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We hope that this gallery will become a place where Orcine wants to take or watch funny pictures, and anyone who has funny pictures please send them by email to      [email protected]

This gallery contains video tutorials not funny but can we relax by watching a video tutorial and do not want to learn.

Funny pics gallery can be likened to school or re-creation of deleted sheet and wetting the sponge.

We hope you enjoy and to help us to create funny and galleries with photos or video clips captured fun of you or your friends.

Thank you for visiting and welcome to watch video tutorials and reviewri on our site and if you have comments or suggestions about the topics covered in our tutorials you can contact us via simple comments heard at the end of each tutorial video or through our address email [email protected] or another email address [email protected]

by Cristian Cismaru

Thank you

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  1. Marian popa said

    Good Christ!
    I need your help! you tried to get on the pace of my netul but had fallen and I had discussed how to get back with you
    I beg to get in [email protected] tell you what is vb, ok?
    thank you very much! you envy you know so many things and I teach others! to swimming and all the best!

  2. Hi Cristi! Before I came across this situation, I thought I knew "something" about computers but I was wrong and I'm glad I still have a lot to learn from you. Congratulations on your initiative! I will continue to learn from you!

  3. I also want to know how I can put an avatar when you comment on a forum

  4. test to see if I Gravatar

  5. I can now show: (

  6. DaneZuDany said

    can go now :))

  7. avatar

  8. CRISTI still not MERGEEE

  9. I hope now to go

  10. ...

  11. GeT_RiGhT said

    hello bravo crystal hard work

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