CursorFX, software for customizing the mouse cursor in the smallest details - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial we will present you with software that lets you customize the mouse cursor (arrow) program customization cursor is called CursorFX and it can transform the appearance of the cursor in seconds.
In the tutorial I chose a slider that looked like a fly in fact was even a bite in the program have a few very nice pre-cursors, multiple cursors can be found on the official website.
For fans of customization, this software will be a godsend.
Some settings are only active in the commercial version of the software CursorFX, I do not think it is necessary upgrade, there are enough options in the free version.
This tutorial video was made in response to repeated requests by the comments box, thank you for your suggestions.
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Enjoy !

by Cristian Cismaru



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  1. Cristi you have a very sensitive microphone think times have you watch on your desk as you hear always when you make peace just about anything done tac tac tac clock I always heard that, if it were a wall clock, but I think it's a desk clock not. Cam least tutorial but it's good, wait sandy bridge that after this famous guy who knows what appears i8 core, i9 :)) with 10 cores. Good luck !!

    • ASUSCristi you have a very sensitive microphone think times have you watch on your desk as you hear always when you make peace just about anything done tac tac tac clock I always heard that, if it were a wall clock, but I think it's a watch office no. Cam least tutorial but it's good, wait sandy bridge that after this famous guy who knows what appears i8 core, i9 :) ) With 10 cores. Good luck !!  

      I have a wall clock, is about 1,5 meters behind me, this base plate has a more powerful sound / sensitive than the old one.
      I had some emotions regarding sound when I changed the Sandy Bridge (P67A-GD65) but everything I went with could not be better.

    • assassin80 said

      ASUSCristi you have a very sensitive microphone or you think you can hear the clock on the desk as always when you quietly do just about anything tac tac tac clock I always heard that, if it were a wall clock, but I think it's a watch office no. Cam least tutorial but it's good, wait sandy bridge that after this famous guy who knows what i8 core appears, i9) with 10 cores. Bafta!  

      brother you're Sylar ba =)))))))

  2. Cristi pretty please if you can do a tutorial on keylemon

  3. Cristi you can do a tutorial on how we can put a digital camera as a webcam think many will this because for clarity's bigger than a webcam 120 lei

  4. Very Useful tutorial !!!

  5. Hello Cristi, very good tutorial, congratulations. I had myself a question. What microphone use?

  6. Cristi, you MSI is pretty good but I had big problems and kept the mau where we got it wrong income nearly thousand-1 2 months I change my damage a motherboard. I had made a KT4AV MSI (MS-6712) and I do my best PC at that time and I took two plates and both same error as he had a conflict in device manager keyboard have tastura conflict was firm and COMPAQ it looks like the keyboard is conflict in device manager after I got it and I've removed it from its case and went with her to the store and there iam so after telling so and gave me all the pasta they say it goes when I get home Iara all conflict sit and say aaa leam sent a memorial to those from the store sami mio schhimbe not know how many days after the call hai mau Lord came to give you another MSI 7021 solved and indeed this was the best he had no conflict. And do not say I had a good board but good at that time a man Cristi ASUS FX5200 128MB 64biti not support mutt 6712 ms plate makes all those in the directx tests could not play at all after I placed it on ms 7021 went ok, that have something in production, Daia not really like MSI sites that were sores. Bafta CristianT the Sandy Bridge!

  7. Interestingly tutorial! Very good proposal above webcam! It would be a good idea to use camcorder (especially if you have one full HD) broadcast by the webcam! I ncontiunare luck!

  8. Hi guys, sorry I'm offtopic but I have a problem too…
    a few months ago I had to move the desktop to another room and of course the net cable, the network plug on the cable taking place to come out through the hole on which the cable was inserted… I cut the cable I took it out, I taken where I needed to be there I plugged each wire separately, isolated, all good and beautiful, but I kind of lost the signal.

    I don't lose much, for example: on the torrent there is a difference of 1mb / s when downloading, that doesn't bother me, it bothers me that it lags me in online games… on servers abroad where I had 45-50 lag now I have 300. .

    The net tape is unlimited, touched up to make the maneuver and 11mb / s.
    What to do in this situation? Ms

  9. sall I have a vb with a friend and he told me for those who have a TV tuner to do this. If you have a video card with video in or tvtuner, connect the tv-out from the camera to the tv-in and you're done it worked for me so try it too and if it works for you to say how you did it I would like to connect the camera to a netbook and it doesn't have a tv tuner I would like to ask those on the video tutorial to find a solution that uses software for do that Thanks for your attention

  10. Cristi gives me error when installing software ???? He says:
    Could not access network location \Themes

  11. Very good tutorial, I needed a program that because I'm so tired of default sliders to programu I liked it more if Pointers cursor or as it was called, is small and cute. congratulations for the work you I learned a great many things.

  12. All tutorials are 10 note, neither the question to comment in a negative form, since I discovered this site, I learned many useful things, for one that has a tendency to learn what a PC does, A to Z. My knowledge or improved significantly thanks to you, those you deal with knowing that some programs from it to. Continue in this formula and believe me will not leave in any mieeeeeeee years. Now after so much praise, I have one question. We recently installed Internet Explorer 9, we know that only walk Win7, the problem is that with this version of explorer do not see tutorials although many times that I installed Flash Player that I can show to see that video page. Cause? I do not know who it could be. And as a result I would like to ask is it possible I can see in explorer 9 these tutorials? Thanks in advance!

  13. Cristi, I have a petition of tn: fai tutorial about windows and blinds (a very good software to change the windows theme. I know it's commercial but do you see how you go. It's all from Stardock.

    PS: Help me please

    You have some great tutorials and continued success

  14. Hello !!! That long wait for a mouse cursor, I looked online and found so beautiful but the program nam give it some cursors Most Outstanding !!! I love bites and further yongu !! Good luck !!! !
    Do please a tutorial if you want about a gid pc in which to grasp everything not only the CPU to grasp monitor, mouse, keyboard, central unit, speakers, modem, printer, web camera, everything has a PC and we look tad more on quality and the price.

  15. Do not place the cursor bite as you risk taking him to monitor crack hands!

  16. daaaaaa, hard bite that if there was peak and base gave the plica in monitor.

  17. I would like you to please do a tutorial on how to play games from Ps2 on PC, preferably it would be smackdawn vs raw 2011. I succeeded with Pcsx2 0.9.6 and it goes back I have intel dual core processor 1,61 board video 512 n'vidia GeFore 8400gs si 1 gb de ram. there are other programs such as delphin. If there is any chance that it will work for me with a program or a setting, please tell me if you can through a tutorial !!!

  18. Hey, do not post on my pc :)) yes that matters! I saw this tutorialu. I will not sit back and tell me my opinion: the exquisite! how people want something else that offered Windows ;) bravo. I do not know how to rate the tutorial, I honestly do not know. if someone tells me thank

  19. while some tutorials about programming c / java etc or dak you have to tell me how to search…

  20. It is very good tutorial tineo toto so: D: D: D

  21. Hi guys, I have a problem with a mouse, a Logitech M180 I do not know if this counts data is wireless and works with that USB stick in my USB stick that does not work there any possibility to 's work via Bluetooth capabilities or something soft as separately purchased USB stick that is not found.

    Thank you !

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