AMD PC Gaming at 2800 lei - the ideal price-performance ratio

What is this tutorial about, AMD PC Gaming at 2800 lei? In the AMD PC Gaming tutorial at 2800 lei, I recommend the best deal of the moment on AMD. A system with an unbeatable price-performance ratio. Why is this gaming system so accessible? The price is given by the Ryzen 5 1600AF processor, which is a kind of sales jocker, a best deal… [Read more...]

PC configuration with new Intel i3 with 4 NUCLEE Coffe Lake

PC configuration with the new Intel i3 with 4 NUCLEE Coffe Lake Some time ago, Intel Coffe Lake processors, which represent the eighth generation of Intel Core processors, have also appeared in our stores. Major changes with Coffe Lake. There are two major changes, the first at the socket and the second at the number of cores per processor. Besides these there is also the cache enlargement, ... [Read more...]

Affordable and silent gaming calculator - Small Budget Gaming

Affordable and silent gaming computer Over time, we have configured several systems, some cheaper, some more efficient, some quiet, some minimalist. Today we will do something different! Accessible and silent gaming computer! Making a gaming computer is not difficult at all, if you know how much the compatibility between components and you ... [Read more...]

Gaming Laptop Purchasing Guide and School

Laptop Gaming and School Purchase Guide Today, laptops have become capable enough to replace a desktop. It can be said that a good laptop is not as expensive as in the past. What's Important on a Laptop? 1. The screen to be IPS 2. Quality keyboard 3. Good touchpad, fast response 4. Powerful graphics processor 5.… [Read more...]

Fast Charger Two USB Ports - Recommendations and Tips

Car charger for fast charging two USB ports - recommendations and tips Car charger for fast charging two USB ports How to choose the right charger for your car? The car charger has to be even more versatile than the charger in the house, because most of the times we only have a 12V socket (lighter). A good idea is to choose ... [Read more...]

External battery of 20000 mAh from ADATA - cheap 100 lei

External battery of 20000 mAh from ADATA - cheap External battery is the power source of gadgets, where there is no outlet. But to give us some comfort, the external battery has to be large capacity, charge the devices relatively quickly and if it can be cheap. Battery in the tutorial! Adata P20000D is an external battery of… [Read more...]

Android VPN settings with Asus router VPN server

Android VPN settings with Asus router VPN server What does VPN mean? VPN comes from the "Virtual Private Network", that is, the virtual private network - a connection that can unite in security two give more computers in security. Specifically, the VPN makes a secure tunnel between two or more computers connected to the Internet from the Internet. What does the VPN use? With the help … [Read more...]

Oneplus 5, worth it or not, the price and philosophy of the company

Oneplus 5, worth it or not, the price and philosophy of Oneplus is a new company, from China, which has been noted for coming to the market with a new philosophy and a very interesting business plan. Get started with Oneplus! Related to Oppo, the company Oneplus launched 4 years ago, when they also launched the phone Oneplus 1, an excellent phone and ... [Read more...]

Which are the best voltage stabilizers

Which are the best voltage stabilizers What is the voltage stabilizer? It's simple, a device that stabilizes the voltage on the network. Normally the mains voltage should be 230V, but it is never the same. During the day, when the world uses electricity intensely, the voltage may drop. At night when the world is asleep, the tension may increase. So ... [Read more...]

Logitech G610 Orion review - cheap mechanical keyboard

Logitech G610 Orion review In this review we will see how good is the G610 mechanical keyboard from Logitech, a mechanical keyboard with illuminated Cherry MX Brown keys. What is a mechanical keyboard? The mechanical keyboard has buttons with mechanical contacts, which are made by contacting two metal parts, and when these metal parts inside the key are… [Read more...]