Google Lens Real Use Tutorial - The AI ​​in Our Hand

What is the Google Lens actual use tutorial about? In this tutorial I will show you the actual usage of Google Lens. Ways that everyone can use every day, to gather information faster and to streamline certain tasks. What is Google Lens? Google Lens can't really be placed in a category [Read more...]

RSS feeds from a Google search - notifications for new search results

RSS feed from a Google search What is this "Make your RSS search from a Google search" video tutorial? This tutorial is about how to make an RSS feed from a Google search; That is, you receive notifications every time someone across the internet touches on the topic you are looking for. RSS feeds went into a shadow cone and I don't know ... [Read more...]

What can you climb on youtube so you do not stay without a channel

What you can get on youtube, not to stay without a channel What you can go on youtube, not to stay without a channel, as we were to stay. Youtube has over one billion users, of which over 10 million are Romanians. This users upload daily thousands of new videos, which are more different. Media companies are pushing YouTube and they are pushing the creators of… [Read more...]

Google Spirit & Brain Medicine Google Arts & Culture

Brain and brain medicine Google Arts & Culture Currently, leisure is almost non-existent, and time for culture is "even more" non-existent. Why are we not interested in culture? The "global" man works hard, to make money, money that has become more important than culture or sometimes even more important than human relations; That's because man ... [Read more...]

How do I delete my local and online web history - the history on Google servers

How do I delete local and online WEB history? Navigation history - what is it? The browsing history or history is the sum of the data that our browser keeps after visiting some websites. For example: If we go to, the browser will store on the premises (on the phone, laptop, PC, tablet) the following data: 1. Page visited (web address) 2. Time and date of visit ... [Read more...]

How to send photos and video by SMS - very simple

How to send photos and videos via SMS The faster and more robust method of sending pictures, videos or files is via SMS. SMS is to everyone in the phone and it is almost impossible not to receive the SMS message with pictures or video files. Now, everyone knows that in fact SMS cannot send photos or videos, but we can do it ... [Read more...]

Download YouTube channel with all the original files

Download YouTube channel with all ORIGINAL files Why download YouTube videos? Backup for digital data is mandatory, regardless of whether we talk about files on the phone, PC, or our files that are in the cloud, on Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc. What can happen? 1. Without backup, for example, on YouTube, the account can be closed, ... [Read more...]

Higher speed on Google Drive Rclone - 300Mbps

Online storage is OK, but speed ... Even if you have unlimited online storage, what good is it if your upload and download speeds don't suit you? Whether you use the web interface in the browser or the data synchronization client, the transfer speed to and from the cloud is very low. I only reached 30 Mbps stable (3.5 MB / s). Upload and download on Google Drive at 300 ... [Read more...]

Custom navigation route with several stops on Android

Custom navigation route with multiple stops on Android Today I will show you how to make a custom route with multiple stops and bypasses, based on the navigation function in Google Maps. Create a custom navigation map. Creating a custom navigation map is useful when we want to bypass; When we want to organize an itinerary of… [Read more...]

360 degrees movies on YouTube

360 degree movies on YouTube Hi friends, today I have something very interesting for you. It is the new technology that Google has managed to implement on Google Chrome, Android and iOS (YouTube client), and here I refer to the 360 ​​degree shooting. Let's not confuse 3D, which is a much simpler technology. 360 degree video means interactive shooting ... [Read more...]