Phishing and methods to combat this phenomenon - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will talk about phishing phishing site definition will read it below a passage from Wikipedia Romania, we will continue this series of video tutorials dedicated to cybercrime and other hot topics up one another to read definition of this phenomenon (phishing) and then to follow video tutorial.

" In the area of computer security, Phishing is a form of criminal activity which consists in obtaining confidential data, such as data access for applications like banking, trading applications (for example: E-bay, PayPal) Or credit card information, using techniques for handling identity of a person or an institution.

A phishing attack is normally the attacker by sending an email message using instant messaging programs or phone, the user is advised to give sensitive data to win some prizes or is informed that they are required due to technical errors that led to the loss of original data. The email is usually indicated and a web address that contains a clone of the web site or by trading the financial institution. Most phishers use this method to get bank details.

According to a report SymantecProvider of security solutions, 5% of all phishing sites were detected in Romania, which makes our country to rank third in the world after China and United StatesAnd the first in Europe

  • Social ways.

One way is to explain and schooling against users how to react to such attacks. Another effective measure is to verify the authenticity of electronic message with the person or commercial or financial institution concerned.

  • Technical Methods

Using an anti-phishing software. New versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla browsers Firefox
already include anti-phishing module.

  • Legal type and legal methods

Creating a legal framework to criminalize activities phishing. "


Cristian Cismaru


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  1. sal guys .. I had myself a question that all phishing e vb, like I do a scam page, I want to find some passwords to trackers of friends and I thought I would k a scam .. putetzi help me?

  2. CORLEONE said

    What did I say Cristi ??? you see that in the end you did a tutorial and about that, I haven't forgotten yet but I'm sure by now I know many people to avoid such a thing! In time it's desirable to make one and how to beware of Radmin but not the good one but the one with a Trojan server that opens a certain port (5445), as surely many have no idea what happens when downloading a game or something already installed from the "ODC" click on the executable and… doesn't start, I probably say "the game is bad or not complete" but in fact someone is already in their PC! I'm starting to look! I'm getting to work!

  3. @bribes: Did you watch the tutorial? We are against pishing and to fight it and you want us to teach you how to pish, Did you read what is written above the tutorial? Don't ask for tutorials about hack, crack, how to steal, how to hack, how to break… you will not find such tutorials on this site uncle spaga, if you want to commit illegalities, learn it yourself, we will never teach anyone something like that, to be clear, if you want to learn from another hack, this is a serious site!

  4. CORLEONE said

    Mr. bribe do not know what you want to invetzi hack, or if your motivatzia is sincere, but if you are novice invetzi first hack and could jump regretzi (actually sure regretzi) itzi own experentza I say, better invetzi first use pc and after if you know what serefera logic will not need to get anyone's services or ask someone to ajute.Cu you posted here you gresito badly (odd place)!

  5. @bribes:
    Stay tuned these days to present a tutorial on how to make big money with your computer.
    If I follow that tutorial a get rich overnight and you will not have to work again.
    It will be the biggest in the world and video tutorial will teach everyone how to make a fortune.
    Also we will present some tutorials about how to hack software, how to crack passwords, how to steal money from the credit card or debit card.
    We also had about breaking servers at NASA, CIA, FBI, NSA, Pentagon, and of course Messenger.

  6. @bribes:
    SENSATIONAL… .in Direct
    A .... I forgot, these days I will make a tutorial in which I will publish the LOTTO numbers for next Sunday.
    At the end of the tutorial to make a public place where there are Elodia.

  7. @bribes: Oaneni best, what you want will not happen again because it is the job of prison, jail, parmaie, cool, little one.
    Would you like to see me on the bucket?

  8. George Iordache said

    Formidable! Again, congratulations to Mr. Cristi!
    This is exactly the problem I confront every day one and that's a long time. Perhaps you remember that I work in a Valcea county mayors. After a few years benefit from some European funds (Phare) we managed endowment 11 hall with workstations so that all offices are equipped with computers. Then I did some computer courses, despite my age before, and still tried to get one document to learn. Sure, I am aware that are far from what I would like to know in this area, but slowly I learned and what is phishing. I must say that for several months the two e-mail addresses of the unit are bombarded with emails as coming from Raiffeisen Bank: one-4 5 daily Yahoo and others address field. Ro by Thunderbird. Do not bother with them, delete them immediately without opening it. I did as you teach this tutorial in that I installed all the add-ons and plugins sites that I thought that helps me. What antagonize me but most is the fact that we, as an institution, does not work with any bank we work with local treasury. How are stupid, forgive me either expression. Unfortunately your right you are and reveals the many gullible and his credit card, so I think one thing that will make honor again. Sincerely congratulate you! One thing that worries me though is that the bank that specialized representatives do nothing to track down the source of these attempts at theft. I've done my duty I announced the local branch of this bank and I see no action has been taken. Is not it possible to detect them? I do not know, ask. Please excuse me for the post too long. We admire and send my respects.

  9. CORLEONE said

    Who buys enchanted hammer that YOU CAN make money 3 times a week :)) Super Hammer Anvil offer a free but the problem is that the program has just updated software which SHOULD Bratzari for Euro :)) :)) :) )

  10. Bravo guys, super hard materialu.

  11. @George Iordache:
    Thank you, as always come with solid reviews.
    We were waiting for us.

  12. beb3_mykk said

    yes super materialu goods would be good to know we lotto numbers

  13. Robciuc Ionut said

    These e-mails and myself earlier, but I was thinking that it is true. But I thought he was a suspect, I have no virtual account or money in a bank card. So I have no answer to these emails.
    Wednesday, March 4 2009, Raiffeisen Bank security department reported burglary attempt Database Internet Banking.
    For this reason, safety and smooth online transactions, please register in the new database with a new security measure that uses data encryption method such as SSL-Secure user.


    Thank you for understanding,

    CAUTION: The same e-mail as crystal.

  14. Robciuc Ionut said

    Other e-mail: Attention all customers Raiffeisen Bank,

    Raiffeisen Bank has updated its online security system.

    By this means we are required to maintain the trust of our customers by protecting the privacy and security of your information against unauthorized access: identity theft and account fraud. Please follow this link and confirm your information:


    Dana Mirela Ionescu - Chairman of the Board of Directors / General Manager,
    Thank you for understanding

    Raiffeisen Bank: succeed together.

    These emails were sent TODAY

  15. Mr. George Iordache to the mayor in Valcea Valcea are in Călimăneşti

  16. Very explicit, and clear… I saw that you recommend Mozzila as a browser, but there are sites that only open in IE, how can you secure IE or Opera because I didn't find much add-ons like in mozzila…
    And a suggestion for a new tutorial, How to set the browser so you can let your child get on the internet without even by mistake or obscene sites and so that would not be able to enter.
    Congratulations again

  17. @Robciuc Ionut:
    Maybe now we do not pay all the cards, but in near future it will be only a card disappear cache it.
    In the U.S. when the lights a few years ago that had no money to take a drink, it'll be on to us and then to see what's going to rub these hands that are phishing for her to have customers increasingly more.
    And I've said that no day an approach to payment card and today I got my cigarette card.
    Very easily without realizing it to use all the cards of all kinds and especially der flow of credit.

  18. THE EVOLUTION can mean a time and involution and the history will repeat.
    These things have happened in human history SEVERAL TIMES
    Many discoveries have actually been rediscovered or explicitly in ancient writings found great scientists and applied

  19. Very good idea to make a tutorial on this topic.
    Last year I received many e-mails from the Netherlands, because I won the lottery there, I don't know how much money, but I didn't even get tickets. They wrote to me that by…. To answer them by e-mail, otherwise I lose I already suspected that it was a trick, because I had already heard all kinds of rumors about crimes committed on the net. I answered one of the emails, to see how far it would go and they sent me some beautiful forms to I fill them in with my personal data and bank account to transfer my money. Of course I didn't fill them out so they stopped sending me.
    I say to do tutorials on similar topics, it is better to prevent than to "treat" such a problem. As you said Cristi, we will easily use all kinds of cards, whether we like it or not, because everything is evolving. There is nothing wrong with that, if you know how to avoid trouble.

  20. Engineer G.Iordache said

    For MCD: working on Sirineasa mayoralty. I am an agricultural engineer, but I work as inspector taxes & fees. You can contact me with ID on Yahoo Messenger.

  21. @Robciuc Ionut:
    "Ramnicu Valcea, an obscure city, one of the global centers of internet fraud."
    EBay has had an agent in Romania since 2005 - a lawyer specializing in online fraud - who helps local authorities catch internet criminals. It is about Albena Spasova, originally from Bulgaria, a graduate of the Faculty of Law in Bucharest. She told the American daily LA Times last year that she was often threatened by hackers in Valcea County and needed the protection of the US Secret Service. "Agents escort her everywhere. In the last two years, they have supervised her on several visits to Romania, some of which lasted a few days, others a few months. At night she lived in one of the few hotels in the city with all the windows closed. "
    "You don't know who to trust there. It is not safe to use the hotel phone. When you go out, you notice local hackers, in cars, watching you. The agents of the Secret Service were the ones who took care of the accommodation, so that my room would always be next to theirs ", Spasova told the American newspaper. "Ramnicu Valcea, this obscure city, is one of the global centers of internet fraud," the LA Times wrote.
    In 2002 our company sent first lawyers and investigators to begin dialogue with local authorities and persuade your country to take responsibility for the crimes that started here. In 2003, I started training programs with the Romanian authorities and since then we have allocated significant resources to support the Romanian police, both financially and with specialists. I opened a training program for judges in your country, along with the National Institute of Magistracy.
    In 2004, eBay began a project that I gave computer forensics equipment and Internet access for Romanian central and regional police. We focused means working to offer local authorities, who were at that time very poorly equipped. From 2005, eBay has become a permanent presence in Romania, by hiring a consultant and then a lawyer trained in the country that have experience in fighting online fraud in Eastern Europe.
    EBay representative in Romania, Albena Spasova, said in an American newspaper that 10 roads over which they did in Valcea found only two policemen charged with solving 200 cases of fraud, endowed with an old computer The 9 years without internet connection.

    Fragments of an article in September 2008.

  22. @George Iordache: Please read what I posted earlier, I put on Robciuc Ionut recipient, but I wanted to respond to your comment, but I was wrong recipient.

  23. ABOUT TUTORIAL AND THOSE WHO DO you all these wonderful things BRAVO to YOU! You are the best! ! ! Are special! ! ! 10 + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    You had a brilliant idea to help all those who want to learn things and to to improve their knowledge

    SUCCESS! And long life to you and VIDEOTUTORIALULUI!

  24. George Iordache said

    Answer to Mr. 'bl'
    Dear Sir, in your comment I felt a certain malice even if you quote from a certain article. You know without a doubt that each of us is born somewhere in this country independently of our will. With your kindness I must note that this way everyone loves their place and the area where they were born. The fact that there are many hackers in Valcea is by no means my fault. In my previous comment, I expressed my perplexity and indignation that the local authorities are not doing everything to eradicate this scourge. From here to consider Valcea "an obscure city and the global center of internet fraud" seems to me an exaggeration. If for someone born in Los Angeles it may seem like an obscure city for someone born in Bulgaria, I doubt it. I've been to Bulgaria and…., But I'd better refrain. Rm.Valcea is a beautiful and very clean city, well maintained, located in a picturesque area of ​​the country. In this area there are many resorts: Calimanesti, Caciulata, Olanesti, Govora, Ocnele Mari, famous throughout the country, and I do not mention here the countless monuments related to the historical past of our people. If you want, I invite you to visit our area and you will change your mind. What a demonstration!
    Mr. Cristi We apologize for this comment. I hope you understand me.

  25. @George Iordache: @bl: We understand both, but let's ask you to please not turn this comment into chat box! but to use it for useful purposes, to help in solving problems, and solve them for posting! We're talking about IT, and comments should not look good to be on-topic!

  26. I did not mean to offend anyone with my comment, if you have read it and upset my comment, I apologize, especially to Mr. George Iordache.
    I wanted to insult and offend anyone, I just quoted what they said altii.Domnul George Iordache said it's in Valcea as received and dance some suspicious e-mails, I just wanted them draw attention to the dance, because even in the area there are some bad guys, and you never know what occupies the pride of vecinului.Ati boy had some dissatisfaction with the authorities, as you saw does not really allocate money for such projects, ie to combat this infractiuni.Ei well you can not combat these crimes without competenti.Oameni equipment and competent IT people there are in our country, but the best of them will not work for a wage bitter MORE .
    I have nothing special to valcenii I often passed right through Ramnicu Valcea and I liked the city, I saw the localities mentioned by Mr. GI Nor the kind of man who generalizes, each forest has its crackers.
    My comment was off-topic, was about phishing tutorial, so I posted was about cybercrime.

  27. radu_admin said

    Super tutorial.Cred that you should see all Internet users internet.Uni pay bills and have no idea what I should promavat can pati.Cred site better know all the good work you do and to learn the voi.Bafta

  28. hello! and I first dozens of emails with attached HTML-forms from banks but me-I never forgot what link lead me. Ms More

  29. marcel said

    they are not only received from "raiffeisen", they are also received from "bancpost". this is what the bank post says: “[email protected]"!

  30. marcel said

    another from "bancpost" with the same steam as "raiffeisen":

    Dear customer,
    Wednesday, May 13 2009, Bancpost security department reported burglary attempt Database Internet Banking.

    For this reason, safety and smooth online transactions, please register in the new database with a new security measure that uses data encryption method such as SSL-Secure user.

    This notice is addressed only Maestro cardholders type Millenium.

    "To facilitate this action:"


    To protect your account, we recall the following important information:

    Bancpost shall never request customers all Maestro card numbers Millenium
    Bancpost never sends SMS requiring no to your account or CNP series ID.

  31. Hi guys I want to tell you that even if you know all the technical data, to what extent and how is it spam and Banck raiffaisen still congratulate you post.

    Cristi way next time not to remove the pearl that these spammers are doing get to buy domains and spam from them, as if you had checked one header to emails and if you have given a simple telnet on ip where email comes to port your 3389 you just figuring how to send the spam.

    Even beyond that made me laugh and I think some tutorials are inspired from other sites just as you put them in the video phase.

    Otherwise for everyone do not answer emails, sms, phones with normal numbers in which you are asked for data no matter what you are promised: earnings, subscription reduction, data update and other wonders of these… .. it is better to give a phone call to the company from which the person says it is and ask for details.

    • jabiiHi guys I want to tell you that even if you know all the technical data, to what extent and how is it spam raiffaisen and yet you felicit.Apropo Cristi Banck post next time not to remove the pearl that these spammers are start to buy areas and are spam from them, as if you had checked one header to emails and if you have given a simple telnet the ip where the email comes 3389 port would you have given yourself out as send this spam uri.Chiar made me laugh this stage and I think some tutorials are inspired by other websites just like you put them in phase video.In rest for everyone not respond to emails, sms , normal phone numbers that you ask whatever data you promises gains, discount subscriptions, update data and other wonders of this ..... better make a phone call from the company saying that it's and ask for details.  Cite me

      You're cool. You know them all. Let's face it. Not ? You are well informed. You're just right to some extent. ' !!! We are small.

  32. How do I get the real link down in the bar when you shoot the so-called link …… ????

  33. would be cool if God from heaven to fool wealthy people who keep money only for themselves and not donated any money to the poor (through phishing, normal), not for evil, and from money earned through phishing, God donate to the poor. =)) Bancu loud, this should be the punishment of those who give nothing to the poor, keep to themselves

  34. Hello,
    Every single person decide what to do with acquired knowledge in IT.
    Those from Valcea, many of them, who used to "once" deal with the stupidity of Americans on eBay to send their money through Western Union, under various pretexts (that they went on a trip blah blah) were nothing more than scripts. kiddies, who had no idea what English was, simply copied the texts from a text file and sent them to potential victims, texts that contained many grammatical errors. The fact that the Americans put their noses to such texts makes me think that they deserved to be taken their money, despite the fact that it was written big and thick on the eBay site and in every message received from eBay not to be paid by wire systems. transfer in any form.
    As criminals, child-14 25 years, when they gave the money and you get strong cars, designer clothes, praise all the major forums and IRC hackers are they even quarreled among themselves, which are the hottest phishers, those Valcea or those of Alexandria. They bought eBay accounts with passwords obtained through phishing method to 2 lei, lei 2,5 piece, by the pound.
    If he had channeled his IT skills and persuasion skills to something constructive, he would not have ended up clogging up prisons or pouring out his "colleagues" for the promise of freedom.
    I do not blame anyone, it's Romania. Our mediocre life had an important role in pushing these youngsters have to commit crimes.
    As I said in the beginning, all we can choose what we do with our knowledge.

    All respect for team for addressing this issue, unfortunately, is still valid.


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