Nvidia Max Frame Rate new setting for FPS control

What is Nvidia Max Frame Rate tutorial new setting for? The Nvidia Max Frame Rate new setting is an option that allows the user who has a graphics chip video card from the famous game chip maker, and not only to increase, decrease, or even limit the number of frames per second in games. . Why would the user limit ... [Read more...]

Install NVMe SSD on older motherboards

Installing NVMe SSDs on Older Motherboards Why Install an NVMe SSD on an Older Motherboard? There are many reasons, but mainly a NVMe SSD has higher speeds than a SATA, and the price is similar. An NVMe SSD can reach 3500 MB / s, while a solid state SATA drive does not exceed 550 MB / s. Why not buy a new motherboard with ... [Read more...]

How to check battery health on your laptop?

How to check the health of the battery? The role of a laptop is to be a laptop, and when we say portable we automatically think of the battery. This is why it is extremely important to know how to check battery health. The technology in recent years has evolved extremely fast, but it seems that the batteries have gone a little slower; Despite the larger capabilities of ... [Read more...]

Pure Wave UPS for the boiler and everything else

Only pure wave ups go for boilers and other inductive loads If you have a boiler, you probably have at least one power failure once, and you have noticed that the boiler no longer works. At solid fuel boilers this becomes dangerous because the pumps which recycle the heat agent stop and the boiler overheats Ups ... [Read more...]

How to connect a network hard disk to OpenMediaVault (network storage)

How to connect a network hard disk with OpenMediaVault What is a NAS? The NAS comes from Netowork Atached Storage, which is a network-connected storage unit that can be accessed remotely, from the local network or from the Internet. What is a good network attached storage? Let's say we have an external hard disk, which can be connected via USB to the PC. This can be … [Read more...]

LAPTOP WITH SCREED SCREEN (black) - problem solving

LAPTOP WITH STRICT SCREEN (black) - problem solving What do we do when the laptop screen is broken and we can no longer use it. You probably think it's simple, you connect your laptop to an external monitor, right? The problem is that it does not work, or in the best case we can only use the shutdown system, without being able to make reinstallation or enter the bios. The description … [Read more...]

Fast Charger Two USB Ports - Recommendations and Tips

Car charger for fast charging two USB ports - recommendations and tips Car charger for fast charging two USB ports How to choose the right charger for your car? The car charger has to be even more versatile than the charger in the house, because most of the times we only have a 12V socket (lighter). A good idea is to choose ... [Read more...]

What is the state of PC components - log viewer

What is the state of the components of the PC How can we see how the components of the PC work and if they cope in certain situations. It is very difficult for a man to know how his PC feels, because he does not tell us when he "feels bad"; Just give up and you're ready. But we can prevent premature failure of the components if from time to time ... [Read more...]

RETRO make a games console on Raspberry PI -ieftinache-

Let's make a console with retro games on the Raspberry PI! The project is quite easy and accessible to everyone. The price of a Raspberry PI is quite low. Apart from the affordable price, the Raspberry PI can be used for other projects if you are tired of the console. What does retro gaming mean? Retro games are games that have been popular in the past; And even though they don't have a ... [Read more...]

Checking RAM Memtest86 (crash games, pc restart, overclock)

Checking RAM with Memtest86 RAM is one of the most important components of the system, without which our computer would be much slower. Sometimes RAM can be corrupted, and unfortunately there is no warning system when it happens. Sometimes the operating system senses the problems with RAM, but most of the time these problems pass ... [Read more...]