Acer Aspire V15 Nitro, cheap and good gaming laptop

Acer Aspire V15 Nitro, cheap and good gaming laptop

Acer Aspire V15 Nitro, cheap and good gaming laptop

Acer Aspire V15 Nitro, cheap and good gaming laptop

Today, if you want a powerful laptop, you have to take one of gaming; Even laptops processors no longer offer serious business.
Acer Aspire V15 Nitro, cheap and good gaming laptop
The whole industry revolves laptops to ultrabooks; That would be a problem if ultra low power processors would have some life in them. Unfortunately ULV processor, 20 minutes after coughing and you start to fog up.
Because we need performance and speed work so I can do tutorials as quickly, I decided to get myself a new laptop.
I went to the shops to see them live, and you can try the keyboard and touchpad (important to me).
After several failed adventures with ultrabooks, I concluded that my time to charity. An ultrabook, although for others it is perfect for me is useless. Simply stuffing them in corner after 10-15 minutes of use, after which I had to reduce my pace of work; That's not good at all!
After two ultrabooks tested, one being Acer Aspire Switch 12, I went in search of a gaming laptop, as only these have processors for men. Even business laptops have been a bit silly… What the hell, are we in 2015, 800 Mhz base frequency? Intel the Intel core M.
Bai nene, you know what? I want performance! I do not care too much design, attention to detail and other crap like that of fashion-ists; I want hard core, gigahertz speed, IPS screen, speed, graphics competence, good keyboard, speed, speed and speed.
Acer Aspire V15 Nitro, cheap and good gaming laptop
After rummaging good market, I laid eyes on Acer Aspire V15 Nitro (VN7). That is a decent gaming laptop and quite affordable. Now do not think that's free; It is cheaper than other gaming laptops, but less expensive than a normal laptop.

Advantages of Nitro Acer Aspire V15 (VN7)!
IPS screen in any configuration
Serious process
Free Slot SATA M.2
Highly efficient cooling
Autonomy good for a gaming laptop
Top performance for its price
Very loud for a laptop
Jack combo well configured in software
Disadvantages V15 Nitro (VN7)!
Construction 100% plastic
3 battery cells
Gaming Laptop Acer Aspire V Nitro VN7-591G-79V1 with Intel® Core ™ i7-4710HQ 2.50GHz processor, Haswell ™, 15.6 ″, Full HD, 16GB, 1TB + 8GB SSHD, nVidia GeForce GTX 860M
This gaming laptop cheap and good, gives me the performance I need when away from the office desktop. I can go further, saying that this laptop is even more powerful than my current desktop. Unbelievable!
The price can be a bit high for many gamers, but we must keep in mind that only the processor and graphics chip in this laptop cost around 800 euros; If we take into account the case, coolers, motherboard, wireless card, hard drive, IPS screen and others, we will see that the price is not so high. Finally I can recommend this "cheap" and good gaming laptop.

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  1. Rocket laptop

  2. It would be interesting how bind Raspberry Pi serial pieces with Windows 4 10 a business (or Android) "Cheap" laptop!

    • Now it depends on what we mean, when we say "cheap gaming laptop"
      Two questions:
      A Porsche 911 20.000 euros to be cheap or expensive?
      A Logan 30.000 is cheap or expensive?
      A gaming laptop should be very performnat; And put their performance in a laptop is not an easy task. Besides this, the components are expensive. 300-400 processor is only euros. In 300 euros you buy a new laptop at the same size.
      Publishing games and applications today need power, otherwise it runs or does not run normally.
      I tried to edit / transcode a tutorial on a normal laptop and my progress bar shows the estimated time 6 hours .; During which you could do nothing; 20 minutes after the estimated time increased to 12 hours for the processor thermal throttling entered.
      In some cases there may be no performance.

  3. Now honestly I do not think you bought. It is received from any store presentation and recommendation.
    with this money I make a gaming unit with which I stay calmer because it doesn't heat up…
    fff laptop but it's very expensive. and games on display 15?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Nobody says you have to play on its display, you connect it nicely to a TV. Now the whole Romanian has a "plasma" in the house even if the material situation does not allow them. Well, how can we not have plasma when all our neighbors have, even yesterday I saw the neighbor from 4 carrying, together with his wife, a very big LG TV. They barely fit in the elevator with him.

  4. Constantin said

    Hi, Cristi if you can do a tutorial router Asus RT-AC56U in repeater mode I would have much use if you can please you as much. I explain why I would use (me and my brother live at a distance of about 25-35m, I have an Internet connection and bandwidth very good here in Spain and he wants my consent to share his from my internet connection via wifi in parts money) Now I think that if we buy two routers as you too: my leaving im router mode and of cumnatu the way repeater would use what we need, specifically between his home You do not have the obstacles with leptop site would be a signal to his house, but wants to have wifi throughout the house. Once again thank you.

  5. Nice try, but the terms "laptop" and "gaming" have nothing in common.

    • Of course they have, but range from Asus ROG or Alienware, not blue touch it.

      • I was referred to the laptop design that makes the gaming experience uncomfortable.
        not much point to put money into an Alienware when you can buy a unit office at least 40% more efficient, the same money.
        laptop is something portable… when you play games, you don't need portability, so I really don't see the point in buying a laptop to play on it. but no, each with his own damblaua.

  6. I recommend a rog551. On the 4000 and a little find the same specifications.

    • + 1 ASUS ROG series ..

      • Asus Rulz, but:
        All companies have a good gaming laptops:
        Now it depends on what he wants each.
        Performance for similar hardware, models from different manufacturers is virtually identical. Details make the difference, with as M.2 slot, cooling, screen, casing, sound, battery, etc. For me in apecial it is important that the laptop to be as light and as thin.

  7. I like the laptop and look tutorials that you said. From the little experience I have noticed that for me a matte screen is much better for your eyes, I looked and write Special features display: Acer ComfyView, you said something that did not reflect, question, the screen is IPS mat and Acer passes this ComfyView work?

    • Comfy View refers to anti reflective layer, not necessarily to IPS. You can find screens TN Comfy View

      • "Comfy View refers to the anti-reflective layer", thank you, that interests me. I've seen: Dell- TrueLife, Acer- CineCrystal, even Acer one clearly writes Anti-Glare, Lenovo - VibrantView, Toshiba- TruBrite. Maybe many are not interested in this aspect but for me a laptop / monitor with anti-reflective / matte coating is more comfortable for the eyes.

  8. Anderson said

    But what does a "gaming" at 1500-2000 lei have? I give 5400 lei, what the hell do I get 3 laptops with that money.

    • In 1500-2000 lei must tell you that you can not find gaming laptop; Unless you want to run older games.
      If you want to play GTA5, Batlefield4, COD BO3, Witcher3, etc., you need a minimum GTX860M.
      You will see in the review completely, as these games we need serious power.

      • Anderson said

        I'm not saying it's not good laptop, but it's too expensive. Only you said and resolution can play a 1368 768 * gtx840m or 940m.
        The laptop is definitely yours or that you received after you give review? I do not think you have so much money, so still buy the tool.
        I have a laptop 2008 * 1440 900 resolution, but it is quite old but still going. I put W7 original license and flies Kingston SSD v300 120.
        Cristi for your laptop, best and stable games and put them all windows 7. (My advice)

        • Write in the text above what is the matter with the laptop ……. and this with "I don't think you have that much money, yet to buy such a tool"…. I don't know how to tell you, so that it sounds nice and doesn't offend you …… if you can't afford it, it doesn't mean that another cannot work, make money and afford something. It is as if you think that Ferrari cars are owned only by those who make them, because the rest "cannot afford to buy such a tool", but however, there are people who look like they have a Ferrari and don't make it 🙂

      • Marius L. said

        Through this response, you just let me comment confirmed this tutorial
        In other words, you just confirmed the hypothesis that you present some products as "the most" just with the thought of profitshare. As I said then, I have nothing against profitshare, I am aware that you have to monetize this project somehow, but please once again: BE OBJECTIVES !!!

        • Bai Marius, you crazy with Profitshare this site!
          Any site on the planet that has methods of monetization. What would you like, to die of hunger? Of course, that does not mean we are prostitutes.
          One time I got a gadget for review; LG G3, which I did not much praised; Therefore those who gave me were pretty cool product.
          I bought this laptop with my "cache" money, that's why I can say what I want about it, and that's exactly what I did. I said it doesn't have the best case materials. But performance is something else.
          What do you want me to say that it sprouts, if the laptop is good?
          If you follow the tutorials in which I recommended gaming laptops, and without being hater, you will see that I said that: On a gaming laptop with 850m or 950m, you can play decant only on 1366 × 760, which is a resolution which the graphic face can carry.
          Any product that I recommend, do it only if they are convinced that the product is a good deal. Before that I had two other laptops that I could not recommend them, as they can do with Acer Aspire V15 Nitro.

          • Marius L. said

            I wasn't referring to this laptop. But a little above, you yourself said: "At 1500-2000 lei, I have to tell you that you can't find a gaming laptop". About two months ago you thought that you could buy such laptops with this money, since you called a video tutorial "The best cheap gaming laptops" and nominated laptops in this price range. Something is not connected. Don't you think you're contradicting yourself? Where did you tell the truth?

  9. Bogdan Ionut said

    Hi Cristi. I sent you an email related to an Asus ZenPhon 2 with some problems, related to the camera, 4G… Newer when vb via sms, the recipient receives duplicate sms. What would be the cause, whose phone is to blame and what can I do to resolve the situation? Thank you in advance

  10. Michael Stefano said

    It depends on how you define "cheap". Last year a friend took a ROG with specifications of approx. identical, and gave 4000 lei.

  11. Hello !
    Specifications are not overlooked, is a beautiful and powerful laptop but gaming? NO!
    First of all, it should be noted that Acer is very bad in terms of 'COOLING'.
    The laptop that after 40min play Witcher is in 3 85 degrees. WTF!
    Asus ROG, Ala yes! He deserved reputation in the gaming industry.
    Otherwise, this laptop does not justify the money.
    Does the price segment in which he was engaged, but remain disappointed if you purchase this.

  12. I have an Acer Aspire E15, model E5-572G-75MW, I opened it, I added 4 GB of ram memory and a ssd Corsair GT and now it moves very well. I changed the thermal paste on the processor and the graphics chip, which I recommend you do as well, curiously check the temperature difference, I now have almost 10 degrees less when I play (Combat Arms, on full monitor HD). By the way, I have no problems with cooling of any kind…))), the paste I applied is Arctic MX-4, the best at this price.

  13. LucianGL said

    Cristi if you now a somewhat powerful laptop, I recommend you install OS X Yosemite (Mac) and you'll see diferenta.Eu I installed on my Asus Gaming Laptop G750JY-T4050D
    ( )
    and even a big big difference Windows (either 7 8 and 8.1 or even 10). You can see from the benchmark simple / easy. Mention that it is not easy but the results are as
    At the same time it increases performance

  14. Congratulations on your purchase. I've noticed this pattern. Primarily slot M2 a great advantage which it offers products more expensive than the 17 inch. Indeed sufficient expensive products, even very expensive, not offering FHD IPS, M2, SSH, GTX or higher 860m with GTX960m, backlit keyboard, dual cooler and that the 15,6 inch. Not sure if WIDI stand as models from Toshiba. An excellent price performance ratio, and any fan will tell various other brands, Acer is well designed products at prices they impose on the market even in the office category. They are well equipped! Maybe to squeaky plastic and attract fingerprints, but those are some nasty remark or feminists who have no idea of ​​how to weigh IT performance.
    I look forward to seeing him inside with a SSD M.2 and to present it as flies

  15. Why did you choose a laptop with Linux and not Windows one? What is the difference between Linux and Windows?

    • if you have your laptop from the store windows that say about 5900 cost. OEM Windows license was 5 million.
      so if you buy a laptop with linux or freedos you pay the hardware price, if you buy a laptop with windows on it from the store the "real" price of the hardware also includes the price of the windows license. hardware price + windows price = quite a lot, I better take it with linux.

  16. Always Videotutorial quality, congratulations! Wine with a request that is not related to the laptop above. Since I did windows update 10 a while since you happen to find PC on, do not know if others are going so but became annoying and think to return to Win 7, if there is nothing done ! Maybe find a solution to this problem, from what I have searched the net and the BIOS could be my baza.Placa base plate is ASRock H81M. Thank you in advance !

    • Show that for every laptop / motherboard you will find the manufacturer's website some newer BIOSes that make your laptop or motherboard to get along better with Windows 10. And I did BIOS update for this laptop.

  17. I did that updade the motherboard BIOS, as we saw in the tutorial, but the problem with single pesista Turn ON! A keep looking on the manufacturer and can find something new! Thank you very much !

  18. Marius C. said

    Hello Cristi. Lately I've got some problems with PC unit starts but does not send the image to the monitor and can not hear that beep at startup. Cam that could be the problem? And in case the HDD is ok can transfer things from him by a rack or a USB adapter to the laptop, including files that I had on the desktop, downloads, etc on that hdd?

  19. Successes said

    The laptop on which you submitted has no optical drive and USB 2.0 how you can install an operating system with USB 3.0?

    • Marius L. said

      And if it doesn't have USB 2.0, what? Is it the end of the world? D'oh .... On the contrary, it is better that it has USB 3.0 => better transfer speed! USB 3.0 storage devices will work on USB 2.0 anyway. Therefore, you can easily install operating systems. It was in the rooster's mind. How could a laptop be sold if an operating system could not be installed on it ???????? !!!!!!!!!!

      • Success is right here, but not that big a problem, if you know what to do is simple.

      • Costelina said

        Marius no L for USB driver 3.0 should therefore not be seen in BIOS
        I thought I knew the job

        • Usually laptops that only have USB ports 3.0 have a BIOS option that sets the stage boot USB / USB BIOS 2.0. It must activate that option. I think the producers did not take into account this situation? Be serious!

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