Sumatra PDF, a super fast pdf reader, a good alternative to Adobe Reader - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial I will present a PDF reader (portable document format) very quickly and easily, it is called Sumatra PDF and is an excellent alternative to the classic Adobe Reader, which is quite cumbersome, especially for older systems .
A while ago we presented Foxit Reader a tutorialUnfortunately it has become a little heavy, more like a Christmas tree than a PDF reader.
A few days ago I needed to read something, I chose pdf format thanks to the simplicity of use, the netbook I installed Foxit Reader and moves extremely slow, not to astau the thoughts I downloaded / ran Sumatra PDF quickly and I was impressed by speed, even on a super fast Intel Atom moves.
Sumatra PDF can do just about everything he does and Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader but consuming much less. In any event it is good to keep and Adobe Reader installed, you still own it VEVO sometimes super complex PDFs.
Sumatra comes in two versions, an installer and a portable executable (requires unzip), the most convenient is portable, it can be run and on removable media or on another partition, do not mess with the registry, they create than a file. gave a cache folder.
Hope you enjoy.

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Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru

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  1. Iulian said

    Nitro PDF Reader is the best "tool" in the field, Sumatra is good to use on weaker systems or netbooks… or if a PDF file is for us just a page to read :))))))))) )))

  2. Raul Stefancu said

    Very good tutorial. I have a question how can a program?

  3. John M said

    With Android you do something very interesting from my point
    Thank you in advance

  4. great I needed a fast pdf reader

  5. Cristian said

    Good ziua.Am a problem shortcu sites, some show me a padlock on them and I want to dispara.Daca anyone knows how to make them would be recunoscator.Multumesc.Scuze sensations usually go away for the off topic.

  6. Haxzor said

    LOL SAYS “AND WHAT DO WE EAT”… DO YOU GO AFTER THAT ?? AFTER WHAT DOES THAT SAY? :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))) )))))

  7. Haxzor:
    LOL CICA "what are we eating" ... You follow? SAYS AFTER ALA :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))) ))))

    No comment!

  8. George said

    Super soft super tutorial

  9. qostelq said

    Thanks for this program. Fantastic move fast compared to Adobe Reader.

  10. Haxzor: Well that's a liar and a half:-j Eat what you want, do not take after that one that does not get hurt nik:-j

    I will!

  11. Cristian said

    Please give me an email address, I would like to contact you….

  12. Cristi, aren't you doing a "Web Page Macker" tutorial?

  13. tutorialu hard slide is more than the other (ami can send an invitation to google plus)

  14. Catalin said

    This is also good, but I personally recommend Nitro PDF Reader, because it is not "dredge" (consumes only 2 MB of RAM), it can edit pdf files in many ways, it can create pdf files and it can do many other things.

  15. tibra50 said

    I do not understand what is happening to your archive in July and August 2011 !!!…. ????

  16. please can you make a tutorial about FatBooth, BaldBooth and OldBooth made by PiVi & Co. Basically, one makes you fat, another bald and another old. Thank you!

  17. hello, how do a sorhat on destop for a program in the control panel??

  18. It's very good program-2.1.1 SumatraPDF easy to use and portable version that I incercato and I do not consume resources.

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