How to play PC games on an Android phone

How to play PC games on an Android phone What is Game Streaming? For a long time, remote gaming or streaming technology, as it is known, is available; but we still do not see much gaming services, to subscribe and play, any game until you get tired. Why don't we have streaming games platforms? Some time ago I did a tutorial on ... [Read more...]

Popcorn Time for Android and iOS, new movies with subtitles

Popcorn Time for Android and iOS, new movies with subtitles I've talked about torrent countless times. It is a network / technology that allows users to exchange files efficiently. Unfortunately, if the user is not paid, on torrent trackers you may wake up with the infected PC or a lot of nerves and frustration. Popcorn Time is a buffer ... [Read more...]

Use DSLR camera instead of webcam

Hi friends, today I will show you how to use a DSLR or compact camera instead of a Webcam (WebCam) on Yahoo Messenger, Google Hangout, Skype, etc. For those who do not have the camera, I recommend this tutorial where you will see how you can use the phone instead of the webcam. Why use a DSLR instead of WebCam? Simple, because it is better and ... [Read more...]

MK908 + + OnLive gamepad, console games on TV

Today is the time to turn our little beast, the Tronsmart MK908, into a game console on TV, the cheapest and hottest console in the world. Android is a wonderful operating system, with its help we will install the Onlive application, which is not available for Romanians, but you can find it online, look for "Online apk" and you will get it. Onlive ... [Read more...]

Polkast installation on NAS Zyxel nsa320, Your personal cloud - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial I will show you how to install the Polkast server on NAS (network atached storage), after which we will access the photos, music, movies and documents on the nose, we will do this by accessing the Polkast on the NAS with the application Polkast for Android (also for iOS). Most people today have smartphones and tablets capable of making… [Read more...]

Zyxel NSA presentation 320 unit for storing network and beyond - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial I will introduce you to a NAS, this is the Zyxel NSA 320, a device for storing files on the network that knows how to do many other things besides simple storage. I am not mistaken if I tell you that the Zyxel NSA 320 is a super computer, I do not mean here the processing power but the multitude of functions that ... [Read more...]

Romanian streaming service Voyo presentation, application for TV

Hello friends, today I will introduce the streaming service Voyo, a Romanian service that can be accessed from all platforms, we will discuss today about the application for smart TVs, smart tv. Like Netflix or other streaming video services, Voyo has become popular lately, both for the packages of services offered and as a result of scandals. [Read more...]

Windows Media Player and Samsung AllShare, DLNA software for computer - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's video tutorial we will send photos and movies from the phone to the computer without cables and without Bluetooth, only through the network and DLNA and / or UPnP standards. This tutorial comes from your requests from the comment box of the first tutorial about DLNA, there I explained what DLNA means and how it is used in life ... [Read more...]

Movies, music and photos from your PC or phone to the TV without cables, DLNA - video tutorial

Hi friends, today I will explain what DLNA means and what it uses, because many of you probably have DLNA and / or UPnP certified devices. Connecting devices between them is a big problem, look behind your computer and you will immediately get the idea, if wireless could apply to all would be great, imagine a computer ... [Read more...]

Setting up a surveillance system, the 2, recording and managing video audio - video tutorial

Hi friends, today I will continue with the second part of the series dedicated to video surveillance, in the first tutorial we discussed the installation of an IP camera and today we will talk about the management and recording of the video signal emitted by the IP camera. If you do not have an IP camera, you can turn your phone into a surveillance camera, or you can turn your webcam and ... [Read more...]