We make a RETRO game CONSOLE on Raspberry PI -

Let's do a retro gaming console on Raspberry PI!

The project is quite easy and accessible to all. The price of a Raspberry PI It is quite small. Besides affordability, Raspberry PI can be used in other projects if saturated console.

What does retro games?

Retro games are games that have been popular in the past; And although not 3D realistic graphics, these games still are attractive and stir some nostalgia.

How do retro games console with Raspberry PI?

We will use a Linux-based operating system that is called RetroPie. This system has modified the interface and plenty of emulators preinstalled.

What is an emulator?

The emulator is software that mimics the original console running game. Loading emulator ROMs, ie the games themselves.

What is a ROM?

ROM is an exact copy of the disk or CD that was playing. ISO is a kind of image of our times.

What we have RetroPie emulators?

Amiga, Atari, Apple II, Commodore 64, Game Boy, Sega Dreamcast, Macintosh, Sega MasterSystem, MSX, Nintendo 64, NS Nintendo, NES, PC, PSP, Sega Saturn, Super NintendoEtc., etc. Full list of emulators supported by RetroPie.

Want a Nintendo emulator for Android?


Where to find ROMs for emulators?

This is a delicate subject. There are no shops to buy, but the download on the net is… .. Anyway, the net is full of ROMs, you can find them.
Download RetroPie for Raspberry PI
Download Win32DiskImager
Price Raspberry PI (Board only if you rest)
Raspberry PI kit price (Motherboard, enclosure, power, card)
Logitech controller F310 (If you have no controller)
What is Raspberry PI (presentation)
Video tutorial - RETRO GAME CONSOLE on Raspberry PI

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  1. Lucian Moraru said

    on a normal PC running on Windows 10 ??

  2. Happy Birthday !

  3. We are still waiting for the radius server installed on the Raspberry Pi
    Happy Birthday !

  4. I wait installing the VPN server on Raspberry Pi
    Happy Birthday

  5. Happy Birthday !
    You may please me and leave me a link to wallpaper? I know it's hard but it's off-topic: D

  6. Cornel Goia said

    I am interested in purchasing a projector. What advice would you give me?
    Happy Birthday!

  7. I wait installing the VPN server on Raspberry Pi

  8. Cristi I have a question to answer me pretty please.

    Involving up for Google Adsense?
    If I win for LEI began 50100 aceswti month must declare the money to them ANAF form 201? NAFA. What to do. I asked a man who has been through this and knows very well.
    I do not have company, I want to do a site to treat certain aspects of machines or PCs appeared new components.
    Also. If I do not have credit card can withdraw money from the CEC directly from the employee or Western Union? (Not money sent from my account)

  9. for Windows
    UP board 2GB GB eMMC + 16 memory
    : )

  10. I managed to install RetroPie on a netbook with Linux Mint 17.
    Installing lasted several hours, but eventually works. A problem is that in the absence of a USB controller commands must be done from the keyboard and is a bit cumbersome to control.

  11. Hello,
    I would be interested how to do with a Raspberry Pi to have Ambilight on any TV.

    Thank you!

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