Recover lost files and pictures from the phone Android

Hi friends, today's tutorial we will see how we can recover data or lost files after formatting the Android smartphone that does not have an SD card slot.
Android devices because the market is very vast, there are models of Android smartphones that do not support SD card data. Although for many users this is a disadvantage, there are also for us the possibility to recover lost files after a formatting even if we are not able to take as a precaution ejecting data SD before we play with all sorts of ROM CEs can do as owners of smartphones with data SD card slot.
Recover deleted photos Android?
You should know that inside every Android device, be it with SD card support or not, there are several partitions. Even those who own a device with no SD card slot not able to remove the card user data is saved where pictures, videos, movies, music and downloads, they nevertheless have a partition within the device called "UserData "behaves like an SD card or" external memory ". Those who own a device with no SD card slot and use a file manager could probably notice that when browsing files, file manager displays two locations: Device (where they will be system files) and storage (location where they are external files created by various applications or user such as music, movies, photos, downloads) or Device and sdcard, location represented by an icon that displays even an SD card while the device is not so.
Well this is because, as I said above, the internal memory of the device there are several partitions one being "UserData" is treated as external storage or user partition, it's like I have a SD card that we can not remove the device.
Because ptem remove partition "UserData" the phone before format and to play with all kinds of ROMs, there are very high chances of losing important files ("UserData" contains music, movies, videos, photos with loved ones ) during a "Factory reset date" or when you want to flash a new ROM-UIM. If we did make a mistake though "Factory reset date" settings directly from the operating system and not a Recovery, is how you should proceed to recover important files lost after a "Factory reset date"
Before we start, you should know that we need to fulfill the following requirements:
- To run a Linux operating system, Ubuntu or Linux Mint, it can be installed and run in a virtual machine like VirtualBox or VMware Player can run and live or on a CD or USB stick. If you choose to use Linux in a virtual machine like VirtualBox or VMware Player, you will need to install Guest Additions (if using VirtualBox) or VMware Tools (if using VMware Player) to use USB devices in a virtual machine. If you do not know how to do this, we have done in the past a tutorial on How to use USB devices like webcams, TV tuner, Bluetooth, etc in Virtualbox
- Smartphone or tablet that you want to restore the data must be root at / a
- To have BusyBox installed on the device for which you want to recover data (if you have root or use a custom ROM and not the official one that came with the device, you have probably installed the BusyBox)
- To have the data cable Android device for which you want to recover data in handy for connecting the device to the computer running Ubuntu / Linux Mint or virtual machine running Ubuntu or Linux Mint.
VHD Tool that will help you convert partition "UserData" into a VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) that can be installed in a Windows or Windows 7 8
- A data recovery software, such as Windows: Recuva, iCare Data Recovery or Pandora Recovery
Step 1:
- Open a terminal in Ubuntu or Linux Mint (depending on what you chose to use) and type the following commands one by one by pressing Enter after each command entered:
sudo apt-get install-android-tools adb-fastboot android-tools
sudo apt-get install pv
- Connect your Android device from which we want to recover files in ADB mode to PC or virtual machine running Ubuntu or Linux Mint. For CERI who do not know how to connect an Android device in ADB mode, explained in this video tutorial face and at other video tutorials made by us.
- Open a terminal again and type the following commands one by one by pressing Enter after each command entered:
adb devices
adb forward tcp: tcp 5555: 5555
adb shell
/ System / xbin / busybox nc-l-p 5555-e / system / xbin / busybox dd if = / dev / block / mmcblk0p12
Let the terminal window where you run the above commands open, create a new folder on the Desktop or in what we call Home partition as you want (I chose to name it "nexus") and open a new terminal that run these commands:
adb forward tcp: tcp 5555: 5555
cd nexus (to browse through the terminal in the "nexus" or "cd Desktop / nexus" if you choose to make your "nexus" on the Desktop)
nc 5555 | pv-i 0.5> mmcblk0p12.raw
Basically this last command will transfer the "UserData" (mmcblk0p12.raw) through his Netcat (nc) in the "nexus" where we are because we just navigate to it through the terminal using the command mentioned above (cd nexus or cd Desktop / nexus). Because I used the command "pv" (Pipe Viewer) we will have a progress of the transfer.
For too long I text, convert partition steps "UserData" (mmcblk0p12.raw) in a VHD that then we will mount the partition in a Windows or Windows 7 8 to recover data with one Recovery of the software mentioned above, I find in the tutorial video.
That said, I invite you to watch the video tutorial to see exactly what to do to recover your important files on an Android smartphone or tablet without SD card support, if a factory reset date.

Get the Flash Player to see the video.

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  1. Adrian Gudus said

    The tutorial also applies to Android tablets without SD card slot

    • Sal. I accidentally deleted photos can be recovered in the same way?

    • Very good tutorial! A small clarification. In the second terminal after you give the command adb shell, and hit enter his e. So shall take root. Afterwards: / system / xbin / nc -l -p busybox 5555 -e / system / xbin / busybox dd if = / dev / block / mmcblk0p12 (or what it says to you in user right time, you can easily find the DiscInfo, in which you can find PlayStore). I stumbled a few days at a time to see what I could not do to start copying data from user data. So very important commands: su.

  2. This procedure is valid if we want to recover deleted SMS?

  3. Adrian Gudus said

    portal: This procedure is valid if we want to recover deleted SMS?

    Not because SMS are stored in partition "UserData"

  4. Adrian Gudus said

    portal: This procedure is valid if we want to recover deleted SMS?

    In the future do sms backup, there are even applications that automatically backup sms and call logs. One of my colleague was present even in the tutorial "Espionage or backup call log and sms on Android phones" that you find in the top right search box.

  5. team Hello, I have a request .. I have an iphone 4 s and I put the unlocking code but I forgot. A tutorial about what I can do? thank you

  6. Adrian hello I have a question, Is there any way that I can permanently delete files from your phone (pictures, videos or music) to no longer be recovered ever, I want to sell a phone and I do not want to more capable recover files from it
    thank you very much
    Congratulations for tutorials

  7. Cristi I have a big question to you, when you edit video and transcode what you prefer to do it with leptop computer or assuming they both have the same parts, same performance and same specs and zimi want your opinion and why

  8. He and another thing, if and leptop and computer have the same specs and the same performance, with the best quality out of the result, I mean the editing and transcoding video?

  9. Thanks for what you're doing EVERYTHING ON VIDEOTUTORIALEE. Much health

  10. Adrian Gudus said


    Thanks, and you too!

  11. Nexus 4 tutorials?

  12. Cristian: Tutorial 4 Nexus?

    Now we're on our honeymoon, we need to know and we (me and n4) better.
    So far everything is above expectations:
    She moves well.
    Do not eat much.
    It has everything I need and much more.
    Soon you too will make you acquainted with my new conquest.
    Until then, if you are looking for a smartphone and find it at a good price, do not hesitate!

  13. Hello a while more people get this file to be saved for "get-user-id.js" from " (when dari scroll appears in the list of yahoo messenger sal save or open)

    Can you give a solution .. Thanks in advance! Sorry it's not related to the topic

  14. Cristi I have a big question to you, when you edit video and transcode what you prefer to do it with leptop computer or assuming they both have the same parts, same performance and same specs, I want your opinion and zimi and reason and still has a if and leptop and computer have the same specs and the same performance, with the best quality out of the result, I mean the editing and transcoding video?

  15. Sorry that I am strongly, but if you do not answer then who, I rely on your experience man

  16. Adi or maybe you give me an answer to the question above

  17. Adrian Gudus said

    Alin: Salutde while many persoaneprimesc for this file to be saved "get-user-id.js" from " (when scroll the list yahoo dari sal messengerapare save or open)

    Can you give a solution .. Thanks Advance! Sorry it's not related to the topic

    Look here:

  18. Sorry that is not related to the topic but do not appear tutorial video: I reinstalled Flash Player and vain Adofe still does not work.
    I can help!

  19. can not watch your tutorials, I do not open there. Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.
    YouTube videos work
    What is the cause? Thanks in advance.
    worked perfectly until today.


  21. eNd: Sorry that is not related to the topic but do not appear tutorial video: I reinstalled Flash Player and geabatot Adofe not go. I can help!

    valentin: Vizionatutorialele not yours, do not open my apare.Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player. YouTube videos work the cause? Thanks in advance. until today to functionatperfect.

    I made a few changes to the cache, now some files from Amazon Cloudfront loading and others on our server. For speed, not another ...
    Try clearing your cache today, not to lose all their savings browser. If the cache can hold so hard to empty it completely.

  22. Daniel (Jr.) said

    A program that solves recovering data from Android that you can download for free on these 24 hours can be found here:

  23. welcome, will follow in a while and for that reason I got the courage to ask a question. How can I recover accidentally deleted some pictures from a iphone4? I tried several programs but to no avail. The 3 days when we have not had deleted any photos not to overwrite the hard iPhone. Thanks for the reply.

  24. Vodafone took a good 875 and at first I had a leptop we managed to download data cable from the phone leptop can not now with a computer using data cable fail to do the same unloading operations, and why? will multumesc.sperand to be answered.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I have Vs Enter your device manufacturer and your deviceul dedcarci drivers or software that would download and install the drivers for it. The laptop will probably 7 or 8 windows and windows were put on automatic updates which means connecting a device to the laptop, the system automatically searches for and installs automatically operated (if you find) drivers for the connected device.

      • Hello! I managed to delete from Contacts 4.5.1.xa of Android 4.1.2 all have in memory, unfortunately. Therefore have deleted all contacts. I tried to catch up with Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android but found no contact. We could recover the contacts or not possible?

  25. Hi, I have a problem .. I have reset the phone and I need a phone number that I used it a few months ago, I might be able to find that phone number? Merci ..

  26. Hello
    I changed the ROM on the phone (Samsung I9100) Wodershare I did a backup, but I did not take into account that this program makes backup and the information stored in Memo.
    Do you know if with this method can save files in the Memo? If I selected wipe before installing new rom, it can recover the data?
    Thank you

  27. Hi! I have a question I could re Cuper some sterde sms from a normal phone without OS, old enough? (Sony Ericson k330: D), poor head .. but can not with a dk dk apply policy could ask me recover? It is possible in such a goal?

    • I think not because Android is an operating system developed that is based more linux. And so they could perform the above steps. You saw to it had root and busybox. Operations / applications that can not be done / installed on a phone "no operating system" say. Although, and that has an operating system but very little developed. This is my logic. Perhaps there is any method that does not know

  28. wodally said

    The laptop will probably 7 or 8 windows and windows were put on automatic updates which means connecting a laptop to the system operated automatically search and install automatically (if you find) drivers for the connected device.

  29. Hello I want to talk privately with Adrian if you can, please give me a email

  30. Hello, after extracting partition / file (2.5gigs) has an extension * .raw. After the VHD file conversion and formatting of quik fat32 it contains no information deleted after "reset default factors" using [Email protected] Recovery.
    It is possible that another partition contain information phone / user data files? (Pictures, agenda, etc.)

  31. Hi Adrian ... I accidentally lost some very dear picture and I already struggling to recover ... 2 day mam off the stage with the Android Terminal Emulator which you've placed your order, and writes that are not found directorys ... Samsung GALAXY S4 i9500 ... thanks nice to help ...

    • hello Adi, you solved a lost those pictures, I just happened on a lg g2 and ... I say the same thing in terminal emulator "no such file or directory" please tell me how, if you solved the problem. Thanks in advance

  32. Sorry to bother you again .... Scire when given to execute the "No such file or directory"

  33. is there any way to retrieve such data and the mean for symbian nokia 5800 ..?

  34. Paul olaru said

    Hi Adrian, Sorry for asking because it is related to your topic. Can I see my deleted from google searches? Said that searches were done on a tablet iphone, I do not know much about the internet and unfortunately I suspuciune my wife cheating on me and I'm desperate. Thank you!

  35. Hello. Thanks videotutorialului I managed to get that file with extension .raw. It seems that the program no longer exists VhdTool for download. In this case what could I convert .raw partition in .vhd?

  36. I have a mini one htc phone that does not start and I want to retrieve the last set. There ptr starts took water. Filmed in Delta boat and caught a wave higher to another boat that went before us and we capsized. I spent some time in water ptr I could not get out, got under the boat. I stopped shooting it when I got on shore, but the phone was off one right after. I would like some advice ptr film recovery

    • Put it in a bag of rice and leave it there any 2 weeks. Maybe you're lucky to get out the moisture in it and it can even connect to your PC. The screen does not believe that will work, but at least to start so "blind" to them can access the internal memory.

  37. Hi, I tried the tutorial above, but when I get in step with Terminal Emulator I do not find any file "no such file or directory" .. so I gave Factory reset date by mistake and had important pictures in memory interna.Putin help please?

  38. I have a galaxy s4 and I made the mistake of RESET somehow could get in touch with you to see what you do? Thanks, Karina

  39. Marius Catalin said

    Hi Adrian / Cristi How to change the resolution in ubuntu that annoys me, I see that it does not work than 648 or as a pc and I have maximum 1600X1200 How do I enable ports do not go or not I know? You run the VM Player? and new tutorials we've shown in Virtual Box ??? ultimately the best Vm Player ???
    There is a correct setup Video Virtual Box mistakes not to us? as you that I saw did not look much to set
    I show why it's built-in? fail to change the resolution
    give me an operating system that's going to blame all or Virtual Box?
    I left earlier comments on some tutorials and do not know if you answered me, was something that only root with Darktremor go etc.
    Why not add world can edit what he wrote?

  40. Marius Catalin said

    Hello again Adrian / Cristi put the machinery they use Google drive somewhere and operating system also

  41. Marius Catalin said

    Hi Adrian / Cristi or Alex or hosted this blog
    I have a question, I hardly managed to get to the terminal emulator that I could not I have a resolution acceptable, noroccu Linux Mint that just shows me 640 480 ×
    and not with the ls command mergge ... which you never see that in the article postato
    I finally have a Allview a4you
    there any software to do these operations without requiring us to do by hand ???
    on androidnu there any software to see by name partitions without using terminal emulator ???
    answer me some I see that I have not responded to any one question before and I see that you have asked sialtii of "no such directory 'error in terminal emulator that on android

  42. gabriela1 said

    Hi, I have a samsung s4 and I accidentally deleted all the pictures that were saved on telefonului.Exista any chance you can recover? Thank you.

  43. Hi, I have a Samsung s4 I accidentally deleted all the pictures from the memory can be recovered .More ????

  44. hello, I have a LG Chocolate, I accidentally deleted a message you have a bank account number, I tried Recuva but I do not recognize partitions than the phone. I have not written another message across. what?

  45. And I have exactly the same problem. My phone unfortunately does not have a specific brand, when I searched the internet I found as Star N9500 ... think I can do all the steps in this tutorial with a phone like mine? That's me ... Close

  46. Ionut Maria said

    I and I need help. I have a Samsung Alpha SM G850F, decoded network and I frequent problems with it. For example, in this moment, I no longer recognize your folografiile in Gallery (only the Picasa). If you get into the gallery tells me that although I did not find them pictures of internal memory (this type of phone does not have card). The same happens with the songs: if I want to I set a song from the internal memory of the phone as a ringtone can not because it says "wrong file type, select again", and that all the songs, without exception.

    Thank you.

  47. Hello, I have a question, it can recover data from a galaxy s4 after a factory restore ... data like sms, photos, messages is rooted

  48. Marian Nasui said

    Hello! I have a great rugaminte.Am and I had an HTC One X that we had stored all phone numbers, photos, videos etc. The phone's all rather disjointed or broken into pieces but some parts are still entire, Can I save tracks that contain phone numbers, photos, video, and then download them somehow? Waiting for response, Thank you!

  49. Hey. How do I recover from a book iphone software 3g that's broken and I iCloud? I remain lit on the phone with the apple logo and does not start. I really need help please agenda

  50. hello, I have a factory formatted s4, it's true for me? I have many photo girl is my life and how I would like to recuperez.merci anticipated.

  51. Hi, I want to delete some audio from the phone Vodafone Smart Mini (875). thank you

  52. adb devices command you give your phone does not appear in the list although I followed all instructions received

  53. Please make a phone Videotutorial that sd card but the recovery will be in memory tel thanks

  54. I ate badly wrong I gave great. I took root at tel samsung y i formatted the card with everything on it. I fool the loc.Am found a program will solve 100% success DiskDigger

  55. DiskDigger

  56. Hi,
    I have a tablet and Samsung tab 4 appeared to me a folder with pictures in gallery Autobackup; I can delete cul ???? Thank you very much!

  57. hi, i ster keyboard and how can recover my files

  58. phone called LG L70

  59. valentin said

    "No such file or directory" received after writing this command emulator, can you help me?

  60. Good evening Sir Adrian did a hard reset factory a859 Lenovo and fail to recover files, you can help me surcharge? thank you. a nice evening. alex, [Email protected]

  61. Good friends with all my heart that please me and me can help someone? I have a Samsung s6 and gave factory reset or delete everything and I deleted a very important reminder for me ... or deleted photos with my son. He is no longer alive: (((and I had those memories with him ... can someone help me ???? Please could retrieve them with all my heart. I can contact phone number 0768 ....... Thank you for your time granted.

  62. "Codreanuemma" wholeheartedly please help me I can recover photos with my son only memory that we can have with him ... 0768 ......

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Try using the same Google Account that you used in your phone before you give factory reset. It is very possible that your children have done (backup) for the photos you've taken on your phone, your Google account previously used factory reset

  63. Hi! I have a Samsung Galaxy On 5, I accidentally deleted the folder with all the pictures of the family vacation! Can someone help them recover! ??? I am very upset for my mistake! Thank you

    • Adrian Gudus said

      If the pictures were saved on the SD card have a very good chance to recover. Using a card reader, attach it to your PC or laptop and use Recuva to try to recover them or at least some of them. Write up in the search box at the top right "Recuva" (without quotes) then press the Enter key and you'll find our tutorial on software Recuva.

  64. Hi Adrian,

    A little desperate. A Nokia 930 after an update has stalled. the solution was a reset.
    I have saved onedrive pictures but films Nooooo
    Movies are my daughter's first steps and all sorts of memories unrepeatable. Please if you have any solution to retrieve movies tell me.
    Merge method described here?

  65. Hello.
    On a Blackberry (not mine) with android I found a picture her details I found a picture is deleted from conversations Whattsup in December. It likely to discover at what number / number was sent to you?

  66. I installed BusyBox application, but when I opened write the message: "There Was a problem opening the shell with root access. This is either being caused by superuser / or by the device supersu That is inproperly rooted. (...) "
    How can I move forward?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Root did you do? It is not enough just to install BusyBox

      • Hello Adrian.rugaminte da.mi a soul e.mail.din address please help me mop bailouts and contracost.vrand deleted from all photos and videos and mefua appear loaded on SD tel mobil.deocamdata in total memorie.dar when I want to open the gallery is nothing
        And can I write inexistent.te please write to wife [Email protected]. thank you very much
        Write to Adrian Gudus de.buna faith or anyone who can help me to recover pierdut.multumesc.ROG I read are desperate.

  67. hello no matter how I try I can not retrieve the data I have a lenovo vibe p1a42 some commands are useless although I skipped a few steps DLL does not start

  68. Marius Constantin said

    Hello! I can recover some of the pictures and videos deleted by mistake? It gives the following situation:
    I've connected your phone to PC to May delete different folders left behind accidentally uninstall some applications and I deleted all the pictures and video folder (DCIM 5GB). I'm very sorry for them, I had hundreds of pictures of the sea and other places visited were all in memory. It was rooted phone at the time.
    I installed several apps from Google Play (disk digger, Undeleter) who have helped another phone to retrieve deleted photos. On this phone (Vodafone Smart Ultra 6) fail to recover even a picture, I connected PC and a recovery program for android date. Does the kernel protection can not mount RW folder system, I've tried several methods but returns back to E, I guess that's why I do not give access to retrieve pictures.
    I installed and another Rom (Cyanogen Mod 12.1), but still can not recover anything.
    The method of tutorial I tried it because I find it too complex.
    Do you think there is any chance to recover them?
    Thank you!

  69. I gave restar factory I want to retrieve messages inportant for me

  70. Hello, anybody there? Related to that figure in order to find out where you emulator userdata, if I give him the command ls -l written by you ... .. I say there.
    I see where the stops when they get in / platform have a single file: 13540000.dwmmc0, so as not to enter the OMAP is because there is an automatic and not me running all the way!
    If I sign: find -name userdata, I find in / knox_data / userdata. It's the same partition on which you speak?

    • Adrian Gudus said


    • Let the Emulator, nor I am able to do something with it. DiskInfo installed on your phone. You can find it in PlayStore and is free. Some details about internal memory and tell you that it's user data. When I was mmcblk0p25 for Lenovo a7010.

  71. Hi, I need help do not know what happened to a folder of photos and video that I found with 5filmulete in it from dozens who were nor pictures deleted have not wiped them have sought Recuva but nothing too -I had on tel but knowing that I have downloaded in the laptop we gave erased and reset to factory defaults (HTC) is something can be done?

  72. Remember pt. future.
    Save important data to several different places. Ideally 3 (I save in 5). I never lost anything since there are computers in Ro.

  73. Hi Adrian!

    I have a question: I accidentally deleted all video files (all with my daughter having sentimental value) on your phone when the button Cheetach file manager from Mobile. I tried all sorts of applications recovery from play store but all I ask routing phone ... .. I panicked and me having loud discussions wife and I resorted to extreme solution to install DR. PHONE TOOLKIT computer and connected the phone ... read .softul lock into the phone to 90% and defending my message that it can not root-eze. Noting that this software is open closed several times by phone during analysis, I do not intend this as I think they were somewhere in the data cache ... .zic and eu..nespecialist being.
    In desperation I called the recovery centers that have told me that I could recover but we need to extract the phone memory and the phone becomes unusable ......

    General details: Allview V2 Viper S
    Android 6

    In your opinion can recover data?
    Thank you to answer!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      It is hard to say. If you had micro SD card in the phone, most likely, those movies were saved on Micro SD card. Remove the card and tuck it into a PC or laptop and attempt recovery on it with Recuva (we have presented here on the site, find it using the search box at the top right there Recuva writing and pressing Enter)
      If using Recuva, anything you fail, try other advanced recovery software that also we have presented here on site or Pandora Recovery iCare Data Recovery

  74. I did "factory reset" of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and lost telephone contact from Agenda.Cum can get my cContactele? Phone is not rooted.

  75. Samsung account saved my contacts not only pictures and other multimedia files.

  76. I have a Samsung S3. Does not start. Just charge the battery. SO!
    I have a possibility to recover any of it? Calendar, pictures ...?
    Thank you!

  77. hi, the deleted notes can still be recovered from a huawei p smart 2019 ???


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