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Hello friends, today's tutorial we will see which operating system updates announced at WWDC iOS 9 2015 or World Wide Developers Conference (which I mistakenly pronounced Wild World Developers Conference in video tutorial).
Prior to enumerate updates in iOS 9 have to say that the timing of this operating system is in beta until the final version we expected iOS 8.4, version that currently she is in beta 4 and will be released to users on June 30. As an iOS version to become available for regular users, it must go through stages 3 beta (beta stages sometimes 4)
That said, here are the list of features of the new operating system iOS 9:
- Apple devices with Touch ID (iPhone 5S, 6 and 6 Plus) in addition to the fingerprint for unlocking, have the ability to set a 4 or 6 digit screen unlock code. Models inferior to those mentioned with the possibility to set an unlock code only from 4 digits.
- all iPhone or iPad models with Touch ID (fingerprint sensor) will benefit from the quick activation of the Apple Pay payment method by quickly pressing the Home button twice in the lock screen.
- the side switch or side switch can be used to mute or lock the orientation
- a new font in the operating system interface called San Francisco
- new search functionalities, two search possibilities, spot light and proactivity, a search that offers results depending on the user's interests and depending on the context, a kind of Google Now on Tap but from Apple
- the shortcut to recent or frequently used contacts has been moved to proactivity search
- a new design for app switcher
- a button that allows a faster return to the previous application. When from an application we are already in, we are redirected to another application by accessing a link, in the upper left we will have a return button to the previous application. In iOS 8.3 or 8.4 to switch from the application we are currently in, to the previous one, we have to do it from the app switcher.
- adding the search box in Configurations to easily find the options that interest us
- the possibility to group notifications
- keyboard enhancements that now reflect the fact that you type in lowercase or uppercase letters, this feature can be turned off in Settings> Accessibility. Also for the keyboard the preview of the pressed keys has been deactivated but if you want to reactivate this function you can do it from Configurations> General> Keyboard
- easy text manipulation by touching the keyboard with two fingers to move the cursor to the desired portion of text or quick 2-touch with 2 fingers on the keyboard to select the desired portion of text.
- a new design for Siri and Voice control animations
- a new way to select photos from the gallery faster
- a new wallpaper
- attachments can now be added to the sent emails in the mail application. The limit to send only 5 photos through the Mail application has also been removed
- news regarding the battery section, the low consumption mode has been added. When "Low power mode" is activated, the device's performance is diminished as well as the network activity. Retrieving messages in Mail, refreshing background applications, motion effects and animated backgrounds are disabled.
- new functionalities in the pre-installed Notes or Notes application.
- the ability to change the resolution for the camera when you want to shoot. From Settings> Pictures and Camera you can set the options for shooting: 720 to 30 frames, 1080 to 30 frames and 1080 to 60 frames. They are only available for iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
- the safari browser has also undergone minor changes, the option to load the desktop version of the web pages has been moved to the Share button. Also in Safari, more precisely in its settings, we find the function "Content blocking systems"
- in the section Configurations> General> Auto-lock was added the option of 30 seconds. In previous versions of iOS, the shortest screen timeout (auto lock) can be set to 1 minute.
All the news would have to mention that Passbook was renamed Wallet application and the final version will be introduced and the application News, a news aggregator like Flipboard and Music application will be available for Android devices. The Maps application you can see public traffic (public transit) or Nearby (nearby places) but it currently only for the United States. The newer iPad models is introduced multitasking, ie the ability to run two applications simultaneously, side by side on the screen. All we have now on the iPad and Picture in Picture allows the user to play a video in an interactive pop-up window will stay always on top of another application that runs Regardless user.
Another novelty is the Move to iOS app that can be downloaded optional for those who want to migrate personal data on an Android device or an iPhone purchased the new iPad.
In the end, as I promised, you have link to download the new operating system iOS wallpaper 9: Wallpaper Download iOS 9

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  4. Hi, Adrian! Whenever I connect to Wi-Fi, it automatically activates and the VPN (on iPhone 4s) next to it continuously shows me the circle that "charges", that circle that looks to process !? Is it normal, can I do something to stop my VPN from starting? (If you simply turn it off from its Settings, it automatically restarts in a few seconds) Thanks in advance
    (IPhone 4s 32 giga
    System: iOS 9.1)

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