Move Windows to a new SSD or clone the operating system

Move Windows to a new SSD or clone the operating system
Move Windows to a new SSD or clone the operating system

Not everyone can or has a resettlement

Generally, when you change your system disk to a more powerful and more powerful one, it's a good idea to reinstall your system. Move Windows to a new SSD

However, not everyone is keen to reinstall all programs, lose settings, and so on.

People have become accustomed to the operating system set in a certain way and do not want to get out of the comfort zone, and rightly in these times when time is a luxury.

The solution is cloning the operating system and moving it to the new disk

EaseUS Todo Backup Free does this and makes it fast and free of charge.

This program is great because it only provides us with the basic options, so as not to mess up with unnecessary settings.

Instead of starting the program and going to "Menu / Clone System" where you choose the disk you want to transfer the operating system and you're done.


The new drive must be unallocated / unformatted.

What it means to clone a disk or move Windows to a new SSD

Virtually all the contents of the old disk are copied to the new disk, and the latter is partitioned in a very clever way.

It does not matter if you clone an 1TB disk on a 512GB, as long as Windows falls into the 512GB.

Download EaseUS Todo Backup Free

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  1. Augustin said

    How do I work on my laptop?

  2. And I thank you for Cristi. I always listen with pleasure and interest to your tutorials.

  3. Adrian Guduş said

    You buy a cady. We already have a tutorial on what a cady is, what it does and what it is used for. Type in the search box on the top right "second hard drive on your laptop" press Enter and you will find the tutorial.

  4. Adrian Guduş said

    My previous comment is for Augustin…

  5. Cristi said

    Hello Cristi and Adrian, call me Cristi
    I know it's not related to the subject
    But please be nice to help me with some advice
    I have oneplus 3t phone I know you have
    A great phone, I took on your recommendations when launched, right from the site
    The last android update does not allow me to install it
    I say that the tel has been rotated and now it is not
    The first time my bootloader appears is unlocked
    The 9 version is downloaded, but when the install is installed, it starts installing and after a few seconds it stops
    Intal fail
    I think it's because it was rotated
    Please be nice to guide me, what steps to follow to install it
    Thank you for everything I've learned from you all these years

  6. Augustin said

    Thank you Adrian.

  7. Thank you! It is useful and clear! I think the problem should be explained elsewhere: I'm getting a laptop SSD. The system must be cloned before installing it. How's it going? (To mount it, I have to remove the existing hard drive)

  8. Unlock the bootloader (fastboot oem lock), the phone will reset to factory settings (backup to personal data). After that, your upgrade will work. I personally think you will be disappointed with the pie, low battery life, lag on the fingerprint… only visually there is something about it. Success.

  9. Cristi Hello!

    For a new OEM system laptop, can a copy / backup windows be made on a stick in case of a ssd corruption? Can you do a tutorial on this theme, possibly a free software?

  10. I salute you, with respect, Cristi and Adrian
    I have followed many tutorials made by you and are very helpful, which is why I thank you.
    I have a request to you: I have a video file, mp4 and its audio file, also mp4, but I do not know how to join them so that I can see the soundtrack (so the sound is separate from the movie). If you can help me, would be great.
    Thank you very well.

  11. Bejan Cristian said

    Thank you very much for the virus

  12. Florin Rusu said

    I'm now in a photo selection process; I have many duplicates and some uninteresting, gathered over many years.
    I have Windows laptop on ssd and HDD instead of dvd writer…
    Could I move recycle bin to hdd…?
    Do I have any advantage in making this move?…, Considering that the photos and videos are on an external HDD.
    Thank you, continued success!

  13. Hello, the next problem is, I installed a caddy with a ssd of 250 of gb instead of dvd rom, I cloned the operating system on hard disk on ssd, and now i want to set bios to start operating system on ssd and I do not succeed, I changed to the priority boot to be on the first place atapi cdrom and run my windy all on the hard drive instead of the ssd boot mode is set on the legacy
    A bios picture

  14. I cloned a 750 GB HDD on a 500 GB samsung SSD using “SAMSUNG DATA MIGRATION” on an HP laptop with UEFI and WIN 10 home. All good and beautiful, the SSD goes visibly faster, but: The old HDD is seen on any other computer, except the original laptop that does not see it, it only detects it in Administration Tools / Computer Management / Disk Management / where the additional message is displayed. Since I did not find the solution to the problem anywhere, I addressed this forum, maybe I will arouse the interest of others. I mention that the problem is not serious, all the data is in place on the HDD, it can be used on any other computer, except the original one. But it's exciting.

  15. The additional message is "The disk is offline because it has a signature collision with another disk that is online." Sorry, I didn't know that not all diacritics are recognized.

  16. Innocent miclea said

    Unfortunately, it no longer allows cloning the operating system in the free version.

  17. the software in question is no longer available for cloning in the free version today, 29.04 2020, but only for backup

  18. Hi Cristi, it seems that this software does not work in the free version so you can clone !!!

  19. It didn't work for me to clone from one SSD to another because the first was MBR and the second was GPT. I did the conversion and it worked. I think this is the cause of the error.

  20. Edit. It also went on GPT

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