FotoFlexer an online service for editing and editing photos - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial you will know an online photo editing service, it is called FotoFlexer and it is extremely friendly, it does not look at all like Adobe Photoshop or Gimp which are applications that require some experience, with FotoFlexer the learning curve is extremely favorable to the less skilled, with just a few clicks you can dim [Read more...]

Microsoft ICE and Photosynth or how to make panoramic images and 3D images - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will learn together how to make panoramic images and how to make a 3D perspective with pictures. Maybe each of us was on vacation or we visited different places and we wished we had the opportunity to take a single picture of a landscape that delights our eyes but unfortunately we could not do that. Why? For … [Read more...]

PhotoScape a free and friendly photo editing software with lots of useful options - video tutorial

Hello friends, in today's tutorial I will present a free and simple software for editing photos, it is called PhotoScape and is specially designed for less experienced users. Do not think that PhotoScape has no options, accordingly, this photo editing program it is full of interesting functions that we can only find in more complex software. First time… [Read more...]

Gimp free design program part 4, tricks, effects, animations, web design, html - video tutorial

This tutorial is the last in a series of tutorials for using the GIMP graphic editing program. Today's tutorial addresses several aspects: image resizing, how to make a screen shot, how to add new plugins, how to process a raw image, how to make an animation, how to change the color of an element in an image, how to… [Read more...]

Gimp free photo editing software part 3, selection selections - HD video tutorial

Hi friends are Dan, today we will continue the tutorial about Gimp, this is the third part where we will talk about "Making Selections". Many of you, in the comments section, have compared Gimp with Adobe Photoshop, adobe photoshop is a program dedicated to the PRO segment and cannot be compared in any way with Gimp, which is 100% free, however [Read more...]

Gimp, free photo editing software, part 2 masking layers - video tutorial

This tutorial is the second in a series of video tutorials for using the free GIMP graphic editing program. In this tutorial you will learn how to mask layers, which is essential in a graphic editing program. The mask represents an image in shades of black and white attached to a layer. The areas where we have the black color on the mask will… [Read more...]

Gimp free photo editing software part 1 installation and layers - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial I will present GIMP, a photo editing program similar to the famous Adobe Photoshop, Gimp is free compared to Photoshop which is a fairly expensive commercial software, the differences between the two can be felt only by professionals, for a home user Gimp is a very good solution for photo editing or graphics and… [Read more...]

Best photo manager and editor ACDSee Photo Manager 2009-video tutorial

In the following tutorial you will learn how to manage large volumes of pictures, I mean the folders with many pictures generated by digital cameras. The photo film is on the verge of extinction, now the digital camera is in power and with it came a problem, namely the management of these pictures that are becoming larger every day. Windows [Read more...]

How to make a print screen from windows - video tutorial

In this video tutorial we show you how we can make a print screen from windows without using a special program for this application. If we don't have a printer, a print screen or a screenshot would be a solution if we want to save a file from the desktop. We still have the option after making a print screen to save the image in several… [Read more...]

Free photo editing program (picasa) - video tutorial

In this video tutorial we present a free program with which we can edit photos and many others such as: -you can create collages -draw the red eye effect -edit photos -retouch photos -create Slide show -create a text (watermarks) for photos Picasa 3 is a program that can do quite a lot of applications and is an easy to use program… [Read more...]