in the Tor network, and exit nodes are configured to block file sharing traffic by default. Tor is not really designed for it, and file sharing through Tor slows down everyone's browsing. Also, Bittorrent over Tor is not anonymous!

  10. I left a comment and I lati sters.De ce.Incercam to know how to deal with TOR.

  11. Adrian / Cristi, I also have a question about nexus 4. I know it has nothing to do with this tutorial, but I said to try… so nexus 4 appeared about 16-17 months ago if I'm not mistaken. The ones from google offer an update to android for 18 months as I heard. My question would be the following: If I buy my nexus 4 in June (exceeding the 18-month deadline) can I still update it to android 4.4.2 kitkat? As I would like to buy that phone, it currently costs 1.400 lei, I expect it to become cheaper by about 200 lei… I am waiting for an answer, and possibly an explanation… thank you

    • Adrian Gudus said

      In October 2012 4 Nexus was launched. The update 18 months take effect from the launch date of the device and not from your purchase date,
      Therefore you will receive all updates or new versions of Android that were launched in May until October 2012 2014, no matter when you achzitionezi product.
      You can purchase Nexus and over 4 2 1 year or older, you'll receive all the updates that were released Nexus release date 4 including those that will be launched (if will be) until May 2014.
      I hope you iinteles

  12. Followed the tutorial step by step and Mozilla me not to ruin anything!

  13. Gigi Balanga said


    Please tell me how I can correct a subtitle program Kingsoft, because when I open the subtitle Kingsoft Writer subtitle appears with all kinds of signs and additions troublesome, but appearing on VLC when I want to see the film.
    Thank you.

    With all the esteem.

    A good day.

  14. Hello ,,, I have a 10 / 64-bit winning system, a 6700 radeon video card, a 5.1 speaker system that is properly connected (I have set 5.1, tested and each speaker emits). When I listen to music and watch movies, the sound is stereo when I look at your 5.1 tutorials. How can I always listen to 5.1?
    Thank you.

    With all the esteem.

    A good day.


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