Application for finding lost Bluetooth headsets - by area

What's in the Video Tutorial App for Finding Lost Bluetooth Headphones?

In this video tutorial (Lost Bluetooth Headset Finder Application) I present an application with which you can find the Bluetooth headset that you have lost nearby.

How to find lost Bluetooth headsets?

Lost Bluetooth Headset Finder Application 2

Bluetooth headsets, by communicating with the phone, the latter knows how good the connection is.

The closer the Bluetooth headset is to the phone, the stronger the signal.

Following this idea, the Wunderfind application can provide you with very important information in a graphical way.

Underfind, which is an application available for iOS but also for Android, it helps us to see how far we are with the phone from the headphones and in addition it shows us a kind of radar that we know exactly if we approach or move away from the headphones.

With Wunderfind you can make the headphones ring so you can hear them

Lost Bluetooth Headset Finder Application 1

In addition to the graphic information that Wunderfind displays on the phone screen, related to the distance to the headphones, we also have a loud sound that we can hear from the headphones.

Once we approach the radar, by rolling the sound, we can locate the headphones accurately.

Even if the headphones are among the pillows on the couch, under the bed or forgotten in a pocket, they will emit a sound that we can easily hear if it is quiet in the room.

Wunderfind's limitations in finding headphones

The Wunderfind application for finding lost Bluetooth headsets has some limitations.

  1. He can't find the lost headphones at a great distance, meaning if you forgot them on the subway, you can say goodbye.
  2. Does not work when headphones are not connected to the phone
  3. I can't play location sound on devices without a speaker

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Lost Bluetooth Headset Finder - Video Tutorial

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