How to check battery health on your laptop?

How to check the battery health of your laptop

How to check battery health?

The role of a laptop is to be a portable computer, and when we say portable we automatically think about the battery. so it is extremely important to know how to check battery health.

Technology has evolved over the last few years, but it seems like the batteries have gone a bit slower; Despite the higher capacities of LIPO batteries, they have remained the same number of loading cycles (Charge Cycle Count).

Because of this, mobile phone batteries tend to no longer keep the amount of energy that they kept at the beginning.

Some say it's good to remove the battery from your laptop!

If you think about it, it would be a good idea to keep the battery in the charged drawer when you use your laptop at home and to plug the battery only when you leave and need mobility.

It's logical, you keep the float charge battery, which tends to keep the battery at a certain level.

Manufacturers say they do not need to disconnect the battery, as these batteries have a smart charging management that does not overcharge the battery.

Still, let's say it's a good idea to remove the battery, unfortunately lately more and more laptops come with an internal battery like a phone, a battery that can not be taken off so easily.

How do we find out how healthy the laptop battery is?

We've found the simplest way to diagnose the battery on your laptop or Windows tablet.

You do not have to install third-party software.

How to check battery health?

Using Powershell, command:

powercfg / batteryreport

In C: \ Users \ "current user" you will find the report in html format, which you open with any web browser

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How to check the battery health on your laptop - video tutorial


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  1. Gabriel said

    Hello Cristi,
    I own a Alienware 17 R5 Notebook with a Windows 7 operating system, I do not want to switch to Windows 10 which command or program I can use to see what its battery life is?

    Thank you,

    Goodbye Gabriel.

  2. Davider said

    It's very useful. Congratulations on the tutorial. But on Windows XP how to do it? I have Windows XP on an old laptop of some 12 years and I would like to see the battery status because it only keeps me 30 minutes.
    How to do it on Windows XP.

  3. romica said

    in win 7 does not work

  4. For Windows 7, we run cmd.exe as administrator, enter the powercfg -energy or powercfg / energy command, after a few seconds it should generate a report.

  5. Awesome. Thanks a lot.

  6. Hi, for the latest laptops with the latest generation processors, I don't think it starts if you take out the battery. I tried mine, a ROG with i7 8750 and it doesn't even want to move, like it's dead. I think it's a security measure "written" directly in the BIOS. To start and then with him started to eliminate it, I did not try. It's still under warranty, I don't want to suffer a miracle.

  7. IULIAN said

    Hello Cristi
    Very useful application, but I want to ask if something similar can be done on mobile phones?
    It would be good to know when you buy a second hand and not only. Maybe you can make a video about this too.
    Thank you
    There may be an apk. and you can tell us.

  8. laptop battery is 88% 3 linli

  9. Hi Cristi I have a laptop Asus F 555 LJ I replaced the old battery with a new one the new one is charged to the maximum but after a period of use of the latop on the battery the screen starts to battery.

    A good evening .

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