How to connect a network hard disk to OpenMediaVault (network storage)

How to connect a hard drive to the network with OpenMediaVault What is a NAS? NAS comes from Netowork Atached Storage, ie a storage unit connected to the network, which can be accessed remotely, from the local network or from the Internet. What good is a Network Attached Storage? Let's say we have an external hard drive, which can be connected via USB to PC. This can be … [Read more...]

Which is the fastest VPN server - PPTP vs. L2TP / IPSec Vs. OpenVPN

What is the fastest VPN server - PPTP vs. L2TP / IPSec Vs. OpenVPN Testing the speed of VPN servers Following your requests, we have set up 3 VPN servers to see what the sample is. Which is the VPN server with the best ratio: costs - speed - simplicity of configuration - client compatibility. What VPN servers do we have in the test? PPTP - running… [Read more...]

How to make an Open VPN server on Raspberry PI - anti hack solution

How to make an Open VPN server on Raspberry PI What is a VPN server. The VPN server is a computer that is located elsewhere on the Internet, to which, when you connect, an encrypted tunnel is formed. While using the VPN server, your service provider can't figure out what kind of traffic you're doing, what sites you're visiting, and so on. Other than … [Read more...]

We make a RETRO game CONSOLE on Raspberry PI -

Let's make a console with retro games on the Raspberry PI! The project is quite easy and accessible to everyone. The price of a Raspberry PI is quite low. Apart from the affordable price, the Raspberry PI can also be used for other projects if you are tired of the console. What do retro games mean? Retro games are games that have been popular in the past; And even though they don't have a… [Read more...]

The most inexpensive, small, quiet, economical and flexible computer, Raspberry PI 3

The cheapest, smallest, quietest, most economical and flexible computer What is Raspberry PI? Raspberry PI 3 is the smallest PC, with which you can do different projects, because it is super cheap and does not consume too much electricity. What is an SBC? This type of computer is called a single board computer (SBC). At the appearance of these… [Read more...]