How hide who I became friends on Facebook

Hey friends, in today's tutorial we will see how we can hide who I became friends on Facebook. You've probably noticed that when you accept someone's friend request, your friends will be notified automatically on your News Feed them. They will see a message like "X has become friend with Y" or "X befriended Y", "X is now friends with Y" or "X Became friends with Y"
This notice appears in your News Feed your time to turn your friends become friends or accept friend request to another someone.
Reasons why we do not want everyone to know who I recently became friends can be many. Maybe you want to accept friendship request has former / ex and do not want to know the current / current friend or want to accept the friend request of a person who is not very well seen by your group of friends or relatives and examples can continue.
Well, the "Activity Log" or "Activity Log" button on the "Cover Photo" or "Photo of the cover", we can with just a few clicks to disable the notifications that our friends see them in News Feed them when they accept your friend request of a person.
Applying settings mentioned and explained in the video tutorial, your friends will not know who you recently become friends with many of you on this occasion can no longer pass through fights so often caused by social networking giant Facebook

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  1. First

  2. Very useful tutorial.

  3. to make a tutorial about cameras and surveillance systems. installation and setup .... dvr, NRV ... I need a wireless ip camera with memory card and have PTZ. if you know a good one and give me an answer.

    • There are several tutorials on surveillance systems you find the box "search" in the upper right

      • yes alex. What I said is not in the box above "search". I know I asked. if it was .. not writing. if you leave me a link you can not find it. dvr setup and installation of outdoor camera. I have problems that I can not set my record only motion. I registers the full time and I can kind of hard to look a certain day / time. If you set the recording to motion does not register. I found the site only videotutorial tplink interior room.

        • Maybe it helps you it
          Acquisition is only a guide but can you help with something she said Cristi in that tutorial. You said at the beginning that you need some tutorials about installing and setting camera and I think it helps existing tutorials. I hope this tutorisl even help you to find the IP camera. Exactly what this is about.

  4. very useful for me tineo so on

  5. Adrian we have promised in the past to do a tutorial about to run the computer without the need sal we start manually when the current stops.

    • FlorinP. said

      That's easy! It makes the bios. For this use the search box in the top right that says "some brief explanations about bios" you enter and choose the first tutorial done by boys. In that tutorial you will find your solution!

  6. serbanescu Danut said

    I'd like myself a tutorial about VirtualDJ Home FREE ( If possible.

  7. I have not been solved in that tutorial because I am bios asus


    • Look here here . Can you help. I tested I heard that Christ said in that tutorial something and forget the words of the text links above tutorial were finless 1.5 rom. I ran a search and found this. I hope you'll help. In the future please post comment on the tutorial in whose topic you fit. Just a tip to keep the comments clean rubricac and a eventualvom you have a problem to find quickly solved. Do not mix apples with pears. Just a tip I hope you do not mind.


  10. Michael Alexu said

    Hello!'d Like to make tutorials about computer configurations (desktop).'d Like if you can be the next tutorial about the latest configuration, the last guy on the processor and if you can tell me about a card to me the basis on which frankly I find it very good because it has many new and useful technologies and at a good price: Gigabite Z87X-D3H, if it's worth buying it or would you recommend another placa.Comparatia can even do it while explain when tutorialul.La make this system and I am able upgrade.Sistemul I want to cost until the lei.Daca 2000 you can make configuration of this summer as recunoscator.Va thanks!

  11. I do not know what happens to you, but for a while on down videotutoriale not post so often and these last are trivial sin ... coffee every morning 1 check this site for half a year, I had nothing to learn and apreciz your work. Much further enhanced.

    • Sometimes it happens, are posted often. That does not mean we do nothing, are topics that need time.
      Sometimes we can be buried in problems that consumes more time as we would like.
      Fortunately totate posts are solving and rhythm back to normal.

    • Costelina said

      yes it is Alin but if something goes well or not sufficiently tested them to see how many little too much I say I jump criticism and comments elsewhere that often do not make sense (look at other older tutorials to see if I'm right)

  12. Having problems with the site for some time, exactly when I get there:
    Warning: session_start (): The session id is too long or contains illegal characters, valid characters is az, AZ, 0-9 and '-,' in / home/videotutorial/public_html/wp-content/plugins/si-captcha- for-wordpress/si-captcha.php on line 913
    you empty your browser cache and want to go back on my videotutorial this error occurs on the first page

  13. You can make a tutorial in which we disable that bar when the world sees what we give appreciation to that comment etc? And also any new no longer appear as the x given y Posted appreciation etc.

  14. Cristi, a tutorial about buying a TV can?

  15. Andrew said

    Adrian, there is no state when we have friends (mutual friends) to no longer defend the person Y that we have mutual friends list?

  16. Interesting but I have a question, if I send friend request to someone and the person is why she accepts the request, then my friends will see this?

  17. I want to know how to hide my friends list friend list on my facebook?

  18. Svetlana Tautu said

    Thank you

  19. ana has apples said


  20. I'd like to know how I can find out who who sent the request d friendship, when two people from my list became friends

  21. Anemone said

    You have been of immense help with your instructions I still want to know how my friends can not see what comments or what I appreciate other people's photos. Thank you so much.

  22. Question: if someone is hiding friends and I would like to know the new friends added to the list? How do I do?

  23. I 2 questions:
    How can disable the add friend button for everyone? [Settings option that works just friends my friends can I add]
    You could make a tutorial about this? I looked on the net and I found some tutorials in java for chrome [inspect element]
    How do I disable sugest friends?

  24. hours said

    while staying display recently added friends on Facebook?

  25. Ugh ... what ... If I knew this wonderful article 3 years ago, I was a man (more) happy. I'm not a lover unloved watched as the police, to see who I've become friends, where I commented something or where I gave a Like. HOP and it appears that there to give their opinion. And ruin my whole romantic mood. And if we banned it again, he knew how to dezbaneze and reappear like the Phoenix. And they then came all sorts of thoughts ... including account deactivation.
    Now I hope to be better. I did exactly as the teacher taught me the movie.
    Miers beautiful!

  26. Now I apologize - for the fact that being at work, I have the computer set to write accented (as I e style of writing), and to bother you again with a question: how do you not see my page advertisements of any kind? X close all of them, and they appear again after refresh. I really did not at all passionate about politics, religion and mobile phones!

  27. Laura Elena said

    Hi !

  28. Pop Denisa said

    Hello. As it is possible to hide who I became friends on Facebook, it is also possible to hide and what page / person / picture I did like? That is not to appear on the wall to your friends "gave like X to Y". I hope they understand what I wrote :))

  29. I clicked on the activity log, the list listed above appeared, but I can not click on friends, because it does not appear to me.

  30. Is Facebook fallen or something with my Firefox browser?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      There have been problems with Facebook and Instagram, the two services have fallen for some time in America, Europe and the UK

  31. How can I make my friend's posts on my list or posts in my groups not visible to my other friends on the list?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You can not control who or what the posts your friends have made. It would be the pinnacle to be able to.
      You can control who they are, just your posts!

      • When someone posts, it's normal for the post to be seen by those on the list, I'm in that list, I see posting. It was about not seeing her posting people in my list that are not on his list. I do not know if I explained it quite clearly.

  32. how do they not protect old facebook friends like: ion anniverses or has a year of his friendship with the year, not to appear that facebook made by facebook

  33. Druica Stefan Alexandru said

    How do I block my facebook requests on facebook, that is, I can not send anyone any facebook request I saw that even though I have a person who has more than one common line with me I noticed that I'm not going to send him a request for pretenie on facebook

  34. if the button is not? After you come in to your girlfriend so you can only set me up?

  35. Hello.
    That option of hiding notifications for friends doesn't appear to me, how do I do it?

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