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  1. could do something much nicer if they combine Mesu wathup with fb or fb. and it would be nice to be able to hide that section above if you want. but these guys did not think fb d ela. do all kinds of experiments ,, ,, whether people like it or not

  2. I do not know how, but I fail to uninstall! When you get to uninstall, do not occur until STOP or FORCED OFF! I think the situation is beyond me or those from facebook walked somewhere you can not do what I want! If I sign off and off, uncheck update version downloaded and I get put directly on the neck, the latest version! Can you help me somehow?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You can not uninstall because she came preinstalled by the manufacturer of your phone. If yes this forced stop, delete cache, delete data, go to the Play Store on Facebook and disables updates to Facebook. I explained in the text tutorial how to disable the update application.

      • So i have been doing the job I went into the application i gave the forced stop i gave the deleting data i can erase the data after i walked in the play store i deactivated all the updates after i went into this link i tried to download it and download the bad That does not allow me,

  3. IOS still does not appear 10.3 my story this up .. it's horrible, I know I will not get rid of something

  4. Hello, Adrian android 7 not work go to Settings, Applications, Facebook, forced off, then storing, emptying cash, after reinstall mention uninstall apk is downloaded from what the above tutorial.
    Smartphone (Samsung s7 edge)
    What can I do ? Thank you

    • Adrian Gudus said

      In what way does not work? You uninstall the old application, install it on all of the new Direct the top? Update site immediately after installing the apkmirror, you stopped as explained in the tutorial section ATEN text Þ IE?

  5. Thanks nice ptr. promptly did exactly what I mean, we're in the play store,'ve unchecked ... nothing! I guess as long as you do not let me permanently uninstalling it, I can do nothing! I feel a little frustrated with the fact that they are at hand to those from facebook! Finally I think I'll turn off the application! I even offers to uninstall the update, do, then, when I try to get the application password and you have, there is a red line and put me to enjoy the latest version of facebook! Can influence that living in Spain? I think not, but one thing I do know, you're absolutely right when you say that we should not let us put on the neck they want! You are the best, all the esteem!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      No fault of Facebook not get rid of it but, as I explained above, the fault that caused the phone company. They modified the operating system and enter on these terms (enthusiastic community) called bloatware (ie applications that you do not want them)
      For this reason I prefer such OnePlus 3:
      - does not come coded network is free
      - does not come with a changed interface aggressively over the original Android (as does LG and Samsung)
      - does not change the operating system by adding a lot of unnecessary functions (as do those from Samsung)
      - it can change the root of and easy (prietenelos enthusiasts and developers)
      - the guarantee is covered even if you brick-look through a process of root is (are the only company covered by the warranty even root's)
      - it does not come preloaded with social apps, or travel (TripAdvisor)

    • Hello, as I myself Facebook application preinstalled, and the same problem, and I dezinstalato I unchecked the Play Store update application, and as you gave me directly last update, I went on google and I downloadato there on apk. Adrian mirror as he said in the video, and I instalato and go! And do just impossible not to go.

    • I did the same I can not, to discern it

  6. Claudiu said

    Unfortunately, I have android 7.0 and that allowed me to see a notification interesting. I autoupdates off the Google Play Store but it seems like Instagram, Facebook, and other applications that are owned by Facebook they do AutoUpdate through a process called com.facebook.appmanager. and it is quite annoying. If you make a tutorial on how we can stop forced facebook updates would be super hard.

  7. Or simply you could try Swipe application which is very good.

  8. Now it's much better! Old Facebook is the best without updates! Thank you very much!

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