Pokemon GO falsification location joystick without root

Pokemon GO falsification location joystick without root

So we can play Pokemon GB We need to move continuously looking Pokémon. Unfortunately not everyone can move, or not everyone lives in the city, where Pokemon backwater.
For categories that can not go hunting for Pokemon, I found a method of falsifying location that does not require root.
The application is called Fake GPS and is in Play Store (fake gps). Unlike the old method of falsifying the location, which was done with Xposed and Pokemon Go controllsAnd requiring root app Fake GPS (or GPS Fly) does not require root and works just as well.

Pokemon GO fake location with rootless joystick - How does it work?

1. Install application Fake GPS from Play Store
2. In developer options select the Fake GPS application for "test locations"
3. Start the location on "high precision"
4. Choose a fake location in the “Fake GPS” interface
5. Click on the label location and start the service
6. Choose Pokemon joystick
7. Finally start the GO Pokemon (which had to be stopped during it)
8. Careful! Do not make too big leaps suddenly, because you can be banned.

Pokemon GO fake location with rootless joystick - Who is the app for?

Most, even I, am of the opinion that Pokemon GB have played as they thought developers. That is so, but unfortunately there are cases where you can not play this little game. Maybe you can not get out of bed or are hospitalized. Whatever the motivation, it's clear that some simply can not get out of the house or building. For them it is this method of falsification of location.
The rest of us can catch Pokemon outdoors.
Tutorial alternately Xposed and Pokemon Go Controlls

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  1. Hey Cristi trick only works on Android 6.0

  2. At the beginning of the last century, butterflies were caught, now pokemon are caught, flies will be caught tomorrow. The world is evolving… :)))

  3. Zebastian said

    Help: I ​​encounter the following problem I can't select as a fake gps test application, when I click there it tells me none. I mention that I try this on a Galaxy Note 1 with cyanogenmod… If necessary I come back with pictures

  4. Weak… you have made me weaker and weaker. If here too he got to see POKEMON… :(

  5. android is valid only 6 this trick. for me in 5.1 and 4.3 not have that option to choose application developer

  6. adrian76 said

    4.4.2 not work on Android

  7. Mr. Cristian, I was expecting something else from you …… a pity for the wasted time. Respect.

    • the idea is that supposed to specify just what goes on android or not. yes I read elsewhere that only 6 that option is valid

  8. Hello Cristi,
    I would prefer to approach useful tutorials… you have more than 2 weeks when you approach tutorials in vain (not to say otherwise)… you don't feel like it anymore ??? … Say with your mouth and ready… if you continue like this, slowly, slowly videotutorial.ro goes. Too bad the work invested for so many years!
    Bafta further.

  9. You got to do videotutoriale about Pokemon?

  10. To me it worked only a few times at first on Android 6, but now disappears when open game joystick on the screen, I can teleport but does not move. I will go to?

  11. Cristi,
    Please make a tutorial about the motherboard with 2 slots for the processor… cost, performance, worth… etc
    What you dare to say so and stick to Pokemon?

  12. I forgot ceva something else… a tutorial about water cooling video card vs air cooling video card… ???

  13. Hello… ..ehe… I see that things have distorted a bit… .I feel responsible to answer myself… Mr. Mihnea, I honestly don't like your tone… .what else to say about the author of these video tutorials… .more attention to expression please… .. I quote: "Cristi, please do…." I feel some command …… so please review your attitude! I was not happy with this tutorial either and I expressed my opinion but it is a lack of respect in your attitude. Until then, these video tutorials are free and everything Cristi does is out of pure passion…. He wanted to share these acquaintances and others, without a profit (on his time and money - please remember.
    Please edit your post… ..should be something like this… .If (and… .you can't!), You have time and availability you could consider a tutorial about…. (Etc).
    Once again… .Respect for the work done, Mr. Cristi.

    • Hello Mr. Nicu,
      I don't want to get into any controversy… but… my tone I think you misunderstood… and my expression was pertinent… when you quoted me I think you omitted the word [b] "please" [/ b] … It seems to you, in connection with my lack of respect… and about the others you mentioned I refrain from commenting on me…

  14. Hello
    BLOGGER videotutorialele about (how to realize your blog).
    Unfortunately you have not continued.
    Anyway I am old, Blogger has changed in the meantime.
    Cristian why do not you continue with the series Blogger?
    1. How do you make a simple blog categories (eg Hardware Internet Multimedia Office Tutorials etc.) and clicking on them to get into the pages of posts? Why do you learn?
    2. How do the window with no visitors and flags?
    3. How do windows on the right side of the blog Latest Posts gender?
    And more.
    Thank you.

  15. hi, you can post a video in which the developer can uninstall Extensions

  16. The link to the fake address no longer works. Appears "Sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server."
    Maybe it was removed from Google Play.

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