As we return to the old WhatsApp

Hello friends, today's tutorial we'll see how we can switch back WhatsApp, one in which I had Contacts tab in the foreground, in the application interface.

What is the difference between the new and old WhatsApp WhatsApp?

As I said at the tutorial and about As we return to the old Facebook Messenger without My Day messaging app trend is to copy famous Snapchat app. Because WhatsApp is acquired by Facebook and that Facebook Messenger has already suffered changes that confirms this trend, turn came WhatsApp application. The new interface is now 3 things: Conversations, Status, Calls and find no Contacts tab, tab, in the past, I could easily see WhatsApp contacts and their status.
I had the old interface Contacts tab instead of the tab Status.

Tab to use the new interface status WhatsApp?

This status tab in the new interface allows us to post photos or videos of 45 seconds will be public for all contacts WhatsApp. As it happens with Snapchat and Facebook Messenger My Day.
We can write on the photo, we can add stickers / emoticons, text, before it is posted publicly to the contacts WhatsApp.

Where did the new tab Contacts WhatsApp?

Well, WhatsApp contacts have not disappeared forever just to see them, we have to give a few taps (taps) in addition to access them. They are displayed only when we want to initiate a new conversation with someone. And even if we do that, it is not showing their status.

How do I restore the old root WhatsApp if we did not?

For users without root, the only way is to uninstall the current version of WhatsApp and install an older version of it. Before you download and install the old version of WhatsApp, do not forget to go to Settings> Security> and check Unknown Sources. This setting allows you to install apps .apk download from elsewhere than the Play Store.

Download WhatsApp old version

As if we return to the old root WhatsApp?

For those with root, you need a file manager who knows how to use the root (I recommend ES File Explorer File Manager, you find it free in the Play Store). Using the file manager to which you have granted superuser, navigate to the location "/data/data/com.whatsapp/shared_prefs" and open the file named "com.whatsapp_preferences.xml"
Search the file line status_mode value="1" and replace it on "1" cu "0". Save the modified file and then close and reopen WhatsApp.

That said, I invite you to watch the video tutorial to see exactly how we can switch back WhatsApp. Can help us and we understand the comments section, why is this trend to copy Snapchat? If you want to use Snapchat, install Snapchat! Why should producers messaging clients to stick my neck, a position he did not want? Or if they still implement it, even to provide users with a button in the interface, to enable this functionality or defective.

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  1. Hello. It tells me he's not already, I have a Galaxy Android S6 Edge 6.0.1. How can I solve the problem?

  2. Foca & Mo said

    Hello Adriane, as we intales Facebook bought Instagram site and WhatsApp site, and how to make Fatza competition Snapcheat's made something like that to be equal or stronger on piatza ... my opinion ... I agree, it would be great to choose whether or not this option

  3. Super Root phase even going

  4. Hello I got the link above described entering the site but when I give the download page tells me that there

  5. in the end I managed to download it to see if it goes if you try the root as explained in videotutorial
    ms than I had much to learn from your site
    I wish you good day

  6. Hello! I know that my comment has nothing to do with the tutorial, but do not know where I keep looking, I hope here to find the answer. I have a question, I ask rami 100% without doing anything on your PC, this problem persists for about 2 months of 3 months I have it, your PC is new, run Windows 10 licensed professional. I tried to put another antivirus, believing that Windows Defender does not do the job, but it started to hang and just restart solve the problem, noting that rami to recover all restart figure after 2 or 3 days lies the problem with rami 100%. Thank you very much!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Give a scan with a serious virus, Kaspersky, Avast. I recommend you do a scan of the boot. We already have a tutorial on how to do this. Write up in the search box at the top right "What does antivirus Offline (the boot) and how to use Windows Defender Offline Tool" press enter and you'll find tutorial. I recommend doing a test of RAM. And on this subject we tutorial, writing in the search box "Check RAM Memtest86 (games crash, restart pc, overclock)"

    • After doing what Adrian said, do a window optimization, clean the Temps.

  7. Root method you go ... But not long ..ceva change happened .. the next day returned to its new interface ... without doing anything ... .acum..Am unchecked automatic update to see what happens.

  8. no name said

    Hello! Mp. iPhone what can be done?

  9. Back again stating that it is not Root method (at least to me) I had unchecked automatic updating, and all returned to the new interface ... ..Nu only remains for me to try the other option.

  10. Claudia Dragu said

    Hello, you can install an old version on Windows Phone? Thank you!

  11. Hello, I sound to other tutorials on this NO. Does anyone know why? (I Realtek driver to day- windows × 7 64)

  12. Marius said

    Hello, everything went ok with installing the mentioned version. But just a couple of weeks ago a message came out saying that I would have to update because the installed version will no longer be supported. I have no root.
    So I ask again for help, did a newer version of the old interface appear in the meantime?
    Thank you in advance.

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