Free software for converting any video converter free video - HD video tutorial

Finally we have a free video converter and decent, and solutions are open source, but for a novice user it is very hard to use open source conversion solution because it has a clear interface and so easy to use that Any Video Converter .

In this video tutorial we will see in detail how to use this software free options are intuitive to use for anyone, it can execute a command in several places to the taste as many users.

This video conversion software can even cut pieces of a clip so you can put on a phone with no memory so generous.

This free software (Any Video Converter) can convert from and into all sorts of common and less common formats, list formats is the following.

Input formats (input format):

avi, asf, mov, rm, rmvb, flv, mkv, mpg, 3gp, m4v, vob, YouTube videos

Output formats (output format):

avi, wmv, mp4, 3gp, wmv, flv, mpeg-1 and MPEG-2, mpg (PAL or NTSC)

Cristian Cismaru

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  1. Cristi I have a question if I net and get a free program that costs money should pay sal

  2. @mihai: Normally you have to pay! What if you net for free? You pay when you buy software, no Internet or that you purchase through the Internet! software in sine.Daca pay someone to go free car market this means you do not pay what you buy in the market?

  3. Mihai but like net you free?

  4. Great program quite interested ;) ;)

  5. I intmpla just me? shows films or crystals when seen not see black?? excranul his ex movies bs player showed a film to me to see black and I have not seen any movie ..... nus dc: (

  6. @beb3_mykk: Not only happen to you ... but to everyone and it's your fault or Cristi ... it's the capture software that was used to make the tutorial ...

  7. Cristi believe that legal aid by mistake on youtube and was because of screen capture videos from your computer as any I've seen us

  8. @Andrew:
    See people find all kinds of stuff together!
    Thing that annoyed me was not going any videos on youtube and after I finished the video tutorial goes smoothly.
    That is, it just happens when you do a big job like these on TV when everyone wrong and take them, now I understand.

  9. you can do a tutorial program pcsx2 ps2 played games on pc

  10. very much the program really needed this guy tutorial :) Thank Program

  11. @admin_cristiCristi I hope you're not mad at me I said that s clearly as an observation rather than a criticism. I've said that I happened to like the same thing. I tried to do a screen capture to catch and some youtube video and I did not work. I apologize if you felt criticatm the contrary I'm a big fan of tutorials.

  12. Folks hunting ... let's leave this valve will stop mistakes and detail, it was important that they do not lu Cristi VIDEOS see? The idea was that he presented the program and how to use ... as the debate for a little thing like not seen the movie image ... So what? that was not important but how to use the program, what functions are, where they download, how to set up, God people tend to think that you look at the tutorials just so hoping that Christ will make mistakes and you will laugh at his mistakes, let's leave aside these details and comment, post problems, or not understood, that Cristi was not seen movies has nothing to do with what was presented.

  13. Use only good salut.foarte torrents programs and we for youtube using real player to download.

  14. Congratulations for Cristi is very util.Mai tutorial is a good soft PocketDivXEncoder, as good a program that has a specific function and can additionally incorporate subtitles film.Poate going to do a tutorial about it that is very useful Cristi especially as it can do films for mobile phones, for example, inclusa.Eu it ​​anymore foslosesc subtitle for movies on the DVD player for the subtitle seen a very small and so increase.

  15. I one I have not criticized cristi k I dc ... I really liked the program but only if I am intrbat intmpla to see it's all luck still black cristi ;)

  16. Maryus day and you more about the program! It's Free subtitle accept such an add, because I have and I need! Avi Face? Thanks

  17. Very good tutorial, I've had much more trouble with a. Mkv to convert it, I just did, now thanks to you I found a program that does much more than that. Thank you I have one suggestion if you do and a video tutorial about everything yes how can edit this file type (adding effect: a writing, an image), I think it would be very good!. Anyway appreciate work yours.

  18. Tutorial super conversions. I do not know if it is better than magic video converter but it works. do a great job with the tutorials

  19. I am very impressed with the work that you do, but more and more that talk down to us. I would like, if possible, to make a tutorial about REAL VNC or any other remote control software that I consider you as the best. Thank you and welcome.

  20. boby_admin said

    We have on site a video tutorial depre remote control
    Yes on

  21. Any Video Converter program is curat.Scanati your temp folder!

  22. Robciuc Ionut said

    sooper tutorial

  23. LucianGL said

    It is a good software for free ... but there is a converter that should not be missed. This free converter is SUPER old marketing and has a lot of options. I think that tomorrow you will have a videotutorial about tomorrow el.Tot come with a few surprises for everyone who owns a mobile phone operating system symbian.Multi of us so, but many do not know how many "miracles" can make a telefon.Binenteles also that there are other operating systems, but as Nokia's best-selling models, so I will focus on

  24. CORLEONE said

    "LucianGL" became surprises tomorrow?? What do you mean???

  25. @CORLEONE: And it be imagined that it enchants saracu Christ to let him make us tutorials =)) and we now ... do not let the boy be bad ... to dream! =))

  26. LucianGL said

    an hour ago I sent some files, that folks.vorba patience: do not be not anyone spell
    had to be made 2 days ago, but I had a full weekend, tomorrow send out 1 file.
    if boby Cristi will agree to publish a site to see soon.

  27. CORLEONE said

    LucianGL lasami your ID can give them to me and I see them, Adrian is good is that the boy feels like work, frankly not everyone can do that, you realize 3 drinking beers and doing tutorials, I sure plimbla tongue in mouth After :)), I say good horses in the boy VOINTZA TZin not he wants to show to others .....

  28. cristi greeting, hello boby, hello adrian, more baietzi maybe I can clarify and me into trouble as possible please all heard lately about the WiFi connection that YOU CAN t know him can not express myself well just to steal but to a laptop so I let Asha sit in a building and I want to take the net from neighbor has wifi without knowing nimik That I intzeles something like that Cuz that guy or say that or as many have security emblem can not take him from them, but what I can tell they dak or not, how can I get Netto adik to connect to it

  29. CORLEONE said

    I do that in Germany but not a PSP leptop but have the option to search for it on the net and I look distantza best choice from what he found, but it was on its screen automatical SERC via netork

  30. @Andrew: Neither I nor any Boby Cristi man did not teach you and steal one net, did not anyone teach man hack, pirates ... understand once and not ask something ... has anyone asked the same thing as you and had the same answer that I give it now! If you want to steal to Haku taught myself, if you want to be recognized as hackers, We are not going to teach you that shit again!

  31. Super tutorial! Even I had not heard of Any Video Converter and I needed something to change some clips for your phone.
    Keep up the good work! Every day tutorials will follow even if you've seen a dozen times!

  32. Robciuc Ionut said

    I have a question, I made a video program on the PC and what are called "Camtasia Video" after making a video of what the program can convert video? .. That 'Ant Video Converter "can not. HELP ME: d

  33. @Robciuc Ionut: There are many video converters free! Try MediaCoder or VirtualDub find them with the help of Google, is free both

  34. Ionkiki said

    Hi, I like your videotutorialele! Now I have a question and him a usb dvd LG brand! I bought a stick Gb 8 I said to put my movies on it and she's, to watch tv u but unfortunately only read pictures and movies mp3.Am 3Gp tried still nothing? Must be that the dvd format not recognize USB?

  35. I have a question how to make a bootable cd xp plus programs included?

  36. @Dan: Look please carefully read this tutorial and especially all my comments in this tutorial Success!

  37. brother good tutorial give you the English do not give what I zik engleaza any cool anyway Romanian | |

  38. bah give you had to see the video on youtube you could not copy the url and get ready dq :))

  39. yes it's super conversion software.'m looking for free psp converter on the net. thank you so much for this gift. many regards, do's and amazing job and free.

  40. Beautiful programul.Chiar so I needed a good converter for my phone which read format and annoy me but now I have problems.

  41. Hello! Call me please dk happened to anyone .. knd pornesk konvertirea a file, pass a Katev seconds and restarts kalkultorul me .. ie I knd konvertesk ku any video converter .. what could it be? Help me PLS!!!!!!

  42. Free Studio Manager is good and has everything

  43. Fa and a tutorial about it if you can!

  44. @Mihai: Perhaps your PC is weaker and does not support a conversion prces, you should know that when you convert your PC processor is great demand for convert ... and being able to maintain required restarts ... try to close all when doing conversion programs ... and Messi browser and player ... you have just opened and both converter, pc not require very much!

  45. Hi I have a problem and if you could help me with one tip: How to make a catch on a PC audio tape, I tried to look through your tutorials but have not found anything like that that I have not written or the motor correct keywords in your search and subcategori Categories or I could not find something or something as similar than thank you and congratulate you for holding. which also make "Keep it so I do it well!"

  46. Excellent program and as usual, well explained can understand and incepatorii.Am never seen VIDEOTUTORIAL great programs, easy to handle, because they are explicite.EXCELENT!

  47. good tutorial .. but still one question I want to transfer a flim in avi format but I 3 gp ii Pine subtitle,, can that?

  48. @geolino: Try to poketdivxencoder!

  49. @geolino: Sorry I misspelled correct e PocketDivXEncoder

  50. you are the best .. went .. thank you ... let the higher

  51. very cool tutorial! went to do and HD!

  52. How can I make a catch on a PC audio tape?

  53. roland popcev said

    Hello guys! Name you saw are Brasov, I 40 years now 21-05.Va way with much better than me at software (PC only I learned in 2 years ...) k such ask: I took a tel. Samsung d780 and of course do not know what format k have games that you can put inside it and dak is required for the converter to use. adapt "2 Bejeweled Deluxe" at tel. that? XCE Or another game or themes-how, where found, is kreva that format, you can convert? suppose k will find something for. me only k all people are made ... Thanks in advance and my respect! Possibly send me a link ... id messs mail: rolandpopcev.

  54. DanyMax said

    Excellent. Every time. But I encountered a problem: Some files can not convert (gives me "Failed"), do not know why. Is it because codecs I need? I installed Mantionez professional version.

  55. Adrian said

    @DanyMax: Above is an overview tutorial text that says input formats supported output formats supported, not anything goes converted into any!

  56. dj_nelutu said

    I keep wondering with this program can also convert video format year, if not with this program give me an idea of ​​a program that can do this.

  57. DIMITRI said

    Hello! is one of my favorite screens this site VIDEOTUTORIAL.RO

    and want to ask if you do not busy and videotutoriale for iphone? [Romanian or know a site that handles the same as in this site that are tired of so much English all that comes is only in English suzatimi boldness and spelling mistakes will have a good day you're a monster CRISTI continue so for me you most explicitly here

  58. danezu said

    hello I wanted my mother to see some episodes of a show and I asked a certain player or whatever it is called FLOW PLAYER, I downloaded was a zip file, in fine.Am entered the site where the mother wanted to see that episode and when I did play the next episode to start it gives me error: Please ajutatima: D.

  59. Sal Asked Question I have a want to shoot HD video on youtube can or just low quality? see fullscreen × 1680 1050 tear like the site :)

  60. once again thank you for. your work, who wants to have a lot to learn from you!

  61. danezu: Hello I wanted my mother to see some episodes of a show and I asked a certain player or whatever it is called FLOW PLAYER, I downloaded was a zip file, in fine.Am entered the site where he wanted mother to see that episode and when I did play the next episode to start giving me Please ajutatima: D.

    In translation, you can view the file that does not exist, the stream is not found, it says that message erroare, it seems that movie was out on that site, and you have nothing to do

  62. sedd: Sal Asked Question I have a want to shoot HD video on youtube can or just low quality? see fullscreen × 1680 1050 tear like the site :)

    As you can see HD (High Definition - High definition) to be like your video card supports either HD or, if your card is not and can not watch HD supports HD video

  63. Adrian:
    As you can see HD (High Definition - High definition) to be like your video card supports either HD or, if your card is not and can not watch HD supports HD video

    If the youtube video has a resolution of EX 800 / 600 not you can watch him at a resolution of 1680 / 1050 or 1920 / 1080 mean FullHD (unfortunately fime on youtube are of very poor quality so you do not what)
    I personally did not see movies or video tutorials on youtube with good quality.
    If you have a black and white film you can see it in color?

  64. Stupid software I download the torrent and professional sound and staggered out from whatever picture settings do, although the video source is bun.Incercati Movavi Video Converter works perfectly all the torrent.

  65. Cochin: A silly software, I download the torrent and professional sound and staggered out from whatever picture settings do, although the video source is bun.Incercati Movavi Video Converter works perfectly all the torrent.

    Cochin, the fact that you are not able to install software or to keep your system operating in good condition does not give you the right to know about a software that is not good. If you're really good (a) in so, so do not understand what the hell mouth, when you could use a commercial software, a software that normally would require money. If you are not able to use a software to tutorial under his nose, in Romanian, High-Definition, more explicit than a porn movie tells the following conclusion: User dust. PC Pack and go with him to the center and tell them you're too dusty Alora to own a PC.

  66. I said if I can download k Hd video site k normal HD support if they watch the stream directly .. if you download from the link I give at the low quality.

  67. Ratzoiule pack you PC and throw it in the trash, I was not as hot as a menu in Romanian and it is hd as long as the software is rahat.Si dak hard you tell me what does my operating system in addition to being he has to have the latest versions of the codecs.

  68. Besides that I use software such as Pinnacle and Ulead DVD Movie factors that is rainwater.

  69. Cochin:
    Besides that I use software such as Pinnacle and Ulead DVD Movie factors that is rainwater.

    May girl, you must understand that no one sits shotgun in your neck, nor something will happen to you if you use this program to convert video from tutorial.Nustiu what you usually: panic if you can not use the program explained in the tutorial or if you are not concerned about tutorial programs ... maxima.Relaxati your desperation comes, you are not obliged, nor you "Cochin" are not required to use this tutorial soft. By the way, any Software parascoveniile all their bragging s not much. Is much more intelligent than those of progame poverty raised in slavi.Ai and you there in "straitza" two programs and come here and yell and scream when we are all pleased with "any video converter" we have nothing to comment .

  70. Annoys me that told me to go step to the center and to say I'm praf.El think I'm stupid like that to go to the center and give them money to install the system. operating or installing them. in Romanian wind and Tracing not know what the crap.

  71. Ionutz_r08 said

    Very good tutorial as always! I follow tutorials fondly for some time, but I have a problem with the software. I want to convert a concert in mp4 x264 .mkv (bitrate: 2000, 1280 resolution × 720). All well and good, but when finished, before compacting created files (audio and video) gives me Filed: |. I do not know what to do. It first went, we tested a sample .mkv as in tutorial. Now peek, he does not want. I uninstalled I did everything I thought I could solve the problem and nothing. Opinions?

  72. Welcome. Does it have an option in the program that can fix the size of the file that will result. I want to make a conversion from an MKV to AVI, but I made it too small, I'd like a little more, even with an ever-300 400 MB.Exista it possible to set output file size?

  73. Yet Total Video Converter is better than any video converter, total video converter is set for the much better, converts from MKV to AVI with good quality

  74. elsajwek said

    You guys are the best, smartest things I've learned more from you, I wish you health and all well and good!

  75. A small problem said

    I have and I have a problem with Any Video Converter. they give only a converted ... he 15% of the video gata.iar me moving very fast .. can help
    PS: the 2: do 47 25 min sec. Thank you in advance

    • I have and I have a problem with Any Video Converter. they give only a converted ... he 15% of the video gata.iar me moving very fast .. can help
      PS: the 2: do 47 25 min sec. Thank you in advance

      Hard to say what the problem is. You can try this alternative:
      Link "".
      If and it fails, it means that the video is to blame ...

  76. it was cool if he could get and wmv format (photostory3 doatr dealer do), nice tutorial, I put a clip on youtube and I can not only see my account and I made a few months 2 those clips go, why? 2 the clips are avi and wmv it, I think this is the problem, the 2 clpiuri can see and account without it just goes from my yoyutube, expect an answer if you can

  77. costel08_78 said

    Good ziua.As have a request if you could say a soft ami audio compression? Got a phone card 500 mg and I want to make more music with many songs to year and 10 mg were ami occupy all space melodii.Poate few have even a tutorial about a software like asta.Va multulesc

  78. costel08_78 said

    used for windows and ubuntu can have both or for any ele.multumesc

  79. hello and congratulations, + + + + + +

    which may be varied for. audio files?
    I have a aaa.amr and I want to make it mp3.


  80. Hello Cristi. Very good tutorial on this soft.Problema you, that you could not watch videos on youtube, it was sure of Adobe Flash Player.Instaleaz your version and you will go all vodeoclipurile.Asa had happened and eu.O good day and Thank teach us more.

  81. zmaster4 said

    congratulations for this tutorial, helped me a lot and not only that ms Cristi team again

  82. Thank you so much more we wanted to put Sami on the phone.

  83. TUNEA sorin said

    Hello I have a question if you can help with a DVR Avtech of 16 channels (video surveillance) VIDEOS want to watch recorded DVR hard disk in the computer I program the DVR viewing but can not see files unless you download from dvr to a usb stik, I copied the files from the DVR hard disk drive to another hard disk drive and can not play files with my DVR makes meeting format (stream) and do not know what program can convert to watch them. ms long. expect an answer if you can help

  84. gabitza said

    bathrooms are good guys but I really need this software took a alcatelOT806 yum and really want sal fol Yotube for help

  85. Congratulations tutorial, very successful tutorialul.Am and I have a problem with unloading. I installed myself 2.7.3 Any Video Converter version. I copied the url of a movie on you tube, I gave pasta, there appeared to me that it is "ready for download" but .... surprise .... when I give selected home flv file, start for a split second to download, but stops and the message: WINSOCK ready, stop, and do not know why. need to install any FLV player?


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