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Hi friends, this is not a video tutorial as you already know, today on this page you will find two graphic editors online exactly as Adobe Photoshop or Gimp, the difference is that those need to be installed and the ones you find on this page you can control in your browser.

I advise you to have installed the latest version of Flash Player for fluidity better editing, also connection to the internet you own must be a decent load will be delayed by a few seconds in the worst case, so be patient, do not rush.
The first editor will be simple to use for minor modifications contrast, resize, color, effects etc, the second will be a more complex editing consistent, of course, these two editors online can not compete with Photoshop or Gimp, but it is a worthy alternative to keep in mind when you need to change a quick photo or resize a banner.

To use these two editors online you only need a browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc.), the browser must have installed the latest version of flash player, but probably many of you have flash, if you did not have flash player is not able to follow video tutorials.

I wish artistic inspiration!

Cristian Cismaru

The first editor is easy to use, recommended Celra less familiar with graphics and design.

Adobe Photoshop Express online editor alike right here on site

Adobe Photoshop Express online editor alike right here on site

The second is more complex editor for professional results, but beginners may face difficulties.

Adobe Photoshop online editor alike right here on site

Adobe Photoshop online editor alike right here on site

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About Cristian Cismaru

I like everything related to IT&C, I like to share the experience and information I accumulate every day.
Learn as you learn!


  1. it's great

  2. Kandic a tutorial about passwords mess broken lastly a method are convinced that there is real io

  3. blackarow said

    Alin, dreams still will not find such a program a password mess may possibly be stolen in no case can not be sparta.Si now wondering how to steal because you will not find here so many other siguranta.Sant interesting and useful things on this site.

  4. @par: There is not even there and we will not learn something! There will never be on making such a tutorial, if you want to be jaxor, learn from elsewhere !!!

  5. Cristi250 said

    I do not know what will use all sorts of crap to you dastea with spartu password, with finding it seems to me a waste of time and in addition to a computer you more interesting things to learn!

  6. congratulations guys for site! very useful! thank you

  7. It is possible that the Vdeotutorial site has entered the inspiration crisis… (and I'm not happy). Depending on what they will present to us from this moment, I hope to continue to be successful. After 3 series with that Gimp, it seems it made us tired (in my opinion it was a management mistake). I asked them to stop after the first tutorial but they didn't understand me. I also said… the dynamics and the surprise delight those who watch the video tutorials. Windows 7 comes powerful and solves many things presented in the video tutorials. that the rest is a flower in your ear. I wish you success in presenting the new OS

  8. CORLEONE said

    @par: Usually looking to victimize someone you become the victim yourself, you can find out the words (ugly Spart said) be very careful once you find the password to whom you want yu the first second is changed and your pass !!! So but be good and if you want to go on this site there you will learn to find passwords to mess "http: // ……….". Everything has a beginning !!!

  9. @alin: What would you do if someone you'd find on Yahoo Messenger password and you should change it or possibly you would read your emails regularly without you figure out?

  10. @Fanibu: That's just your opinion !!! And you are the only one who has exposed himself like this !! Let's not get into "controversies" again, you think you're smart but others don't, there are many here who have no idea, if you're an advanced user that's it… but others aren't! As you saw yesterday at the tutorial with LightScribe, many people didn't even know what that was or that they had something like that on their PC !!! As for Windows 7, I told you what's the matter, it still has to eat to get promoted, it still has to grow, understand once that you have nothing to show about it, it's not the end man !!! What should people learn? teach them to use beta? CRs? wake up maneee !!! There is plenty of time for him too !!! You said you're good at Windows 7 and bragged that you know more than I know many… ok give us a tutorial about it if you say it's so "good". I honestly don't like it, it's not stable it's ok if keep it free, if you put 10 softwares on it, it already starts to show its true face, errors, freezes during the processes for a few seconds then bad, it "stings". IT IS NOT STABLE HUMILIATE !!! WHAT TO PRESENT TO HIM? "GOOD PEOPLE INSTALL WINDOWS 7 AND IF YOU CAN'T FIND DRIVERS… PUT YOUR XP BACK" what do you want to present ??? that database with drivers that you mentioned in another comment is not complete !!! many drivers are running, many have problems with drivers at 7 !!!

  11. CORLEONE said

    His address has nothing in common with certain exploitu not only by the way he expressed deduce that he has no bank account, debts owed to intretzinere plus horses sold to friends (joking) sure would not know how to recover inapoi.Asta's the charm when someone wants to find a password to any yahoo not just someone who is istetz find them both and the one who wants to know and the person who wants it !!!!! So it's password to bina Uitz where you cross the netu !!!

  12. @FanibuManagement of the site is done after a plan last week to argue with the results.
    If you do not like it does not mean that graphics like others.
    We know very well what is sought and what the majority wants.
    In democracy, the market economy as do the majority rule does not mean that we obey the wishes of visitors 100%, we try as much as possible to present and applications that may not even that big outlet.
    About Windows 7 I have nothing to say, we introduced this system when the world nor heard of him, do not rejoice at this because there are some men balance.
    Windows 7 is an operating system officially released, yet is in a Phase post-beta, meaning all beta, those who now use Windows 7 turn into slaves Microsoft all have an enthusiasm nemaiantilnit about acesty SO, your computer it is a guinea pig for Microsoft.
    Why plateaca beta testers have so many curious when available.
    I do not understand why I have to change the operating system to 3 years, so like microsoft.
    I use Windows XP desktop and Windows Vista notebook, honestly I have no reason to return.
    If you had to spend money on those operating systems will no longer inbulzeati so hard.
    All West including the US, are disgusted by these things, we are delighted.
    Why You use Windows 7?
    WinRAR's going better?
    Video encoding is faster?
    You notable performances?
    With few insignificant differences, windows 7 is another Windows Vista yet, there would need to see why we do tutorials on Windows 7.
    I find most useful tutorials about Gimp made of 1000 DAN times.

  13. @CORLEONE: If you put links from this will not commented never
    We do not experience.
    I've said on other occasions.

  14. @Adrian: OK… I end here watching the video tutorials… I wish you success as much as possible, but I doubt that, with this mentality (of Adrian) which in my opinion was a kind of "brake" of the site, you will be successful .I'm not smarter than others, but I'm not stupid either… .I'm an ordinary person who discovered this hobby called IT since the 90's. I came one day with a suggestion to change the way I present video tutorials because they were starting to be "hot" but someone like Adrian put his fist in my mouth (he is the only "fighter" on the site). Days in a row Cristi and others told him that he is too "super" they didn't mean anything to him. You know how to say… give it to the end! I never thought of hurting anyone, I sympathized and I will remain in my soul a sincere visitor to the Videotorial… and that's it. I don't want you to eliminate Adrian as a collaborator… he has "many opinions" and will probably hit on "all the ignorant"… and will call him to do video tutorials… thatonly he made "one" right ?! All respect for Cristi & Co… more words are superfluous.
    PSMost meditate on the new OSwindows 7 (I don't advertise and I'm not a fan)… this is inevitable; Xp's future is over… Xp has little Microsoft support Microsoft Vista was a semi-failure ec and windows 7 is all the best that Microsoft has been able to do so far. This Windows 7 changes many mindsets and has something to show us… that I am right remains to decide the reality… MUCH SUCCESS !!!
    After almost a year I say goodbye to everyone… with a peaceful heart that I had more to say if I was taken over. Those who did it will eliminate themselves!

  15. I think it's great that everyone already AFLT it =)) I already got bored of it since it appeared on the net =)) now I have given it .. weird .. kinda very tgarziu

  16. scz mistakes writing (grammar) but nah are like bad PEM chair and can not spell =))

  17. @Fanibu: No one has contradicted you about the future of windows 7… and as you usually try to take the "weakest" but you pretend not to see the real and serious questions you are asked… because you do not know how to answer… you throw the "pill" and when you are asked to account, arguments… run away or change the subject, one day in various, you try to take another and leave with your tail between your legs! honestly your words made me laugh with tears =)) Less praise and talk and more activity, at the moment you don't have any tutorial here, and if the topics and topics where you commented weren't open even now the world didn't know who you are also how skilled you are in IT !!! Leave me alone and bring answers to Cristi and Dan's questions from the "fight" from the GIMP tutorial… you wouldn't have noticed him at all and here too you didn't pay attention to Cristi who asked you something… and how are you so good… you bypassed, and hop… we take Adi to drift and change the subject, not to be seen that I as a fanibu are not good at PCs… So I repeat I said it and a I say do not dispute any admin on this site the future of windows 7 friend !!! but you're in a hurry, it's not worth the entry from now on, at the moment it doesn't offer anything super extra that would make you stay speechless, if you enjoy some effects, all you have to do is stay on windows 7 !!! It's a word… who knows knows, so it doesn't make sense to convince you of anything, anyway your mind understands what it wants… (I was moved to tears by your "words" of parting, honestly… :)))))) )

  18. CORLEONE said

    @Fanibu: Why think so, each can do exactly what we like when someone comes between our opinion and do something just for some reason but maybe this more I learn many vizavii each operating system has, all are some may be better un-skip special evidentza others I have tested Linux is cool is good but unfortunately I play, this made me use all xp.Am a Windows virtual test it 7 in researching it, I like it but the system would not my face I use basis. Let us not fight or argue if we come up with arguments that because of this we AII Iearns. Ceaoo and good luck!!

  19. Yes, I also had windows 7 build version 7600 and I was not impressed at all! In addition, I could not install the driver for the net, because it was not the version for Windows 7, only XP and Vista…
    I think it's still too early for Windows 7 3-4 ..poate over some years !!!

  20. @Fanibu: from what you see Cristi accidentally or maybe not, he has the same opinion as me about windows 7 !!! Why?? did you wonder or do you think that "I gave him a punch in the mouth" to say like me? =))) A true expert does not throw himself into statements like you and his bullets do not flow crawling after a beta version or an Rc operating system !!! he should know what a stable system is, what disadvantages an RC has and what stability these RCs have !! Honestly at first when you started to comment I thought you were a gentleman and I thought you knew how but I saw that you are parallel or perpendicular to the windows or operating systems in general… It's like I see you as a 3 year old child kick your feet that you want tutorial with windows 7, man… I told you before, we "obey" the majority, if you want to be the crow with white beak or black pigeon you only have friends, next, there are some natural, human "laws", Did you look at how many views GIMP tutorials have before throwing out statements that GIMP tutorials tired visitors and did not satisfy them? They had the most and will have the most views in the history of the site if this has not already happened !!! That being said, I greet you and put aside that enthusiasm about everything new, you don't have to be the first to test it, let others learn from them, look where they go wrong, and go out later and show remedies, solutions 😉

  21. @Adrian: When you want to conquer someone or want to tell him not to (not) love someone, it is better to address in Romanian language as corecta.Ti have said many're deficient in this respect .This makes you not be understood!
    To be even more ironic than you want to tell, I'm glad that I get rid of your agramatismele.
    There are probably many who feel embarrassed or offended by your vocabulary but out of respect for Cristi & Co (except you) they only responded sporadically.

  22. @Fanibu: Yes, I admit to the penultimate comment, I hurried and wrote quickly, that's it… I said it in other comments… you probably didn't read it, I didn't like the book and Romanian and not even mathematics, I I liked IT and what I want to explain and show to others in case I need to specify in writing, I always understood… as it was said here, I analyze IT, not Romanian, plus you didn't learn Romanian, my friend! !! no grammar… you are a man like everyone else !! That is, I always recognize her unlike you, I admit my mistakes and shortcomings, I do not dare and when it comes to explaining something, I take another, I get hit or change the subject, as you do! I'm sure you understood what I meant in that comment even if it wasn't grammatically correct so… it doesn't make sense !!!

  23. @Fanibu: @Adrian: I would like to be in the same room with you now.
    What the hell good people will not argue, we are all equal on this website, none of them smarter or worse than another.
    Try to give proof of maturity, but it can be pretty hard in this heat.
    Anyway if you will against, please keep decent, meaning warrior arguments in insults.
    It would be a shame to feel bad when people will read curse words.

  24. @Fanibu: @Adrian: Warmth high esteem. Another glass of water, please.

  25. @Adrian: Unlike you I have that "one" tutorial (actually there are about 9) on the site and I showed the world what I can, and I know, plus the 2169 comments that helped many, you did nothing but enjoy from the "fight" of others and you intervened to put cancer, you did not offer anything you know !!! You just took it and that's it! So "illiterate" I ended up doing tutorials here on the site and I helped many, what did you do for this site? or come not for this site, but for the others, who needed help… aaa? This puts an end to these unnecessary comments with you!

  26. @Adrian: It is not the quantity that has value but the quality… this you should have known a long time ago (it is nothing philosophical). You have 2169 comments that have confused those who
    citit.Imi I still remember about that gentleman pensioner who pray not to throw words jignitoare.Ai few videotutoriale overshadowed by verbal behavior of mahala.Degeaba give you a bucket of milk to give final leg into it.
    That's how I entered the site… with an oath of insulting words from you and it seems that I will come out the same. The only person I allow to make remarks (which are constructive and common sense) is Cristi. Laurels for everything what is good on this site belongs to Cristi and the other collaborators. I want to tell you that it is very difficult to do a tutorial but it is even harder to be civilized. What do you think?

  27. @Fanibu: The strong essences are kept in small bottles, that "is not philosophical" was useful for many, and I received thousands of thanks, what I did helped many, what you do, touches me and "hurts" only on me, and with that I think I said everything !! do you know what your problem is YOU ARE SELFISH, and you are not interested in the rest, you want everything for yourself, and you do not take into account others !! Are you "educated" and what good is it? however, you ended up being "sutured" and left disappointed, and you didn't end up proving anything, or even doing a tutorial to prove what you know, even so unphilosophical !!! Were you born somehow smart, omniscient ??? This site has as its motto or slogan "do you think you know everything about the pc?" so, put it together and think about it !!! We don't invent anything, we simply help and teach others what we know, we don't compete here, it's not formula one !!! if you think you are so good at what did you watch the tutorials?

  28. Thanks this site for everything obviously free
    and I want to make myself some clarifications.
    Not everyone who visits this site and watch these tutorials have
    ccunostinte advanced IT (Mr. Fanibu for example).
    Not all have systems that allow efficient new generation operating systems (Vista, Windows 7).
    Not everyone who watched a series of tutorials on a particular theme (Gimp
    to exermplu) were bored.
    I for example, like many others besides, are pleased with the way
    Watching planning their homework tutorials that you do; wait in
    further series of tutorials interrupted or completed.
    What would happen if for example I would say that I expect tutorials
    Linux for example? With few objections would jump like they do not
    hardly anyone uses, Linux is very difficult or piece
    ear (maybe for them for example), what would happen? I think it would be better not talk like that.
    Would not it be better to follow the tutorial and where we do not understand or we're no good to put a imtrebare, to ask advice, to follow tutorial and comments on the topic of a discussion unnecessary and not contradictory?
    Thank you, I appreciate you wait further, and do not let
    influientati.Cu well,

  29. @Cristi-admin: I apologize to those of you who host, manage and work for us. It is true that maybe I lit up with this windows 7… you know what it's like when a child gets a cake, it seems to be the best and he wonders what others don't have. Regarding win 7, I want to tell you that I tested all the legally appeared builds, including the RTM version (I am also a subscriber and MSDN collaborator at Microsoft). Maybe I asked you too much, maybe not. If you noticed, I said about Dan in a previous comment that I appreciate his work, but "I was bothered" by the development of the video tutorial for 3 series. What if I did a video tutorial about Office 97-2009 for 10 series? I have nothing to do with your exposure scheme… it was just an opinion.

  30. @Fanibu: You want to make an anti-Adrian?

  31. CORLEONE said

    @niku: No one should be not be anyone ANTI PRO, it's their job to solve! Luoma us to be healthy to what's good for them, that's their nature, does not mean they have personality !!! We learn a quarrel November !!!

  32.'s not too much offtopic. Is this "Fanibu" sponsor or partner? If not, why bother like that, friend? app is trying a donation.

  33. Sorry for intervening like this… .But I said in a comment… .Can I do a tutorial on C / C ++ Programming? At least let's understand what it means…

  34. There were a few hours in which they could not post comments now resolved.
    Some tiny packets of problems.

  35. CORLEONE said

    @PaulC ++? Visual Bassi? good bad brother better sit tight ,, also how they study programs in advance, which another developer know //////// vb ??? Let's see what a mess I aplicxatzii open in your PC without acceptance from you (ladies a crazy world) not good as your pc? Paul Cumin be one guy here will not lead you to be accompanied by such programs in EOBERESIOBE !!! Schedule and you !!! it is easier!:)

  36. Fanibu said

    You see that after a photo editing hemorrhage (with his girlfriend and other pictures… of course Dan fulfilled his mission… everyone on Videptutorial saw his girlfriend… he also apologized for using her like Gioconda… there was a break… and I honestly tell you that it will be so… you didn't understand me when I told you that what is a lot is also stupid. From here you can ban me but I was right.

  37. Fanibu wrong! As I told you not show your attitude than superficiality. So NO right. And even you can spare us your comments. Farewell!

  38. andolis49 said

    Hello! This morning I was unpleasantly surprised to find that I no longer have access to video chat. A message such as my access is restricted probably have not respected the rules. I do not know what the rule violated the mise not allow access. Rogun admin lamurasca me. Thank you in advance!!

  39. andolis49 said

    I apologize for the mistakes in the above post… upset 🙂 In the meantime I managed to get into video chat. I think it was a mistake. Good luck to everyone!

  40. agentutu said

    I do not understand why I was banned

  41. CORLEONE said

    @agentutuWhy say you're banned? How did you get?

  42. @CORLEONE: It was Dan before you, now you follow, do not worry.

  43. CORLEONE said

    Cristi your other pic I used to now I thought it's another Christ-Admin.Multzumesc thought you forgot.

  44. but why do not you put that thing down and put on the pixels of color? It's just that simple and I can not manage to select well.

  45. Christ is, a recovery program in cart Recycle Bin?? pliz raspundemi

  46. @dany: please write up the search on the right like this: "data recovery" without the quotes, give enter and you will find the tutorial, next time, use the search on the top right !!!

  47. hello is the bestial site… .I learn a lot of things that nustiu come in and give and see is good tinetio also app`dak you want to lom link add [email protected] :d

  48. I would like to do a tutorial sites cover about movies.

  49. Cristianne said

    Very nice and useful.
    We catch good if you do not want to download programs to edit photos.

  50. drshomeboy said

    It's a cool thought out and interesting idea + useful if you don't have easy and fast image editing software installed on your PC, but don't get mad at me now if I say that I feel more comfortable using ACD See, Irfan View or Fireworks for quick edit. Irfan View is freeware and I also use it for easy editing and for default views.

  51. ah I want to cry BEAUTY OF A PROGRAM! Boys superb success !!!


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