Jailbreak on iPhone and iPad, what it is and what it uses

Hi friends, today's tutorial we will see what is jailbreak, you can get by doing Jailbreak and Jailbreak procedure involving mobile devices iPad, iPhone and iPod from Apple
What is the Jailbreak?
As communities have established root third to make root's Android operating system in order to customize the system more and modify your system files that normally you can not change without root, as well as community third-party developers, enthusiasts iOS operating system, called Jailbreak Tools to develop applications that can exploit security breaches iOS operating system to obtain root rights to customize the iOS operating system and modify your system files.
In the Android world has called root and in the iOS world, although very similar, is called Jailbreak
Both procedures to obtain rights to modify the operating system appeared in the consumer desire to get more from your favorite OS, be it Android or iOS.
Basically Jailbreak process consists of connecting the device to a computer or laptop Apple data cable and run the jailbreak tool's. The running tool to jailbreak the iOS operating system will exploit to install and get root. In most cases Jailbreak tool used to automatically install third party applications store called Cydia Jailbreak process late.
Although basic iOS is an operating system with rights and customization options more restricted to a device running Android, the Jailbreak can get a lot of things which allow you to change parameters or settings that normally the scheme has you can not do without Jailbreak.
What to know before making Jailbreak?
Before you do jailbreak you have to know what our device running iOS version later to seek The tool (software) able to do our Jailbreak iOS version. To find out what version of iOS that runs our device will be entering Setup> General> Information> Version
Cate Jailbreak methods exist?
Untethered JailbreakIs the method by which we obtain root privileges and third-party applications store called Cydia. Through a process called Untethered Jailbreak, if you run out battery or restart the Apple device, the root and store Cydia applications are not lost.
Tethered JailbreakIs the method by which we obtain root privileges and third-party applications store called Cydia. The disadvantage of this method is that if we run out of battery or restart the Apple device, we can not enter the operating system at startup will encounter a boot loop and iPhone, iPad or iPod screen will not switch boot (that is displayed in our logo / apple Apple) To boot the device will have to use the tool with which I made to do a tethered jailbreak boot. This involves connecting the device Apple data cable to PC or laptop and use the jailbreak tool to make the device to boot
Semitethered JailbreakIs the process by which we obtain root privileges and third-party applications store called Cydia. The advantage of this method is that although we remain without root and Cydia restart the device if Apple or running out of battery, we will be able to boot into the OS and we can use the phone to make calls or SMS but give Safari and several applications will no longer be available. You will have to repeat the process of Jailbreak Apple device to become fully functional again and have root and Cydia.
What is and how to get Cydia?
Cydia is a third party application store (similar to the App Store) actually is the store where we can download and install what are called Tweak iOS world sites. In the shop we find Cydia Tweak sites (third-party applications, which Apple does not offer informal support and does not recognize or recommend) that can be downloaded free of charge or in return for money.
In Cydia developers can add various territorial sources, sources that contain packages (.deb extension files) that make up Tweak developed by these sites. If ever happened to search for the name of Tweak in Cydia and you have not found, most likely you had not added source developer community that developed Tweak your question. Basic store Cydia package comes with several sources already added.
Cydia can not get / install your device without having to go through the jailbreak process. As can be installed cydia will need to have root iOS device. Root is obtained through the Jailbreak process.
In general or most often, the tools that you can Jailbreak iOS version will automatically install Cydia on your device after applying the jailbreak for it. However this is not a rule and not every time Cydia is automatically installed after the jailbreak. We see this in the next tutorial you'll see how we can Jailbreak Apple devices running iOS version 8.0 operated system, 8.0.1, 8.0.2 or iOS 8.1
It can remove the jailbreak?
Anytime you can remove the jailbreak but sometimes that means to go to a higher iOS version to the one you already have installed.
There is a risk to brick-uiesc if I Jailbreak Apple device?
Yes and no. 2 iPhone's inception, 3, 3G, 4 risk that in the brick-uiesti Jailbreak to your device. While the jailbreak has become more stable and you risk brick-uiesti Apple device only if you use incorrect Jailbreak tool is not designed to do Jailbreak your iOS version. As I said above, process and tool dependent Jailbreak iOS version you have installed your device.
It is true that destabilizes you Jailbreak your operating system and affect performance of the device?
This again may be true or not. Depending on what tweaks install and exaggerated their number, can destabilize the operating system. Luckily before insstalezi a Tweak it can read information displayed on Cydia store to find out if the tweak that has certain requirements or conflict with other tweaks and so you can avoid any conflict or destabilization of the system and application crashes .
Personal use Jailbreak for almost a month and I noticed sisteemului destabilization of operation, affecting performance or decrease the life of the battery. These things were valid Jailbreak's inception and on very old devices: iPhone 2, 3, 3GS, iPhone 4
Jailbreak is illegal to do on an Apple device?
It is not illegal to make a device running iOS Jailbreak
You lose warranty if you jailbreak?
If your Apple device is still in warranty, it will not be covered by warranty if the device breaks down after a process of Jailbreak
The final will let you watch the video tutorial to see what can be achieved by Jailbreak and do not hesitate if you have questions or suggestions, we expect the comments section of this tutorial!

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      It should be seen by anyone.
      Try to give a browser refresh or empty the cache.

      • Adrian Gudus said

        And I can watch it without problems! Do not use extensions / add-ons dubious in your browser! Even though often useful, just as many times you can tangle or displaying the content you can block that would normally have to block it. I speak from experience!

        • Goran Dragos said

          Adrian have an Iphone jailbreak in 4 with him and I gave a reset and does not want to start.
          What should I do ???

    • not run and go !!

  2. Kyo costy said

    Thank I very much am looking forward tutorial on how we apply the jailbreak seems quite interesting

  3. how much you battery in general?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I got 5 hours and 21 (on screen time - cumulative time in which the display was on) minutes of friction (web browsing, Upload Dropbox, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Viber, Hangouts, Facebook Pages Manager, OneNote) with the brightness of the car display and another 33% battery left.

  4. Superb tutorial Adrian! I would like to know if "shsh blobs" for iphone 4s with ios 7.1 can be saved, because in case of update to iOS 8.1 could I go back to iOS 7.1? Because iOS 8.1 has little lag on 4s!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You can do this with the TinyUmbrella tool. Unfortunately if you have an iPhone versions of iOS 4S 6.x, 7.x or 8.x you can not downgrade / restore to one of these versions saved SHSH blobs even if you because Apple changed the way in which signs these versions iOS

      • Thanks for the reply Adrian! Another question: I have iOS 7.1 and I don't have a jailbreak and I would like to do it, but if in time the system will work hard after installing tweaks or what I find in Cydia, I will have to restore them to 4s? I don't want this because it will be updated to 8.1 and this version of iOS runs harder on the iPhone 4s. Is there another method of restore without an update? I've heard something about semirestores, but I don't know if it works…. I would like your opinion!

        • Adrian Gudus said

          If you do not like a Tweak, gives you headaches or have conflicts with a Tweak, you can always uninstall it all from Cydia.
          Yes, there are several methods semirestore (depending on iOS version that you have installed, the tool with which you can semirestore different. I will do in the future a tutorial on this topic)
          However you should know that after a process of semirestore (besides logical that you will stay with the same version of iOS installed) and the root will not be lost Cydia Tweak sites just downloaded, installed applications from the App Store, documents, photos. It's like you do a Restore in iTunes but you remain the root and Cydia

          • Thanks for the reply Adrian! I like the idea of ​​semirestore and keeping jailbreak community and look forward to that tutorial! Anyway if you want to do I have to jailbreak iOS clean (without any app) or go and if I applications on iPhone?

      • Tatiana said

        Hi Adrian I and I jailbreak on iphone 6 plus and I want to take them can play games without paying and do not know sal use

  5. Omeo Huţanu said

    Good day. It can jailbreak the ipad and apple tv 3? IPad is one of the first versions appeared.

  6. Adrian Gudus said

    You do Jailbreak anytime as long as you installed iOS version which is available on a Jailbreak method.

  7. danfion2004 said

    Here's another one….

  8. Mihai Alexandru A89 said

    Hello, you kindly tell me some how make my phone appear on the Desktop will appear as you, I have seen many tutorials you.
    I have an Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy Plus GT-S7580 Trend, and I want to defend my desktop to me, and do not know how to do.

  9. Hi, I have a new Acer laptop, and it has been charging normally for up to 80% for a few days and after that "crazy" adia it charges and it can be heard through that beep after it doesn't charge and it also changes its brightness because it goes on battery and after charging, it charges for a second, after not the same… Phases is that it charges so it exceeds 80% but why it does so I don't know please help me from the bottom of my heart, it's very annoying I can't use it anymore…

    • Costelina said

      control panel then click where it says category and put on large icons
      you'll see a green battery power option that says; click there and at all levels
      (Because they are 3) change values ​​ie:
      plan that says change setings click and put all the indents in contrast and brightness in the middle;
      and all the houses to be on never
      you do not forget to save after each setting especially where it says balanced recommended
      tell us whether doing so

      • It doesn't matter what you say !!!!! My battery is normally charged up to 80%, and after no, and after a few seconds it charges and again not like that, that's why that sound is heard and changes its brightness !!!!. That it loads and after a few seconds no… !!!!! Please help me I didn't find any solution….

        • You said the laptop is new, but I'm curious. The problem you are facing is since when did you buy it or…? I mean, the first time you put it on charge, did you find that it only charges up to 80%? It wouldn't hurt if you told us the model of the laptop. Some manufacturers limit the charge to 80-90% because it would improve battery life. See if you have any BIOS settings.

          • The laptop has any 6 months and so far I have not had any particular problem with loading my normal load, a few days ago appeared to me the problem with uploading. It is an ACER TRAVELMATE P253- M. Please help me.

          • I have a utility for laptop battery protection, it comes installed default and limit battery charging over 80%.

  10. Adrian, writes: "We will see this in the next tutorial when we see how we can Jailbreak Apple devices running iOS 8.0, 8.0.1, 8.0.2 or iOS 8.1"…
    We are many who look forward and real interest in this tutorial, the three of us having 5 iphone with iOS 8.1. Thank you and continued success!

  11. Melen sebastian said

    Hi. I also have a more delicate problem. I have an iPhone 4. blocked on sprint america. I used it for a long time with gevey. then it didn't work for me. I bought new gevey nothing nimic I have the version on it 6.1.1. 450. I wanted to do official decoding but it costs around 4 lei. I recently talked to a friend and he told me that if I try to do it again with gevey he told me that newer on 6s he will only be able to run with version 8.x or 8.x but there is a possibility that I can not download certain applications because some can no longer pray on software version older than XNUMX.x
    my question is what can I do in this case? I could do jailbreak.si then activate with Geveya sal? but I can still use a version accesibila.si not use 8.x version?
    What can you suggest.
    mention that the release may know him hard sprint america complicata.mersi more

  12. Cristi good!
    I bought an Iphone 5 from an auction site (Tradera) blocked on Telenor. I connected it to iTunes and it was updated to the last iOS but it remained inactive and I can't use it. I understood that I need a sim of at this phone company. I can't jailbreak it until I unlock it, right? I mean "unlock career". I even got an unlock code but how can I activate the phone without a sim? He asks me all the time. Do you know any solution? Thank you in advance !

    • I mean, ask my sim from Telenor that do not am.Nu it can start to use it in browsing or iPod. Weird! I am new to the Apple!

      • Adrian Gudus said

        If you have received an unlock code you should insert a nano sim in the phone (orange, cosmote or vodafone) and when the phone detects the sim it will display a pop-up showing the message "Activation Required". At this point, connect the phone via the data cable to the PC and open iTunes. Wait a few seconds and it will unlock and become free of network (if you really paid for an unlock service and you don't have that unlock code from somewhere on a forum)

        • Well, I just received the code by completing a "survey" at a restaurant. I symbolically paid 0,2 euros. On the forum there were dozens of people thanked that it worked. I know what to say? So I do not have the opportunity to enter the code. Only with sim from the phone company. That's what I understand "browsing" on the net
          Thank you for your attention.

          • Adrian Gudus said

            Make a deblcare by IMEI unlock this course is paid and you do not need your provider's sim phone is coded. There are hundreds of online services for ordering a release by IMEI

          • Do you know a cheaper one? I know one with 127 pounds. The first three letters….
            Thank you

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  14. Good evening! I want to know if the phone is under warranty and breaks down while jailbreak is installed on the phone, but no jailbreak is the cause of the malfunction, losing the guarantee?


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