How check with devices powered batteries

Batteries are always present in our lives. From watches to cars with remote or flash, they all need energy, we withdraw from the mundane batteries.
The problem occurs when we have so many batteries around the house that I do not know which is loaded and discharged.
Meter is a tool that helps us to see how the battery is loaded. Unfortunately, not everyone has the multimeter or not everyone cares to look for it / use it, just to check the batteries.
The fastest way to detect discharged batteries is to "hit them lightly on the table" and observe the reaction. This method of checking the batteries really works, and it's not a fabrication.

How check with devices powered batteries

How check discharged batteries?
Draptă on a surface, solid and stable, from 5 cm, the battery easily escape in a controlled manner. If the battery jumps easily, it is discarded or used for a longer period. The batteries charged, not conduct it, they are hit easy meal. Charging the batteries, if they stick to the table, do not jump at all.
Interesting observation!
If you use this method to check the batteries downloaded more time, you will realize that batteries are discharged than others; Because not all jump as batteries.
It may be something in battery to power, but insufficient for serious electronics.
How does the method to check the batteries?
Batteries are made up of three main components, among others. We anode, cathode and electrolyte, which in the case of alkaline batteries, is a base (alkaline) the consistency of a gel. When the battery is used, the chemical reaction occurs that produces current. The chemical reaction that transforms the electrolyte, the gel into a solid mass, crystallized. Therefore batteries or near consumed, are jumping.

Video tutorial - How to check discharged batteries without devices

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  1. but beware lest you Taiti was dumped into water cut battery. it will explode quite violently. and be careful how and where to cut due to moisture may explode. for saying that Cristi gel that reacts very violently with water. If you want to experiment outside but do not bang facetil advise for the eyes can burst or hitting someone. and even when it discharged explode as remnants of gel. Additionally, make sure that it is highly toxic and can even contain other heavy metals besides mercury

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  3. Hello Cristi
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    • To watch that tutorial, you need flash player. Perhaps you do not have flash player installed correctly or not use plugins that block the flash or scripts.
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  7. Hi Cristi, recently I fried the meter, the rush I plugged in without giving the diode on alternative and was melted wiring: I saw in your tutorial a meter and I'd like to know the and whether the price is worth it to me and I buy one. Thanks

    • I honestly do not even know how he got this measuring device to me. I think I've got from my brother.
      I do not think multimeter is great tool, but do your job with him.
      Find equipment like this through specialty stores or on eBay or Amazon.

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  13. HimlerSS said

    I test them otherwise until now. Stuffing a finger in his mouth to moisten it and make it negative terminal of the battery then touched tongue terminal of the battery. If I'm running, it means that were not downloaded :))

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