How to save different types of documents on a virtual printer in pdf with Cute Pdf Writer software - video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will learn how to make PDF files from various documents and even web pages with free software (free) Cute PDF Writer.

When we want to save documents we face various problems, in fact we have no printer, either that there are different types of documents and do not know to save or simply surf the net and we want to save the text of those pages with drawings or images present on those websites.

A simple solution to these problems is software Cute PDF Writer is free and very light (easy) for the system, it quickly turn photos, documents of different types or web pages into PDF (portable document format) format that is easy read and manipulate.

Of course these things do and other applications, perhaps even more options, but no application is free, or so easy to install and use and is Cute PDF Writer.

I invite you to watch this video tutorial that presents Cute PDF Writer, a tutorial that is part of a longer series of video tutorials on office tools and text that we started earlier and that includes video tutorials such as: office 2007 , foxit reader (PDF viewer), damn nfo viewer.

These tutorials can be found on our website using the search engine at the top right or by using categories that you find in the side menu.

by Cristian Cismaru

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  1. Very good idea to present such a program, I often struggled and wasted a lot of time copying certain texts from sites. I did not know that there are such programs, I waste time with copy paste, I copy from the site and pasteam in a document word :))… .what time… :))

  2. Good program, I often happen to want to save specific pages on the internet and did not know how to do, and I was using PRINT SCREEN struggled more. Now thanks to you and everything goes well this program usor.Va Thanks. Very loud in general this site.

  3. beb3_mykk said

    goods are loaded super video cam greeuuuuuu: (((

  4. beb3_mykk said

    so it doesn't load for 2 days, it tells me how many times I enter, data from is transferred… and does it look like this to me: (((?????????????? ??????????????? /

  5. @beb3_mykk:
    Heavy load because some who did not feel good and want to take it home.
    Heavy load because of the mentality of users!

  6. @admin_cristi: I do not understand why man endure? giving you lose penny? Mercilessly Cristi as they have a callousness in them and do not care about your word and that hurt by downloading and that IAI asked not to download, so you, keep ban and no nothing, no apology or anything not accept, for that you have not beaten your mouth once! and they see they do not understand, ban nice and ready!

  7. Excellent idea that you have initiated it by making .. you guys rock .. we can learn!

  8. I found a folder in Program Files as the GPLGS, somehow belongs Cute PDF Writer? Something else I found about him in the program files in the add / remove programs there currently appears lista.Cei who installed this program (Cute PDF Writer) on their computer, please look in program files and if you find this GPLGS folder and tell me mie.Mersi

  9. HELLO:) ! I know about this application and I use it a lot, it is very easy to use. It would be interesting if you did a tutorial on creating a protected PDF but also on copying a protected PDF. For copying protected PDFs I use "GSview”(File-> Convert …-> Device: pdfwrite). If you've done such tutorials before, I hope you don't mind me because I haven't seen all the tutorials on the site… do a great job, good luck!

  10. hard.

  11. Marcel Sandru said

    May God keep you sanatae and to keep all asa.Personal thank you for what faceti.Mi would like to know personal.Trimiteti please send a message to this address if we discuss particular.Multumesc again.
    Marcel, Tg-Mures

  12. Privghetoarea said

    Excellent program… .congratulations on everything you do

  13. PDF doesn't work for me. I installed the program CutePdf and when I print a page it is saved but when I click it does not open PDF… What could I do?

  14. Hello, I have a question: I have an HP photosmart wirelles C7100 which is connected by the router, which use PC directly. Now I tried to connect my laptop and printer, I made all settings add the laptop (the windows), and we added IP connection is ok, but do not write what I want, but only some small signs so ugly and ln sg on a line, and added that removing all sheets that are in the printer. What could it be? In those basic settings I selected it as the PC, I only do what I want out. What can I do ? Thank you in advance

  15. mostwanted said

    Excellent program! really I did not know how to create a PDF document.


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