How can install software without CD Canon cameras - video tutorial

Hi friends, this video tutorial will show you how to install the drivers and software for Canon cameras without using the original CD that I got with the machine.
From some strange reason you do not know the company Canon does not provide download sofurile the bundle, just an update, that means you can not install the software for the camera if you do not have the original CD or software ready installed CD. Not everyone has the original CD or a device that is used either as just the CD is damaged or lost, or just do not have optical drives, as if the netbook or ultrabook urior. Executables that are on the official website Canon can not install in the absence of CD or original softurior installed. Although the latter are full software, they function as updates in addition to the main software to be installed initially
After some digging I found the solution, we fool executable, we will make you believe that we have already installed Canon software. With the help of registry keys will prepare the ground.
I'm sure those who own cameras Canon will find very useful this method.
We expect comments box problems with drivers and installation software.

Download file canon.reg (Must unzip)

Canon Official Site, Download drivers and software

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Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru

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  1. Hello Cristi very good tutorial pretty please my request to do a tutorial on RAID 0. Thank you very much

  2. And I bought this Black Friday Canon's 600D (from EMAG was 2200 lei kit and I was given a photo printer they sell) and I have the same problem, I found the CDs in the box. And so I said no longer send him back for that, one that I've got a pretty good price and one that, as you said it takes a long procedure and I do not know if you can solve . Yet I sent them a message but apparently did not respond to any 2 weeks. I got the CD iso image with all the software (has 436 Mb) and I solved the problem. But it did not expect this from Emag, but who knows maybe it was not coming back.
    A good evening!

  3. As a small request, maybe you could do a tutorial about optimal settings for shooting quality. I've tried to get the quality that we saw in some test videos, but unfortunately we did not touch it (using this lens kit 18-55). The rest are very satisfied with the device, I think I made the best choice

  4. MARIAN:
    SalutCristi very good tutorial pretty please my request to do a tutorial on RAID nice 0.Multumesc

    Ok, I'll do a video tutorial and 0 1 raid setup. The problem is that I have several issues in it. Let's see maybe I'll do it urgently.

  5. Hello Cristi watching over the phone but with the latest phone model fail due to have a flash player Samsung model 3 s4.1.1 Can you please aiuta

  6. Very good tutorialu and helpful for those concerned. Yes what happened if you had a Nikon DSLR like D5100 (I hope I'm not mistaken). Sorry for offtopic but I have a question, do you have some tutorials for Android plan? Have a good day.

  7. Daniel:
    Very good tutorialu and helpful for those concerned. Yes what happened if you had a Nikon DSLR like D5100 (I hope I'm not mistaken). Sorry for offtopic but I have a question, do you have some tutorials for Android plan? Have a good day.

    Nikon's D5100 for adoption I now work with Canon 600D. Both are excellent machines. Nikon is the best camera and Canon video (which I'm interested). The differences between them are very small, you have to be crazy to say that one or the other is no good.
    If we make recommendations, both are super good, I would be able to lean towards one or the other. Canon to those who need more than video, I think Nikon is a better choice.

  8. Hello Cristi

    How do you will show all focus points in live view? To me there just the middle and got dizzy room and all fail.

    Thank you very much.

  9. Cristian said

    hello Christ. Interesting tutorial, but I have a question: can you tell me how do I download pictures from a digital camera Casio Exilim EX-Z16? I lost the CD with drivers and I've searched the net but I found (I think it's the same story). Or if anyone can help me send the mail software, I'd be grateful. Thanks in advance.

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