Hybrid NVR Hikvision, recording and managing IP cameras

NVR (network video recorder) is a device management and storage of surveillance recordings from the cameras connected to the network, ie IP cameras; DVR is a kind of network, because DVRs are compatible with analog cameras, the network signal does not come through, but coaxial cable.
IP cameras are smart devices that can be accessed remotely, that are discussed in internal network / internet.
With the increasing number of IP cameras over a network, it is quite difficult to manage each camera in hand, feeling the need for a more efficient management solution.
An NVR makes it easier for us by centralizing records and controls, IP cameras.

Hybrid NVR Hikvision, recording and managing IP cameras

Hybrid NVR today is produced by Hikvision, which is one of the largest manufacturers of devices and surveillance systems in the world. Our product has been made available skut.ro, Whom we thank.
Hikvision DS-7108 what is a hybrid? Because it has it all. Besides the NVR function, which means storage and records management + watching them, it has wifi, which allows it to be used and as a WiFi router or accept connections with wireless cameras.
This hybrid NVR can be accessed and controlled over a network, wireless, wired, local or remote, or via HDMI on a TV or monitor. That means we do not need a PC to control the NVR.
Specifications hybrid NVR Hikvision DS-7108:
Rooms max - 8 rooms 2mpx
Resolutions supported - 1920 × 1080P / 60Hz, 1600 1200 × / 60Hz, 1280 1024 × / 60Hz, 1280 720 × / 60Hz, 1024 768 × / 60Hz
Video outputs - 1xHDMI
Interface - Web and HDMI
Max resolution - 5 mpx
FPS max - 25 fps
Playback max - 8x 1080p
Registration methods - manual, continuous, motion detection, alarm
Wan - 1x 100 Mbps
Lan - 3x 100 Mbps
Storage - HDD 2,5 - 1TB (optional)
USB - USB 1x 3.0
Wi-Fi - 2xMIMO 802.1b / g / n

Benefits of a Hybrid NVR Hikvision DS-7108:
1. Controls all IP cameras
2. We do not need PC
3. It can be used as a router
4. It can be accessed remotely via the Internet
5. It has included storage, or can work with a NAS (network storage atached)
Apart from the obvious advantages, the NVR Hikvision DS-7108 is very personable; Hikvision can say that the design was inspired by the Apple Airport Extreme, or rather Apple Airport Time Capsule that has storage.
For details on price and other offerings related to surveillance cameras, alarms, NVRs, DVRs and others, entrants site of the Skut.ro
Hikvision SADP software download toolFor detecting cameras and NVR

Video Tutorial - Hybrid NVR Hikvision, recording and managing IP cameras

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  1. Hello .
    Those who have only one Ethernet port as connected? the router and the router still cameras (optional switch?). it feels like to be swept automatically or manually?
    Having made the NVR recording settings have changed in the menu IP cameras to record something?

    • let's ok as I caught hibridu. the first part of the question falls.
      but 2 has. something we set for recording and in-camera?

      • For the record set do not have anything in the rooms. All settings are made from NVR and the rooms will be subject.
        Optional active safety setting, which records will be saved on the SD card or on a NAS in case NVR has a problem. Of course that if the card rooms and card slot, or about a NAS.

    • The switch can connect 8 rooms.
      NVR change room settings, without the necessary settings in the room. Once made NVR settings will be found in the rooms.

  2. Hi, this NVR only works with IP cameras from Hikvision?

    • It also works with other cameras, but with very low reserves. For example, PTZ settings did not worked with Dahua room, where a control NVR. That was the only problem we encountered.
      Now, with other cameras can function perfectly.
      When you add a camera, you have a list of all known brands; That means that the NVR is ready to work with any IP camera.

  3. Hello.
    NVR has PoE LAN?
    what maximum distance can I ask a room without flashes or night because infrared worse to not light at all.
    I hear poets are stabilizing: ex 24 volt leave at the end of the stabilization and exits from the room is exactly 12v. (or as the case .... 48 -> 24 ....)
    if you could also submit that way.
    goes well data traffic through the router of hybrid compared to a dedicated router?
    Thank you for the work you are doing.

    • In general residential NVRs have POE LAN. For this you can use a POE injector or PoE switch, if you have more room.
      A quality camera with lens and good construction, has no problem with IR refleziile
      POE standards are doau, 802.3af and 802.3af, the latter going up to a maximum 30w and generally voltage automatically adjusts depending on the customer's request (IP camera).
      NVR router function is one of the entry level, without advanced features; Yet it does the job quite well, up to 150 Mbps.

  4. Daniel Radu said

    I know it has to do with the tutorial, but I want to make a tutorial about making a recovery partition on the old, that if I upgraded to Windows 10, can not change the partition of recovery with the new operating system

  5. GadgetLab said

    How small it knows a lot to do: router, storing included up to 8 rooms, HDMI connectivity.
    I've not found on the website at skut.ro. What I found on the net does not seem to be the same model (hard drive not included and costs around the 600 lei, Hikvision DS-7108NI NVR-SN). Very ok tutorial!

  6. Ciao, so pt. Dahua sd22204t-GN would be more convenient to take a NVR from Dahua for Poe. compatibility?

  7. Hello Cristi,
    Do you know, this Edimax NVR is compatible with cameras? I own a couple of models (IC - 3116W) and notes that can not be seen. I chose the "Camera Management multiple protocols, but nothing. Does not see! We also tried the local IP and DNS, the situation remains the same. Can you answer. Thank you

  8. Hello everybody!
    i have a hikvision ip, poe and i want to add 2 cameras VK2-1080VDIR35V16e from Vista ..hitron?
    In the NVR list are some brands: Sony, Panasonic, etc. Please help me to use VK2 cameras with this nvr ... naravash!

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