Lossless video file size reduction - video tutorial

What is the Lossless Video Size Reduction tutorial about? The video tutorial Reducing the size of video files without loss is about how we can reduce the size of a video file without losing quality. Why reduce the size of video files? How good it would be to be able to reduce the physical dimensions of… [Read more...]

Bulk video transcoding simultaneously with Prism, no matter the resolution / format

Bulk video transcoding simultaneously with Prism What is the tutorial on bulk video transcoding simultaneously with Prism? This video tutorial is about transcoding, or converting, if you want, several video files simultaneously. Bulk video transcoding simultaneously with Prism - video tutorial. Why would anyone want to convert multiple video files at once? [Read more...]

Capture the interesting sequence from a video and rotate video

Cutting an interesting sequence from a video What is the "Cutting an interesting sequence from a video" tutorial about? In this video tutorial (Cutting the interesting sequence from a video) you will see how to cut a sequence from a video, whether it is at the beginning, end or middle of the video. You will also see how a video rotates, in case… [Read more...]

How do you enlarge an area in the video, that is, how is the crop grown?

How to enlarge an area in the video How can you zoom, ie crop on an area in the video? At some point you probably needed to zoom in on a certain area of ​​a video that you made or simply took from the net or from a surveillance camera. It's not complicated to crop a video, but we need to know from the beginning that we can't expect [Read more...]

How to Return a Tapered Video on Your Phone

What is the tutorial about "How to return an overturned video on the phone"? Sometimes the footage you make on your phone or other camcorder is misaligned, that is, overturned. If in sports cameras (GoPro), the wrong orientation results from mounting the cameras in some weirder positions, deliberately (under the frame, at the car bar, etc.); on the phone we have a… [Read more...]

Kdenlive free video editor for Windows and Linux

Kdenlive Free Video Editor for Windows and Linux One is an excellent video editor, developed on Linux, Kdenlive, which has now been ported to Windows, is a solid alternative to Windows video editing programs. Kdenlive, a serious editor Don't think of Kdenlive as a linear, childish video editor where you can't do much. Kdenlive [Read more...]

Ultra fast video editing with SVRT 4 Director of Power

Video editing is absolutely necessary when we have long videos, which are often boring. Although video editing is necessary, many avoid it, because the final rendering takes a long time, and most of the time, brings any computer to its knees. Ultra fast video editing with SVRT 4 from Power Director Today I have a trick for you with which… [Read more...]

Extract from a video sequence in 2 seconds with Streamclip

Extract or cut the video in just 2 seconds, at the same quality as streamclip? Yes it is possible and there is no trick in the middle. With Streamclip, which by the way, is free and portable, you can extract any video from any movie or video file, in just a few seconds, at the same quality. Unlike video editors, Streamclip is extremely… [Read more...]

How can we effectively render video in aftereffects

Hi, today we will deal with the ways of rendering videos in After Effects. Having many rendering settings available creates a certain confusion so when we want to render an edited video we have to consider a few things. which I recommend in After Effects is Quick Time. At the outpute modules we choose… [Read more...]

How to transcode a DVD with Handbrake or Media Converter 8 - video tutorial

Hello friends, in this video tutorial we will continue the adventure with the original DVD, today we will turn the DVD into a single AVI, MP4 or MKV file that will contain video, audio dubbing and Romanian subtitles. For those who don't know , last time I talked about copying a DVD to PC with DVD Shrink, if you haven't watched the tutorial I invite you to do it, from there… [Read more...]