How do you see if and where your Facebook social networking accounts have been accessed? Google Instagram Yahoo

How do you see if and where your Facebook social networking accounts have been accessed? Google Instagram Yahoo

How to see if and where your Facebook accounts Google Instagram Yahoo

Find out if your social account was accessed without knowing!

In today's tutorial, we'll see how we can check activity on our accounts and how we can see if our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yahoo, and Google accounts are being used by someone else, or if unauthorized login or unknown login connected devices as well as the location where those accounts were linked.

How do I find out if my social account was illegally accessed?

Increasing social services gives you the opportunity to see activity of hits or logs if you want. Some give you a lot of details and further actions you can take if you see suspicious activity in your account, others tell you only the hour and the date when your account was logged in.

Facebook and Google give the most details about the activity of hits!

On Facebook

you can see the date and time, location, IP, device, operating system, and browser used. You can disconnect from each session, all at once, or you can immediately change your password if you notice an unknown activity in your account.


offers as many options in a more pleasant way, colorful icons, the ability to issue the session or device, and a link to start the account security process.


in turn he also offers details but not at a glance. You have to click on each activity to see details of time, date and IP.

Not all social networking services show you the IP address from where your account was accessed.

Unfortunately, the most superficial services that do not give you much detail about your account activity are Twitter, and Instagram, providing only information about the date and time.

Video tutorial - How to see if and where your social accounts were accessed Facebook Google Instagram Instagram Yahoo

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