Location by phone number without net SMS

Location By Phone Number can be done quite easily, it is a method of locating a phone without knowing anything about the location where the phone is to be located.
We do not need even the net, just the phone to send SMS.

How to locate someone by phone number?

Tasker app, we set the phone to be located profile. Basically we will automate the process of sending an SMS with your location, if your phone has a missed call from our numbers.
For everything to go well, we must have access to the phone located at least several minutes to install tasker and can set the profile.

Why would we want to do location by phone number?

1. When people age, so they do not wander
2. If we give your toddler
3. If we want to improvise car GPS surveillance with an older phone
4. Maybe we want to spying on friends or family
5. Maybe we want to make a farce

What it is and how to use Tasker?

Tasker is an automation application for Android, which can do all kinds of stuff that not going through your head at first. If you want a tutorial related Tasker, please email me the comments box. The more gather comments, the sooner will we do about Tasker.

Location By Phone Number - CODE


Picture format we receive SMS with location

Location By Phone Number
It can only locate a phone number with Tasker?
It also works with other applications such but Tasker is much simpler. Tasker is a very popular, for there support and community that make it shine.
How do you locate a missing phone with a call without application and without the net?
These things can only intelligence and mobile providers. If you could only locate a phone number so easy, we have a serious security problem.
Tasker trial download link

Tasker Download Trial

Video Tutorial - Location By Phone Number


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  1. Ottavio said

    … Father continues! Sounds interesting

  2. I want a tutorial with Tasker, a presentation. Did you notice that many windows programs come in windows 10? I can not put the iso image on a 4gb stick, I need one of 8. As a suggestion a Windows 10 tutorial, I do not need uninstall, so the idea I said, the enterprise version is used in case it matters

  3. I use SMS control for some time .. but only ptr to locate your phone in case you lost and not find him.

  4. Very cool. Thanks for the tutorial.

  5. decebal12345 said

    Yes, I would love mir a tutorial tasker. I have a similar application, Droid Automation but although I root hardly find combinations that worthwhile.

  6. You sent that message remains sent?

    • It stays in "Sent", but we find a solution to delete the SMS as soon as it has been sent.

      • I'm getting something like that. If I check, at different time intervals, the location of the phone being tracked, I receive SMS messages with identical content in response. Basically, I always receive the same link as the first received. Both phones are Samsung Galaxy and have the same operating system. Please give me a solution. Thank you.

  7. Hello ! Very interesting tutorial but I can not see it! You can do these tutorials in another format?

  8. robert said

    It appears that the Tasker is paid. That has always been?

  9. Tutotial nice, congratulations.
    A videotutorial about tasker think it would be very useful. It would be useful to explain how it can be optimized with Android's tasker.

  10. if I did not and I started not locate x gps. Asai Christ?

    • 1. For rootless phones, the "Location" must be turned on.
      2. For Root phones, you can install the “Secure Settings” application which will start “Location” even if it is turned off.

  11. It might be interesting tutorial about IFTTT, which has many automation applications and is free

  12. Dumitru said

    Hey, thanks for the tutorial, I tested and I code in the description and gives me incorrect location, distance four hours with reality.

  13. Hello Cristi. Please nice if you want to make a tutorial with some settings that you think you need to optimize Windows 10. It's pretty fast so but I'd like to know what you recommend too. Thank you.

  14. I am cs and SMS with location came from Maramures. From 6 hours.

  15. Tasker want a tutorial if possible. Thank you very much!

  16. Mircea said

    Sure is interesting app. A tutorial would be welcome.

  17. Horatiu said

    I tried, but unfortunately the code is not fully processed. Receive SMS https://maps.google.com/maps?z=12&t=m&q=loc:%LOC, where the part "https://maps.google.com/maps?z=12&t=m&q=loc" appears hyperlink and the continuation ":% LOC" is not taken into account. So he doesn't take my coordinates. Do you have a solution?
    I Location On, your phone is not rooted, I configured correctly tasker, I do not add space after this code in SMS.

    Thank you in advance,

    • Instead of "% LOC" try "% LOCN".

      • Is there an android application that shows the location of other phones on the map at the same time as yours? A kind of google maps but with several people displayed at the same time… something like taxi company applications, but several arrows simultaneously on the map, and every arrow to be a person with a phone .. Thank you

  18. Mangalam Cornelius said

    I can not, I can not to accesezmsparth.

  19. I tutorial tasker

  20. Buzatu Gelu said

    No connection to this video tutorial (sorry). I was infected with malware, virus, worm or whatever, called - (12kotov.ru) -. It's something that changes the homepage, redirects to the Russian page of the same name, creates the toolbar, etc.… they all make you climb the walls of hell. In order not to prolong it, I got rid of it but ca .as there is a gift, I was left with the page (12kotov.ru) that runs automatically when the computer starts and that's about it (I hope) I put Kaspersky, Malwarebytes, Adwcleaner, Freefixer and other anti-malware. I went to the activity manager - startup, there is NOT anything suspicious or something with the name of the page that opens at startup. Of all my scans with all the anti-viruses on this page (12kotov.ru) it hurts a bit and when it starts it appears on the screen again. If anyone knows how I can stop this page from running. Thank you in advance.

  21. Buzatu Gelu said

    I posted a comment not appeared nothing!

  22. Martis Eugen said

    To be honest, it didn't work for me. He sends me an SMS with a location in Romania completely parallel to my location. I mention an S6 with Android 7 ″ or “Nougat” as it is called.

  23. Gabriel said

    Hello! I have a samsung grand neo plus and I downloaded my app on it and the phone that receives the sms is a samsung j1 2016. I link to the link on j1 and it appears on my maps and shows me maramures. Can you give me some advice?

  24. Grigor Danut said

    Hello Cristi,
    I have a question, both phones must have Android as operating system.
    My phone has Windows and the device you want to check it has Andriod.
    It works on phones with Windows operating system.
    Thank you.

  25. Hello Cristi, I gave a copy-paste the above comment of Horace that happens to same.
    ================================================== ============================
    I tried, but unfortunately the code is not fully processed. Receive SMS https://maps.google.com/maps?z=12&t=m&q=loc:%LOC, where the part "https://maps.google.com/maps?z=12&t=m&q=loc" appears hyperlink and the continuation ":% LOC" is not taken into account. So he doesn't take my coordinates. Do you have a solution?
    I Location On, your phone is not rooted, I configured correctly tasker, I do not add space after this code in SMS.
    ====================================================================== ===============================
    I also tried as you said LOCN instead of LOC and nothing… ..practically I don't get the coordinates.Any solution? Thank you.

  26. George said

    Indeed, the TASKER application puts the smartphone to work. Extremely useful. You must at least continue with the WIFI task - Aumatically start / stop your WIFI when you are at home with limited battery use, which is very useful, which I tried and it didn't work out. Thank you very much in advance!

  27. Cristi said

    How was that link with Google?

  28. Does anyone know dc does not go to send more automatic messages from my tasker phone?

  29. Valy Moses said

    Can it be the other way around, that is, to give a missed call to the tasker with the one who does not have the tasker and get the location?

  30. I have a Vodafone phone number and my wife is picking up with him in Italy and using it vb with him how can I locate where my cartel is located? Please help with an answer

  31. Florin said

    Hi, what is my message with my location? Not with the number I called? Thank you

  32. florin said

    hello.imi comes a message with my location not from the number I call you. thank you

  33. DOOMNEZEU said


    Is there any smart-phone application that's free, and you just have to put the number. phone without signing up for mail and more, and without much breeze, where you can locate yourself on a map like the HERE application, which unfortunately has many excellent stuff, one of which is the use of the whole map globe
    BUT NOT TRACKING AFTER NO. TELEPHONE. So you can only post by no. phone on a map or maps from other applications, e.g. HERE, more (in worst case Google maps) ???
    By the way, I do not use Google Play (disabled and uninstalled on my tablet phone)

  34. It does not work either locally or locally.

  35. She does not send SMS to me, I did what you showed on Youtube. Please tell me what to do. The phone that is installed is Sony and the one that you should send SMS is Samsung Galaxy A5.

  36. Hello! You can help me with a problem.
    I can no longer login to facebook, any account I do tells me something suspicious and my account is closed. I mention that initially when I was asked for the email or phone address I put the phone number. Then I tried the mail ... It doesn't work in any way.
    At the IP address there appears a luuung number that has no connection with my IP .. WHAT DO I DO? In the end I do not have problems with Facebook, I can live and even if they do not allow us to talk only silly money, the problem is not to wake up that I pay who knows what orders I do not do ... Hey my!

  37. Can the location be sent without sms… .ex by call or via the net?

  38. Gabriel Iacobescu said

    Good evening.
    Android 9.0 Huawei P Smart Z: In the Play Store I have many "Tasker" in various variants, which I choose, to correspond with Android 9? HP Intel core i3 7th Gen (2018) Laptop Ram 4 Gb, virtual 8: I chose the 5.8.5 version (Sept. 2019); the computer (word) tells me that it cannot open it. I need to find out the coordinates of a mobile, which at the moment has the conditions mentioned to be detected. What I do? I don't understand IT.
    Thank you.

  39. It's interesting how you can find someone's location by phone number without installing all kinds of applications in it. Simply enter the phone number whose location you want and find it. At least roughly, like the area. So, with all kinds of applications installed on the phone you want to locate, it's simple and quite complicated, especially if the phone belongs to someone who is constantly harassing you or who knows what other things he has done to you. SO, how to locate a phone only by number ??????

  40. If the call is redirected from phone 1 to phone 2 which is in another location what location, will it give the location only to phone 1?
    Thank you!

  41. Hello, I would like to talk to you in private if possible. How can we contact you?

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