Presentation Adobe Photoshop CS3 interface tools and some secrets - HD video tutorial

Adobe Photoshop is a program that can do many interesting things, but most often it is not used to its true value, users employ this professional program for some trivial things that can be done with the Windows Paint CPC.

This video tutorial will introduce basic tools to work with Adobe Photohop cs3 (creative suite 3), then we will have a brief demonstration of how we can remove blemishes the image or how we can modify some shots that we like the show, of course most of the tools and settings you can meet and Adobe Photoshop CS4 place but with minor differences.

Also in this video tutorial, Alex will show us tricks, such as how we can remove the red eye effect in photos and how we can change easily images, pictures, etc., during tutorial Alex will present and how they are used most of the tools, all this using Adobe Photoshop CS3.

CS3 (creative suite 3) is a suite big enough we thought to structure and explain it to be and the less skilled in IT to understand and use something from this great software package, today's episode will handle most appreciated and used the suite components, namely Photoshop.
This program shows him alex in tutorial namely Adobe Photoshop CS3 is part of a suite larger is called Adobe Master Colection CS3 or CS4 that contains several software which we will present in other tutorials come in by using these programs can do many interesting things in design, web design and even animation, not for nothing is used by all professionals in graphic and web design.
Best to watch this video tutorial about Adobe photoshop cs3 presented to us by our friend Chirigiu Alex, who is very skilled in this area.

We apologize for the sound quality weaker this tutorial

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  1. Bravoooo Syper tutorial !!!

  2. CORLEONE said

    Hi alex, you really know the program but on expression…. ….! And one more thing if you start to present something, I don't see why you say: "I'm not here to show you anymore", learned to express yourself in somewhat technical terms, or something else that sounds ugly: "this makes that's what you see ”!

  3. Wait for the Super ... ... ..continuarea :)

    Pretty please express yourself beautiful, elegant, I think Alex has the freedom to realize how wants tutorials.
    Each has his own way of expression, if you do not like do not look at the tutorial.
    I remind you that we do a public service and should not make anyone like.
    Suits you look, do not like it do not look.
    This video tutorial is very good, Alex is a very clever boy.
    We at are not sheep who talk all the same and we express the same.
    One man's calm, other more rushed, one talks too much (Cristi), another talks less, ultimately important is that we do video tutorials that everyone can learn from them can be seen by.
    I appreciate it and I love Alex realizes how a tutorial course and you will get time to get used to his style.
    Maybe you've gotten used to me talking like a fool cite an hour about all things, but each has his style and his way of expressing themselves.
    Please accept diversity on

  5. I'm still a little too unfriendly Photoshop. For beginners (like me) is recommended Picasa 3. Anyway you do a great job Alex. Good for you.

  6. @AndrewPhotoshop is a professional program for professionals at all for beginners! Coast and lots of money! Start with something simple, learn the terms, crop, brush, layer and then pass on photoshop!

  7. good for beginners as mine.dar want to do and a tutorial how to make a banner like what I really need.

  8. CORLEONE said

    CRISTI understand what you mean I know the program well enough yet to leave potzi videotutorialul (the site) and May and stay with a stock of knowledge, it must be presented calmly and putzin tact.Am I learn how to use the multzi a program or PC in the proper sense of the word, but when she does that makes her invetze they already cunosteam.Intradevar when i do something that is going to from seeing and opting other, especially because thou art the beginning, i could jump emotziile -and say cuvantul.Oricum while polished everything! CEO!

  9. beb3_mykk said

    NICE's beginning is ok for BN

  10. Martzy, I do not like banners, if you want to search tutorials sig sites (there are plenty in Romanian) and start from there. I recommend you learn: brush, smudge, curves, layers about how to do Rander. That's before you grab

    Corleone, I said "see what he did" because I didn't need to explain what he saw. If you are with two friends and one falls, I don't know if you tell him see, he fell but look…

  11. The initiative is good but it lacks professionalism, I don't think anyone will learn much from the tutorial, this is not a program, especially for beginners, you almost don't have time to follow the mouse, I saw some tutorials in English made by specialists… no compare, photoshop is much more powerful than what is presented in the tutorial. Congratulations for the initiative once again but it would be good to learn how to teach others. Success!

  12. @stef:
    I did not understand which is your level of knowledge in this area.
    To say something has to be a connoisseur!
    If you are a connoisseur invite you to do tutorials and post them here!
    Alex is a colleague of ours who has 15 years of age, I did not know nor to 15 years 1% of what Alex knows.
    Alex is an unpolished diamond, can sometimes rushes, can sometimes move too easily over some important things, but has a huge potential, I believe in him and believe that soon will go up, of course it depends very much of him.
    Tutorials that you've seen and you are made teachers are probably the those tutorials cost money and those people have some huge profits every year, millions of dollars.
    Sites have much money to pay off specialists who have a very good training in their fields.
    Outside is a business, is a job made more passion and desire to help, we do not get a penny, on the contrary give hundred euros per month per server, office and other expenses.
    We can not compare them, but that does not mean we should go home and stay up all. wants to build a database in Romania with educational video content easily digested by young people.
    We try every day to be better and maybe soon we can be and we will be even better than

  13. Stef, this tutorial is made for. Beginners do not see why you need a higher level when you need to see where I clicked.
    Yes tutorial this template and most of that will come in are made at higher speed, the next I remember, I do them more slowly.
    As those of Lynda, I do I intend to explain every tool in 10 minutes, enough what I did and with a little practice you will manage to handle.

  14. Ionel cut leaves ... said

    This tutorial is useful for those who want to know something about Photoshop, I like Alex's style, about @cristi, this boy has potential nene !. Now I'm not saying I don't like @cristi's tutorials because On the contrary, everyone should have their own style. About Adobe Photoshop it should be said that if you want to invest in it by buying a license, you must first think if you have enough patience and last but not least, if you have talent. he said above, that he wants to leave with a greater knowledge, and that he would not lack more professionalism. Here I agree with the one who said that, because all the videos posted by the site administrators it is actually the image of this site. The work you do is noble, I don't know what your main activity is, but to pedal at work in the morning, to take care of your family, to pay your installments, etc.… and besides that to pay the host server pt. a site like this… .pluuus that you also do a tutorial from time to is already a job that deserves to be appreciated and supported, not criticized at all.I like your site in general, you do a good job, for a very good one , but you have to refocus more if you want to become a "brand"… You are on the right track, do not back down, because otherwise you lose the work you have submitted so far and it is a pity for her. I kissed your wallet !

  15. I was expecting to show us how to become the second fotografie.Poate was more interesting than a simple array of buttons that I honestly do not understand much lucru.Poate a little patience would not hurt in prezentare.Succes further! I meant to Miss the image.

  16. Good job boys!
    Even if there are some mistakes or grammatical expression, your tutorials are very good, even excellent, I would say! They achieve their goals, ie to help explain to a certain problem. Because after you see the tutorial, you see again and even understand the problem!
    I think that is the best site for tutorials in Romania.

  17. WildWorld said

    I'm not saying he doesn't know his job, but he explained it ……… .. !!! Software sin…

  18. @WildWorld:
    If you want to get along well and you try to adjust your language a little.

  19. Sorin, this tutorial was just a presentation tool, but I said, and for some instruments. photo retouch.

    WildWorld, you wanted to explain more? Tuturialul is quite long so if 1 hours talking about each one does not look, but it's a video tutorial see with your own eyes what happens so I do not understand pt. What you need further explanation, maybe the problem is otherwise.

  20. Sal and I have entered the BIOS and tried to give the processor frequency spidu grew larger and iam given to 250mhz gave f10 and yes, has given restart no longer lit monitoru give him a run made yes no lights nothing so I took out batery and iam back and gave bagto ahead and apples. I want to know if I did I walked bn in frequency and if I removed the battery from it said pls wait a [Intel p4 3ghz 3ghz speed and ram gb dualchenel 2 667 MHz] ms send your plss?!

  21. @ionut: Although I'm not a daddy in overclocking as far as I know your processor type doesn't really support overclocking, when you overclock you don't have to go only at frequencies, the lifting is done gradually, not much at once, and after each change you have to monitor carefully to see behavior, temperature, voltage… you didn't do anything wrong… but you had the opportunity to run out of processor… removing the battery you reset its bios and brought it to the default settings… please leave comments on overclocking tutorials in the future that we have! we see you wherever you post, you don't need to post the latest tutorial!

  22. Julian andor said

    Appreciate the effort… You can't find someone to learn from on all roads!
    For those who fail to follow the pause button there that I use myself.
    Once again, you are a treasure !!

  23. introduced too hastily and did not explain well

  24. Sal I read what you said you and I agree, I raised once common to 3,2ghz spedu, the temperature was the same at voltages I walked give my knowledge, if rididc frequencies need to give a voltage as small forward and I replied to a few basic settings such as [how to have given voltages on branching and procesir (the rami can you give than latency 5) I fsb 800: (((it's rather small HCAIs put some rami home more go and expect it somewhat (HDI pls my ionut_baietas_de_milioane) and u can stick to the mai vb about more if you have time :) sal ms plss you so PRONT response to the question above! sal

  25. @ionut: I'm sorry but I can't help you… I don't know how to overclock, I don't like it, I don't know how, I'm not passionate… I just know that you have to consider a lot of things before you start doing it and you pay a lot of attention how much you raise… if you want… someone else can help you on this topic… I don't know, how much about your mess id… we are sorry but we don't contact anyone, the problems are solved and discussed here on site! Your PC is not for overclocking, I can tell you from what you told me, what you described to me that you have it on it, even the dual core processors do not support all your overclock demolished with a single atom to support an overclock and you must have a very good and stable source for a quality overclock

  26. SRJ, it's not my fault you do not understand. I have explained enough, and the more I showed. Unless you have a PS before it is pointless to try to understand something, I never learned ps uninstalled.

    It is elusive, but believe me, in Romanian and free not to find something better.
    But I promise I will make myself pay for the privilege. a tutorial in which you speak at least 20 minutes about each option.

  27. @Alex: Don't worry, if you want some clients to take money from, show professionalism! This site, if you are smart, advertises you for free, so to speak, if you show professionalism more than likely who sees what you do here and needs will click on your email under the video tutorial and will contact you without fail to provide services ! To have clients, you have to offer a sample, some works, explain / show them your way of working, talk professionally, and this site gives you the opportunity to do all this !. Think better, don't look at everything in terms of money ! Don't do everything just for money! If you do it with soul and pleasure and professionalism, the money also comes !! Ignore the evils… let them talk and do the right thing! I don't want to hurt or offend you, but analyzing after your 2 tutorials, to be honest, I wouldn't use your services ... why? Well, read all the comments and you will realize… While I would gladly call Cristi, because I see that he does it with pleasure, he explains with pleasure and it is clear that money is not the number 1 priority and if you do a great job you will also receive tip if man is satisfied! If you don't understand what I meant by the advertisement… ask Cristi how many visitors this site has!

  28. Robciuc Ionut said

    Folks, everyone is alerting you that the tutorial is not good or that it is not done properly. However, in my opinion, it is best to learn on your own, that is, if you learn on your own, you will know Photoshop very well. But, these tutorials are made to open the "gates" of a beginner PS. And please one more thing, if you still want to know very well the PS you learn on your own. Once you have learned yourself, you will not forget your whole life. And one more thing, I bet Alex (the one who did that tutorial) didn't learn it from someone else how to use the PS, more than sure he learned it on his own, that's for sure. Good luck Alex and the VideoTutorial team.

    WARNING: Do not offend or no longer respond to those who make these tutorials, everything is paid: host, domain, leisure consumat..etc) so think carefully before you post a comment here.

  29. Adrian, I do not care to put mail on the site, to send a link to my portfolio or whatever.
    I just said that it's enough as much as I did, me, it's more than anything else in Romanian (video and free). Indeed, the tutorials from lynda are explained very well, but they are not free. I didn't do this tutorial for money and if they follow, I assure you that there won't be those for money either, I talked to him especially. I consider that what is presented in the tutorial is enough, I started from a presentation on youtube that had 5 minutes…

  30. I welcome and I would like to know how I can get Adobe Photoshop CS3 to not shoot me with dollars ..
    I'll get him for that in this tutorial we learned something insta'm not very good with Adobe Photoshop Cs2 looks different and is more difficult to use.
    So if you could give me even a link I would be grateful
    Thank you!!!

    Congratulations further and as many tutorials that are fffffffff BUNEEEEEEEE

  31. Nikolas said

    Photoshop can't be learned in an hour. It is commendable the effort of those who make these tutorials, of those who want to learn from these tutorials (even if the criticism… criticism is constructive, however) and less of those who only criticize. You have to think that Alex is only 15 years old, he is in the second tutorial if I'm not mistaken, I would be curious about the tutorial with number 50, what will you comment on. The experience comes with time. The simplest would be to divide a tutorial, so complex into several parts. At first glance, the tutorial is a bit telegraphic, but more than likely Alex did not want to prove to anyone how good he is in Photoshop, but even tried to convey something. I congratulate him and wish him as many tutorials as possible.

  32. @ionutz: Sorry but we can not give you links to the software for that means we do not encourage piracy so, how do you get software that we present is not for you! But I can tell you that find this software torrents is on all roads! we have a search engine that can search for torrents! High up in our page on the blue write Torrent click on that text and you get on our search engine for torrent site created specially for search only and only on torrent sites!

  33. alex can you recommend me where to start to make a banner on sites with tutorials to get you etc. If you can give me a messenger ID to you explain better, or I can write here but better with ID.
    Thank you.

  34. @Alex: Allow me a suggestion Uncle

  35. Martzy, try to search for tutorials abound in the Romanian sure, that if you want something more complicated (after adapt to these dimensions)
    If you want something you can build elegant pen tool (p) or shape

    Sergios :)) I liked.

  36. @admin_cristi: You are too sensitive.
    I will not explain why, but if there is competition you have burned.

    PS I assume that Alex has not licensed Photoshop?

  37. If all you've got to tell us that we are sensitive bulk. I have no opinions related to sensitivity to others, keep only to clarify why I did this tutorial mode.

  38. Regards and Videotutorial team!
    I have a little problem and I can not give her headaches .In my list of Yahoo messsenger am in Adressbook a last name twice (I have no idea why) and I can not delete .Imi error occurs Maybe someone 40402 help me with a tip or idea? Thanks a lot in advance

  39. @Bear: I don't consider your "problem" as a problem and please don't post here about mess there are 2 tutorials… here we are talking about CS3, post to the tutorial about your problem please, because we see you wherever you post!


    Log on mail, go to contacts and delete them from there. Login then the messenger, add the desired contacts again and you will be able to edit without appearing error

    If you use Google Gase

  40. Alex I would like to ask you if I can make a theme for windows xp with this photoshop cs3….
    If so please tell me what format should save him ..

    Thank you! ! ! !

  41. @ionutz: You throw yourself at too much! You want a lot… you have a lot of work and it's a lot of torment !!! Plus, to replace the theme or images of windows you need multiple packages, resource hacker… ohooo you have work… I suggest you let go… you have to be too good to do something like that! You need a lot of software for this!

  42. Do not give up! Mp. ps do just designs in themes restu is programmable c, Delphi, etc. Or you can do is to search an application to automatically generate your theme, you just have to insert icons made in PS. If you want to be more beautiful and Illustrator uses. It's very simple program, just make sure to layer (locked unlocked) and you deal with pen, and still there a selection two programs.


  43. I apologize if I upset someone was not what I wanted as a tutorial idea to make it easier for proper targets beginners!

  44. Stef, there is something simpler in photoshop. You said it is a tool more powerful than what we have presented I normally tutorial is for beginners. If you want something more advanced you got the one with the template that is almost average. I never realized that working too fast, but you can see I clicked on the tool you're doing and do the same as in the tutorial, you can go after a little harder and

  45. sal, very good tutorial k all other also

  46. dumitru munteanu said

    up the good work guys make a badly but for a tutorial on a windows mobile istalare not do? Please wait than all di soul. The atmospheric with mytyktz

  47. Stefanhellzone said

    Explicit.Cred little as Cristi is the best on aici.Stie to explain their good.


  49. @Stefanhellzone:
    Do not ask url guy all the time for not occur here on the site but will go to spam.
    If you have something to say we're listening, but not put links.

  50. Cristian said

    Hi, I also have a question. I had a cover for a portfolio at school… ..I put it on my mother's desk and my mother, without knowing what it was, made an x ​​with a pen on it and put it to drafts… .I saw it I took it I scanned it and now I would like to ask you how can I also delete that x without deleting the Background without deleting what I have on the cover? in photoshop of course: D thank you and congratulations for the tutorial: D

  51. Cristian, may be deleted: Stamp Tool, Spoot Healing Brush Tool, only to double click on the layer that you enter in psychiatry and select small areas, you aftershocks, but be patient because otherwise seen worse than before.

    Thanks for the feedback

  52. Cristian said

    I managed: D it took a while but I took 9 for the project:> it was worth it: D Thank you very much once again !!

  53. @Cristian:
    Bravo congratulations.
    You'd better tell us a little nine, if you want.

  54. What you alex !!! f it's a good tutorial and do not forget that barely has 15 years!

  55. seagulls said

    good evening i would like to learn more about photoshop but with alex it's a bit hard i understand it's mik but… i don't want to upset anyone but honestly cristie and boby still know how to do their job ffbine from them i had a lot to learn but alex …… please don't be mad at me that's why you did something like that let's say what we have to say because you do these video tutorials for us but if someone doesn't know how to transmit too much .and it is known that most of us are beginners I greet you and once again please do not be upset it is our right to say our opinions

    • seagulls: Good evening I would like to learn more about photoshop but Alex really hard I understand it's mik but ... I do not want to upset anyone but honestly all cristii and boby know how to do their job ffbine of them I have learned many alex ...... but please do not get mad at me why you did that and we say what we have to say that these videotutoriale for us but if you do not know someone to send too many .and we know that most I greet beginners and again please do not get mad is our right to express our opinion  

      A suite of excuses elsewhere, in which nobody understands anything.

      • Lennon:

        Nobody is upset, stay calm. I thought the world could understand a little, but it seems I was wrong. In the more recent tutorial I explained much more, but it seems that it is still not enough. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

  56. The problem is not that they are small. I know how to speak, but do not want to say more than I said. I invite you to find a video tutorial, free, in Romanian which have more than that. I do not want to offend you, but if you can not watch a tutorial at an average speed, not to be able to do another at a higher speed and believe me, most of YouTube and many other areas free are faster.

  57. @Alex: Are you afraid of stealing your job? 🙂 To know k in vain… even if you would show step by step and explain more leisurely what it is like if you don't have spirit I feel and designer ideas in vain you can show me as much as you want… you can put your hand over mine … I let it go soft and you lead my hand to show me you press here and here… I can't steal your “bread” if I don't feel it… if I don't have it sunt I'm a musician… and I think I struggled with a boy… I don't know who would have looked older and more understanding and who would have had more patience… but in vain the boy didn't have a musical ear… he didn't catch anything he didn't feel… and I let her go am I was ruining my nerves with him… I gave up… because he was simply completely afon… so stay calm… talented are rare… and what's yours is yours… even if you show all your secrets no one will be like you… because no one he doesn't have your workforce… no matter what and how much you show him!

  58. I'm not afraid, as you said, and you see many, few understand. Plus, the Internet is full of tutorials, but not in Romanian

  59. seagulls said

    Yes sorry ALEX did not mean to offend you and make you feel bad thousand excuses this mia was the intent is true that no longer are other videotutoriale in Romanian but was ffbine if you make crystal or boby new and they've told ordinary people started upon the Sinti PROGRAM why other videotutoriale made of crystal or boby been understood?

  60. Cristi far as I know does not use PS, boby, I do not know. Anyway so they do not earn enough tutorials and how none of them likely have a job, so less free time. I'll make a tutorial very well explained if somebody make a tutorial about HTML, CSS, anything but flash, which post it here.
    Do you have any tutorial or PS.

    There's no question that you have expressed the view, as you have said, and this is the form of chat. I accept the criticism, but it seems natural to answer.

  61. Bravo Alex forces a good tutorial tino so on.

  62. alex f loud
    I did not know until a few tricks but now I got to the knowledge that I did not know he can do
    so on

    off: For those who say it's not good tutorial that is not so
    More here?
    they learn from that from lynda that you are already here too much for "us"

  63. I honestly don't really mind his expression, sometimes it's better to say clearly how you speak and make yourself understood than to express yourself with I don't know what vocabulary, some don't even understand your terms and stay for another 5 years to a thing. -.-
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, that one gets better, but honestly I don't even care as long as I understand and learn something from that tutorial xD

  64. haosss said

    @ May:
    maybe you're right in a sense…
    but if the man didn't put some "popcorn" in, he wouldn't get bored talking to a robot ……
    I honestly really have fun when I see a tutorial chi and 50-60 min if it has….

  65. Wolfyz said

    cs4 you do with one?

  66. marius said

    alex you and say he did not do well I 15 years and made several tutorials about them and know how when you make a tutorial you should not get nervous or balbii or as said and Chris could've seen tutors made by congratulate Alex and keep it all in so many tutorials.

  67. csi_dd said

    super hard tutorial! Congratulations I learned a lot from keep up so no 1

  68. danutzz said

    Cristi fratelo videotutorialul brother I did with server counter strike when you put bro ??? I want to come back with one and make it Cuz I know I can not make them understand Cuz you keep them for the idea! contact me at id mess danutz_bgd

  69. danutzz said

    You alex me he is working to help and thank you so everyone has their own way of expression so silet!

  70. Oh you do not have what? What are you taking so alex? Or are you envious of him because he knows how to work with this program?
    Brother, you better thank him and the other people who do these tutorials than criticize him…
    Or maybe even some he does not mess than sitting non-stop and criticize different people.
    I think Alex did very good tutorial. What you wanted to explain more than that?
    Danutzz Cristi and do what he wants with that tutorial. If you want to put it puts if NO. Not your site, it's so potzi not to tell you what to do.

  71. And think better will front on to write something.
    If you do not like making better not join it.

  72. After that there have been so many tutorials Cleave quite trivial things that everyone should know it will still not be satisfied.

  73. Saki Dennis said

    That ii a heavenly Program !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. and you do not if know tuning virtual tutorials

  75. gabi physically disabled said

    Too bad you do not even videotutoriale to do now that I have learned is how to give the language enclezasi enclezav not know but please do not remove scale on those who did leai

  76. I have a problem, I do not go to adobe photoshop inst cs3 cik installation inkid imji sp to Internet Explorer, but lam inkis, and everything goes inst, cnv help me ?? plz, ms more

  77. Close any application when you install explorer, yahoo…
    If you do not let go your message and will respond at a given moment.

  78. Laurryano said

    Howdy. Very cool site. Congratulate!
    My great request to you, those who manage this excellent site, is to increase the number of video tutorials related to Photoshop, Illustrator and Corel X3 - if possible starting from general things to advanced issues.
    I must say that all are extremely interesting videotutorialele but this interests me particularly, and I think I am not alone. The added yet m / helped a lot.
    Thank you very much and I look forward to the video tutorials…
    Good luck in the future!

  79. Cristi zi / mi and me please very much how to turn a text from photoshop into whores.PLSSSS please very much… MERCYYYY

  80. alex lu id datimi to me please more

  81. I would ask you if you would like to do a tutorial about Corel Draw! Respect for everything you do! "HATS OFF"

  82. We zcuzam, but better would be desirable.

  83. Hello,
    You're good, but you do and Corel?

  84. I'd like a tutorial for cs4

  85. Photoshop knows this as I am priest ..daca you start doing all tutorials and you even open a book photoshop and see what is the role of each instrument.

    • ease: Photoshop knows this as I am priest ..daca you start doing all tutorials and you even open a book photoshop and see what is the role of each instrument.  

      :)) Ok Alina
      If we have not shown too much does not mean they do not know. Momen guy to know what the tools are only interested me. PS do not pull too hard because I love AE. Anyway you can get your hands on a dictionary, do paypal and take it from Lynda.
      OK Bye.

  86. Where can I download PhotoShop?: | Or at least where you can buy ... I'm not interested in buying dp net raspuns.Multumesc wait :)!

    • Where can I download PhotoShop?: | Or at least where you can buy ... I'm not interested in buying dp net raspuns.Multumesc wait :)!  

      Well, wherever you buy costs about 1000 euros.

    • Where can I download PhotoShop?: | Or at least where you can buy ... I'm not interested in buying dp net raspuns.Multumesc wait :)!  

      You can download it from the official website trial version for Adobe in 30 days after the 30 days expires you will need to buy. You write in Google: adobe, you enter then click on the first result and you're doing there.

  87. what is called blending mode to Screen

    • what is called blending mode to Screen  Cite me


        Do you have a panel, which is standard in the way seated in the lower right. Ala panel has several parts in the top left you wrote Normal. Depending on how you get set layer effects. Take two pictures, put them together and you'll see what I mean. Ala is blending mode.

  88. Silviu Dutulescu said

    Hi all, I want to congratulate especially Alex for what he did acknowledge that perhaps there was room for improvement (a little more explanation and try to look at length, for example when you put a picture in photoshop it was preferable and show us where clicked on that menu that option, etc) but the total general are very satisfied. There is a Romanian word that says "horse but not looking at teeth," I have great confidence in Alex and I have a feeling there before long if ambitious might would "rob the place" of Cristi at no tutorials. Please much if you can and would like of course to do a tutorial on Corel Draw. I was today to get a job at an advertising agency and told me very clearly that if you master well Corel Draw and logos do you know with this program I will receive. She told me that none of those who were present at the interview have not much knowledge about the program, but if they manage to learn Corel Draw will give me a sample and I'll engage. The idea is to know the program and be able to make logos, I gave the example you can make STAR logo. I thank you anyway for what you have done so far, I learned a lot from you, and I would be deeply grateful if you could help me with this problem with the program Corel Draw

    • Hi all, I want to congratulate especially Alex for what he did acknowledge that perhaps there was room for improvement (a little more explanation and try to look at length, for example when you put a picture in photoshop it was preferable and show us where clicked on that menu that option, etc) but the total general are very satisfied. There is a Romanian word that says "horse but not looking at teeth," I have great confidence in Alex and I have a feeling there before long if ambitious might would "rob the place" of Cristi at no tutorials. Please much if you can and would like of course to do a tutorial on Corel Draw. I was today to get a job at an advertising agency and told me very clearly that if you master well Corel Draw and logos do you know with this program I will receive. She told me that none of those who were present at the interview have not much knowledge about the program, but if they manage to learn Corel Draw will give me a sample and I'll engage. The idea is to know the program and be able to make logos, I gave the example you can make STAR logo. I thank you anyway for what you have done so far, I learned a lot from you, and I would be deeply grateful if you could help me with this problem with the program Corel Draw  

      Corel is very cheap (compared to AI) and vector works. That's why it is good for those with advertising. For example you log on 5 cm with Steaua and they put it on a block. Plus license that comes with plotters, printers and others. No hassle that I recommend is to try to work with the pen tool, a particular target without taking a car and try to get used to trace streaks, the rest are just actions that anyone can do. Ideealul would learn to trace lines as well because even though you do not see a mistake monitor at a size of 25mp will see. If you look at Illustrator Tutorial, will not give you much, but you know how how you handle in Corel.
      Thanks for. assessment.

  89. Hello everyone… I appeal to you with a question if someone can help me. The color of the body of a car can be changed in PS. I want to repaint my car but first I would like to make my choice what it would look like in different colors. It can be done with PS or any other program. Please if you can help me. Thanks in advance.

    • gabytzuHi all ... I appeal to you with a question if can anyone help me ajute.Se PS can change the body color of the car repainting masini.Vreau me but first I want to do my op Arera looks like in different colors .It can do so with PS or any other program.Va if you ask me ajutati.Mersi anticipated.

      You have a link there. If it happens not to appear, write on youtube "photoshop car color change". Try to make several options not to stop at first because maybe it doesn't come out so real and after that you will be dissatisfied with the color of the car (and considering that in real life it costs quite a lot to paint it…). Maybe come back and tell me how it turned out.

  90. Thanks a lot Alex.Promit the back with a comment and a bere.Mersi again.

  91. sooper fotoshop

  92. Thanks so much for sfat.Poate if Alex does someone need is very easy to follow video instructions from a iasa.Multumesc you again for your help

  93. where do I download it from ???? I really want a link !!… anyway a good job in the tutorial and especially on the site;)… ToT AsA !!!

  94. I would ask you if you can do a tutorial on creating renderings

  95. I solved the problem… in fact it was something embarrassingly easy: -j

  96. Bianca said

    alex least you can leave me your id`u: d I want to ask you something: o3

  97. sklipy said

    Hi, I have something to say to myself that tutorialu. Maybe he's upset but not maliciously read and comment and response Corleone Cristi-Admin for him. Honestly Corleone is right (in my opinion) Cristi explain more intelesu nice and all as Adrian. But to return to the tutorial not criticize anyone but to start work tutorialu it? Photoshop is a program that hard why not admit to it, for most users it's hard. An introduction would be ruined as a more detailed expicatie (goes in the other tutorial made with Photoshop.Pentru Alex all the initiates is ok but not for beginners does not mean lacking. Offend anyone I do not think that VIDEOTUTORIAL encourages comments, and suggestions as and aprecilerie, at least that I know. Thanks

    • sklipy:
      Hello, I have something to say to myself tutorialu Maybe this will upset but not maliciously read and comment and reply Corleone's Cristi-Admin .Sincer Corleone is right for him (my opinion) Cristi explain more intelesu nice and all as Adrian tutorial but to return to work not critical to start tutorialu anyone but you? Photoshop is a program that difficult why not admit to it, for most users it's hard. An introduction would have ruined a more detailed expicatie the same (is true in the other tutorial Alex made all the initiates cuPhotoshop.Pentru not say it's ok but not for beginners lacking .No think anyone upset that encourages VIDEOTUTORIAL and the comments and suggestions as and aprecilerie, at least I know I .Multumesc

      Sklipy one does not mind :).

  98. I have Adobe Photoshop Cs2 9.0.2 and the installation installed Photshop and Adobe ImageReady cs2 and Adobe Bridge-what are they and what are they used for… and as I understand cs2 is the most practical and best of all- cs3 cs4 cs5 sure if it's licensed 😉

    • Oktav:
      We Adobe Photoshop and installation Cs2 9.0.2 installed Adobe ImageReady photshop and cs2 and Adobe Bridge, what are they and which are used to them ... and as I understand cs2 is the most practical and best of all- the cs3 cs4 cs5 sure if it's licensed

      Depending on what interests you, obviously each version has something more than the previous one. CS5, although "eating" resources has many useful options, from preview to stamp tool to the option for. panoram samd.
      Bridge is a kind of windows explorer, but also preview directly from the source. I mean, if you click on the right you will see a psd containing or on you or anything. Along the way you will discover panelu pt. metadata and other useful functions thereof.
      ImageReady I have not worked with before, but you explain something here:

      You try to CS5 trial and you will find yourself whether it is more practical or if it suits your needs.

  99. Today I installed Photoshop cs3. I try to test the lens blur on a picture… so far it's good… the picture comes out blurry but when I hit the "eraser" the object is not brought back to clarity but it is scribbled in some pixels as if I were coloring it. What do I have to do to get rid of this? Please help!

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