How to do an opinion poll using the forms in Google Drive - video tutorial

Hi friends, today's tutorial we will talk about Google Drive, we'll see exactly how we can create a survey using forms in Google Drive. As you probably know already, Google Docs has been integrated into Google Drive and anyone who owns a Google Drive will ever be able to create a form, a spreadsheet, a presentation or document.
There will be fewer situations when we will have to work with forms especially if you own a company or business and want to question customers or employees in connection with certain decisions, plans or proposals for the future of the company. A tutorial today to see how we can create a poll on a subject using forms in Google Drive offering participants the opportunity to select one of the predefined responses or add a personalized response.
Once we have completed the form we are able to make it public on social networks being offered us a link to the form or form only people we can send important to us via email. If you have a website and want to display the form directly in your web site, we are able to obtain an iframe that can attach page form in its site being able to set the height and width that it was occupied in The web page community.
After completing the form, participants will complete we are able to setup a forwarding them to the partial results page or give them the opportunity to edit their responses. If you wonder where participants' responses will be saved, well they will be saved in a spreadsheet giving us the opportunity to survey summary conslutam anytime later to make it public if you wish.
The forms do not address only the physical but also legal entities. It is much easier to invite your friends, family aprticipe to a questionnaire about the questions that you have or help you in making a decision, rather than wait to call every family member and every friend to him chestioezi about the subject.
Surveys can be useful in many situations: when you want to organize a surprise party and want to consult with guests on the gift to celebrate, when you want to have a wedding and have to choose between two rooms available for the party you can consult with guests which of the two rooms to choose it when you want to buy a product and you can choose between two models of the same product. Only limit is your imagination!
That said, I invite you to watch the video tutorial to see exactly how we can use the forms in Google Drive account to create a survey for the company or self-interest.

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    Adri I have a problem, I have a leptop and I had installed windows and wanted sal 7 exchange xp but after I did my slopes siamdat peNTFS file system crashes and reboots!
    Why do you not go to install xp on leptop?

    Type in the SEARCH box in the top right sidebar: "How to install windows xp on an AHCI configuration or on a RAID array" press Enter and you will find the tutorial

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    Biti is the 64?

    Adri I have a problem, I have a leptop and I had installed windows and wanted sal 7 exchange xp but after I did my slopes siamdat peNTFS file system crashes and reboots!
    Why do you not go to install xp on leptop?

  5. FreeTimeInfo said

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    Explanation and again what you said.
    In the above case, it's like Uncle has sata hdd, must enter the BIOS and set the IDE or Compatibility, according to the displayed menu ..

    If you mean CPU structure, if it works only on x86, you can not install the OS on x64 will give error during installation, that's another thing, does not have any connection which also says eNd.

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  8. Learn grammar!
    "Participate!" looks like hell scrie it says “participation!”
    Between word and sign Keep space.
    Same mistake and above "(Eset)"
    Look ugly!
    And let's not forget, buy a better microphone, there is a noise ait Cristi has, and the quality of the tutorials is much better.
    Good luck!

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  13. Very good article! Thanks!

  14. I select myself as something ???????????????????????????????

  15. I have a question,
    If you send a mail from yahoo address and mail the URL entered in the form, my answers will be saved in database form of Google Drive?
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  16. How do I create a poll on a group whose Admin are? (Facebook)
    If you can answer with photo as supeeeer
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