How do I delete my local and online web history - the history on Google servers

How do I delete my local and online WEB history? Browsing history - what is it? Browsing history or history is the amount of data that our browser retains when visiting websites. For example: If we go to, the browser will store the following data locally (on phone, laptop, pc, tablet): 1. Page visited (web address) 2. Time and date of visit… [Read more...]

As you can see passwords, pictures and pages to others - affected online stores

How do you see the passwords, pictures and pages of others - online stores affected Security IT security is quite vague nowadays, when the average user does not differentiate between web vulnerability and virus. We tried to inform as much as possible, but unfortunately the message does not seem to get where it should. On the contrary, we see that online stores very foarte [Read more...]

How to get rid of scareware phone

Scareware programs or pages are a special and very passive category of malware. They are a kind of phishing that is based on users' fears to determine them to perform certain actions. A scareware can urge you to install software, disclose personal data, pay a certain amount of money or send an SMS to a number with [Read more...]

Encryption android phone or tablet before sale

Hi friends, I know that maybe the title may seem strange but I promise it is very correct. Before selling a phone or tablet, they need a more careful cleaning treatment, here I do not mean the physical cleaning but the cleaning of the internal memory, so that the data can no longer be recovered. Data can be recovered from any phone, even if [Read more...]

How hide who I became friends on Facebook

Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will see how we can hide who we have become friends with on Facebook. You've probably already noticed that when you accept someone's friend request, your friends will be automatically notified on their News Feed. They will see a message like "X became friends with Y" or "X befriended Y", "X is now friends with Y"… [Read more...]

Heartbleed most dangerous vulnerability affects us directly

Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about security, more precisely about the vulnerability found in Open SSL used by servers to protect the information entered by users when logging on to a site or web service. The vulnerability called "Heartbleed" appeared with the introduction of a "heart beat" function, a function that allows the active preservation of a… [Read more...]

Elimination of infection that automatically post on our Facebook site

Hi friends, in today's tutorial I decided to intentionally virus myself to see how we get rid of the infection that automatically posts messages on our Facebook tagging our friends and spamming. How do you get infected with "Update Flash Player"? An already infected friend posts on the wall or a message with a link to his photo… [Read more...]

How can we change IP phones android

Hi friends, today we will see how easily you can change the IP on mobile phones with Android operating system, using the VPN1Click application. Certainly there are users who want to use a different IP address at times, there are many reasons to change the IP, the most important are: 1. Your IP has been banned 2. You do not want to be recognized after… [Read more...]

How to stay safe when browsing with the Mozilla Firefox browser - video tutorial

Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about the Mozilla Firefox browser. Specifically, we will see how we can stay safe using this browser, checking at intervals if all its plugins are up to date. There are differences between an add-on and a plugin. Add-ons offer the possibility to extend the functionality of the browser, to provide access to… [Read more...]

How to change the search engine in Mozilla Firefox address bar - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial I will show you how to change the search engine on the address bar, here I do not mean the search box but the query string that the browser uses when I put a tremolo in place address every time we install a toolbar or software with a lot of adware (utorrent, demon tools, winamp, etc), we [Read more...]