Custom Refresh PC or Windows 8 and applications as bring back the default settings

Hello friends, today we will talk about the tutorial Refresh your PC, a feature of the Windows operating system and Windows 8 8.1 Blue allows us to refresh the system or rather to return it to the state it was in immediately after installation, fresh no software installed.
Well if using the Refresh your PC in PC Settings existence we have to have around us a DVD with Windows or 8 8.1 and its help we can only do a Refresh PC will be needed because some files on DVD that the process occur.
Because in Windows 8 and 8.1 there is a small utility called "recimg.exe" that can be used from CMD, we can use it to manipulate how the system will refresh. Basically we will use the small utility "recimg.exe" to generate a custom ".wim" image (windows image) that will contain the desktop applications installed by us and so the operating system will use it to refresh and will no longer be necessary a DVD with Windows 8 or 8.1
The image generated by the "recimg.exe" utility will always be named "CustomRefresh.wim" and if we want to generate more such images we will have to make them in separate folders because the name must remain "CustomRefresh.wim" for its system can use it in case of a refresh.
The "recimg.exe" utility also has some parameters that can be used in CMD:
/ setcurrent - allows you to set as the current image one of the previously generated “CustomRefresh.wim” images, a function that can be used if you have more than one “CustomRefresh.wim” image
/ deregister - causes it to tell the system not to use the "CustomRefresh.wim" image in case of a refresh, useful if we have more "CustomreRefresh.wim" images and we want to use another one instead of the current one.
/ showcurrent - shows us the location of the "CustomRefresh.wim" image, a useful parameter if we have several "CustomRefresh.wim" images and we want to know which one is used and where it is.
What happens after the "Refresh your PC" process?
If you generate a custom image and use a DVD with Windows or 8 8.1 to go through this process, the system will return to the default settings and remove all desktop applications but will not touch the personal files Pictures, Documents, Music. Windows Store apps will remain installed in the system.
If we use "Refresh your PC" but before we generate a custom image, after the process "Refresh your PC" the system will return to the basic settings, we will have Desktop applications installed but they will be reset to the default state, for example the browser will lose settings and bookmarks but will remain installed. The advantage is that you will not have to download and reinstall your favorite applications. In this case, too, the system will not touch the existing files in Music, Pictures, Desktop, Documents. \
In conclusion, "Refresh your PC" is an extremely useful function that can be used when we get infected or when we make all kinds of bizarre settings through applications and we would like them to return to their basic state, as they were when they were I installed.
"Refresh your PC" can be used both from the Desktop interface and if we can no longer access the Desktop interface using a bootable DVD with Windows 8 or Windows 8.1


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  1. Constantin said

    Hi Team know this is not what I asked videotutorialul dedicated I do I will take the risk of asking the question: I want to buy a motherboard and are a bit basic peace dubuii seen with AMI BIOS 32Mb 64Mb AMI UEFI UEFI and I'd like to tell me which one to choose and what differences exist between them. Thank you

  2. Adrian where I can download an image with Windows and 8.
    Pretty please help me, I really need a picture with Windows 8!!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You already have the answer in two tutorials. One about 8.1 preview and a download Windows Download Windows 8 how enterprise. Both tutorials you find on the top right search box.

  3. Yes but I want 8.1 give final version Alui searched the net and found only preview
    Where can I download Windows 8.1 final.

    • you can download from the usenet or I send you by
      8.1 because Windows requires to activate every two hours and again after two hours he printrun activation windows blue screen I dropped 8.1
      8.1 windows compare with windows 7 not about the touch screen maneuverability. 7 Windows has several options at the touch screen. 8.1 Windows Aero not show sucks. Windows Aero is 7 use it with pleasure. which is the fastest of the two systems do not care for both runs very well just 8.1 windows is very uncomfortable for me. I should have seven hands so I can use Windows 8.1 Metro. Who likes to use it as a good annoyed.
      HANDLING want from an operating system to I can buy the eMag 12 million.

      • You are very right instead if you tell that to someone on the forums or where the "specialists" still meet to see what your ears will hear !!! see god it's good and useful… it's a bad update and ugly point, all the best!

  4. Sault, I have a request, I want to recommend me a software to control internet traffic, have a limited internet and aces only to have a better visualization of MB consumed, possibly split the application. Thanks in advance!

    • I use NetSpeedMonitor, get it here: / software / netspeedmonitor

      Here's a screenshot of the program: / qrdc9stlf / screenshot_79.png

  5. Cristi, you want to put that widget Random again Tutorial, it's very interesting!

  6. Good tutorial, but I think the simplest is to use the backup and restore software! Aomei way Backup is a free software compatible with Windows 8 can do with the software and a videotutorialtutorial.

  7. Good tutorial.
    off topic: Could you do a more complex tutorial on using the Freelancer platform…? For many I think it would be useful. Thank you!

  8. What will happen with games and programs containing cracks after I refresh this custom? Windows and commercial programs will be licensed or will be active again?

  9. Hello!
    It seems that not much older tutorials are watched, because I posted a comment and no response so far, so allow me to repost them here, maybe someone can help me, so I will copy-paste:

    Please help me with a problem arising in the system shown in the tutorial- . I configured the system as it was presented, I just put a higher source 650 W. goes well, but sometimes hangs on the monitor and the PC does not respond to any command, the only solution to it is to unlock it forced stop. Please tell me what's wrong and how can I fix it? Thank you.

    • If you have not received an answer means you have not made good question and did not provide details.
      A PC can lock in many cases:
      1. Ram incompatible.
      2. Ram problems.
      3. Hard disk problems.
      4. Overheating.
      5. Windows problems (pirated).
      6. Drivers installed properly.
      7. Game issues (pirated, poorly ripuit).
      8. Components too weak.
      9. Motherboard problem (capacitors).
      10. Contacts weak slots or food.
      11. Source of poor quality which provides voltage specified in solocitare extreme points.
      These are just a few reasons but are very many reasons for blocking.
      As a friend used to say: “I can't talk like that, it must be seen! "
      They solve problems like that of nearby, and you take what I've listed above and see what you can do.
      Another time a wine and you with details, we are not magicians.

  10. It was easier to make image with Acronis True Image?
    Do you know a picture is compatible with Windows 8 from multiple computers, that is not to install WinXP but every time I upload image made with Acronis?

    • An image made with Acronis or other backup and recovery software including drivers included. I have not tried but errors may occur!

  11. How do you do down there appears to Windows 7 or after 8 Evaluation Days left below is something like Aare 90,89,88, etc.. and Cristi have ex 15 days after having 90 Iara how do you reinstall Windows or what? or Reset but not if you do not end 3 reinstall attempts boo?

  12. Hi, I apologize for re-posting, I did not check e-mail, come with details:
    0. Processor-AMD FX 8320, 3500MHz, 16MB Socket AM3, Box
    1. Ram incompatible. - Kingston 8GB 1866MHz DDR3 CL9 DIMM Non-ECC (Kit of 2) XMP
    2. Ram problems. - See above.
    3. Hard disk problems. - Kingston SSD V300- and HDD WD Black 1TB, 7200RPM, 64MB, SATA3.
    4. Overheating. - Why?, CPU, motherboard, video card (Nvidia GTX 660).
    5. Windows problems (pirated). - Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation (thank you for the tutorial)
    6. Drivers installed properly. - Latest drivers from the manufacturer's website / s'.
    7. Game issues (pirated, poorly ripuit). - World of Warcraft online.
    8. Components too weak. - The preop you in tutorial
    9. Motherboard problem (capacitors)., 970 EXTREME3 ASRock Socket AM3
    10. Poor contacts on slots or power supply. - I don't really know how to tell if they are weak or not.
    11. Poor quality source that does not provide the specified voltage at low moments - Antec EarthWatts Platinum 650W source.

    Thank you.

    • No matter how many details you (however this is not enough) you can get a more complete answer than you gave Cristi.Încerc to convince you and I in that it is possible for drivers to be inconsistent, or even did not complete all the drivers list the result is also blocarea.De existence of antivirus firewall acting resume (I have some memories of Comodo 6.12). source parameters may not meet specifications in detail tehnice.Poate you have installed Windows 8 who passed me in jams jams, here a recipe for annoying computer. The SSD has made some settings exactly as presented in a previous tutorial, here on sit.Bagă you an XP and I guarantee you it will not longer blocheze.Personal think of a program that we you installed or a driver.E very possible that when lock is to send a report on your computer by various thick!, to make updates, or even a little control in that there are multiple ouă.Cauze I can solve the problem here.

    • Change the HDD data cable

  13. hello, I have a question, does anyone know why I can not access the Windows System Properties 8 (I have not activated it, and do not receive any warning or anything), I give the System Properties closes after 1 second but not the system only system properties. thanks

  14. I did exactly as in the tutorial, but I got error: 0x80070015. I searched the net a solution, I found something about the file history, of which I understood nothing. Vr a suggestion?

  15. I have a problem I can only install Adobe Flash Player 11.8 it appears to me to download and then Script Error appears …… .. (text) and it says YES or NO and if I give YES nothing happens, I reopen to install flash and it tells me that it is already open and the problem encountered on both 7 and 8 remains hanging in the Task Manager. What do we do in this case?

  16. you keep saying you run all win. installed in virtual environment… and I own windows 8 primary and secondary I have a Linux server in virtual… my question is the following… what progr. you use for the virtual environment !? virtual-box or something else !? thank you!

  17. Andreea said

    Hi! I also have a problem… I can't access any application from Windows 8 I noticed the problem when I wanted to access the Store to update to 8.1 and it doesn't even open my application, what can I do?

  18. Windows Command Line: 'not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.'
    Your solution does not work, what to do from here? I really need to refresh!

    thank you in advance! 8.1 9600 win

  19. Hi, I would try to create an image myself but it gives me an error '"error code 0x80070006 ″ and says that the image cannot be written, have you encountered this problem before, could you help me?

    Thank you!

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