Why bad moves and how we do cleaning computer

Hi friends, today we see that slowly moves the computer, who is guilty and how do cleaning in our computer (software).
Many people have the impression that the processor and RAM are the main culprits when the computer moves too slowly. The truth is that the hard disk is the main culprit for slow computers, that because they are mechanical devices that move too slow compared to CPU and RAM.
Velocity components (higher is better):
The processor can transfer data 150000 MB / s
The memory can transfer data 19300 MB / s
The hard drive can transfer data 100 MB / s
What do you think?
Besides the low speed transfer hard drive has a large disaster response time:
Response time vs. CPU RAM HDD vs (lower is better)
Processor (CPU) 1.2 ns
Memory (RAM) 82.8 ns
Hard disk drive (HDD) 15.000.000 ns (ie 15 ms)
What do you think?
Besides low speed and response time slow hard drive has a reduced number of operations per second, that can not do much reading and writing at the same time.
Yet we can do the job with a hard disk if we take care to not consume resources.
We just have to imagine that we are going to the Sahara and the hard drive is "water". We must not waste resources with IOPS-consuming applications (operations per second).
The terrorist applications when it comes IOPS is uTorrent, which practically drains even an SSD if left to himself.
Applications harmful to the HDD:
World Of Tanks
World Of Warcraft
Online gaming
Online Streaming
Bloatware (in general)
Adobe Creative Cloud CC
Yahoo Messenger
How to make your PC faster without changing the CPU or memory (Link to the tutorial recommended).
Finally, the application CCleaner can clean operating system and applications.
Spor at work and attention to the tutorial.

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  1. interesant.chiar ccleaner.ce forgotten the configuration (I mean performance) would you recommend to use software adobe ligtroom? at the beginner, productie.am not going to buy a nikon d3200 or equivalent (think I get ) .multumesc advance for your response.

    • If you're going to use the machine for serious photography, you better take a D5100 Nikon is much better. I've had and I liked it very much, especially as has screen tilt / swivel.
      For Lightroom's good to have a little more powerful PC with a fast storage that lets you quickly upload RAW photos. Do not forget the video card, I recommend you take something with Nvidia, a 560, 660 or 760. Hardware acceleration on your video card offers is priceless.

      • pai me that screen just tilt / swivel incredere.da not inspire me to a video camera is more than util.dar DSLR camera I find something that's just what usor.asta spoil mea.si not, want not I do photo serious, say, in case you go somewhere, on a vacation, and photographs, to leave something better, currently with a Nikon Coolpix l27, but anyway, and it makes pretty good pictures.

  2. And I spuso and as you always say Cristi for PC and even laptops to respond more quickly to commands and faster to open programs would be useful even the cheapest SSD, and I thing I testato on a laptop rather slow me frankly that annoy me the most when I put everything moves very well SSD.

  3. If you have an SSD that is installed near the system but have a somewhat slower HDD for data storage, SSD speed is affected? In the tutorial we say that if an SSD on an older system feels immediately behavior. I mean just let SSD or HDD installing the system put it next to him?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I think that all users use besides an SSD and a hard disk. It was in this tutorial, along SSD multiple hard disks were used. SSD for the operating system and hard disk drives for storage. I do not think anyone gives hand to buy 3-4 SSD for data storage and not because it would be good but not simply because SSDs larger capacity are very expensive.

  4. I once had a mishap with CCleaner, I gave it to clean everything was situated ie cookies, temporary files, registry all you can to clean it, after a while I stopped the PC and the next day when he I have not had it start to turn what had to reinstall Windows. OI somewhere I be wrong? I did not realize. I have since stopped using such applications.

  5. Cristian Randazzo said

    Ok, super tutorial, I always use CCleaner, it's great. So, but you know Clean Master that very popular application in the Android area, they also created for PC (Windows) eh, curiously I installed it, and after I did all the work with CCleaner, I closed it nicely after which I opened Clean Master and guess what, he cleaned up a lot of things that CCleaner didn't think he could do. I don't know, but in my opinion CCleaner together with Clean Master make a very good duo for my PC. Better than CCleaner alone or Clean Master alone 😀, more for Cristian I wrote this tutorial!

    • Cristian Randazzo said

      This comment no tutorial *

    • Ricardo said

      All software-tools for cleaning, wiping Cleaners Repair, Uninstall, do the same job. The problem is that lack of money, all Romanians use full versions or TRIALL-FREE-limited. These demos are specially made to work 80% maximum, compared to the full version which sells RTL FULL money. Any TRIALL (version Technical, Professional, Ultimate, Business) remain all TRIALL albeit apparently fooled by KEY and CRACK or PATCH. Software makers know this and therefore leaves a port of entry, they all Triall knowing about limitation of operation.
      Because of this, these demo versions will not delete / repair… 100% completely. The rest is already CANACAN for Marketing!

  6. Cristian Cismaru, which is good combination of PC configuration:
    - i3 Gen 4 + video card + 4 GB RAM
    - i5 Gen 4, without video card + 8 GB RAM
    Intel i3 with 2 2 cores and HT in games is seen as QuadCore? How long is necessary to upgrade the i3 i5?

    • I would go on the first version paca video ram is quite affordable and you can always buy more.
      The video card is used on other tasks, not just gaming.
      What video card is used?
      Gaming course
      Decoding video online and offline
      Hardware acceleration in applications
      Faster video transcoding
      Web browser (multimedia)
      Facial Recognition fast
      Encoding for the gutter
      Etc, etc.

    • Howdy !
      I5 generation Intel is built with much newer technology has extra features, and is much faster than Intel i3 ancestor ,, ,,. Video chip embedded in high performance Intel i5 is equivalent to any cheap video card working on bandwidth and bit mica- 64 1-2 GB memory has. Little drawback is that the chip has its own memory as separate video cards and uses 1-2 GB DDR RAM memory, but you wrote that the system has 2-8 GB RAM, therefore, is where to get the memory.
      I came late to this message for you, but I know not published for others to look at Intel site and compare data between processors and technical genuinely to choose a processor with as many functions and then to look at the power and speed ,, ,,! The remaining stories are already GOSSIP!

  7. I greet you, I heard an interesting thing, install OS (Ubuntu or XP can not remember) on RAM, it
    can? RAMDISK using a program and achieve practically a RAM disk that install OS, but earlier you said that RAM is volatile, so basically restart or wipe all that remains intact with OS dik?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      We've got a tutorial on RAMDISK I find using the search box at the top right

    • I gave up Windows.
      After "tasting" an operating system running in RAM, it's like a drug! (you get totally dependent). Mine is crumbling in 8GB of RAM
      Regarding your problem, read here:
      "How NOT to install Puppy Linux"

      • It would be faster if I use ECC RAM.
        Can Intel and AMD will introduce support for ECC and consumer range.
        Now you need to use Intel Xeon if you want to keep your integrity intact as data is written and read from RAM.
        For those who do not know:
        ECC means "error correcting code" and helps us verify and maintain the integrity of data that is transferred to and from RAM at very high speeds.

        • That's right, but it costs money. I have no "power", I do NOT produce. I'm super happy with how tahrpup 6.0.2 moves only in RAM (I removed the ssd and hdd). For over half a year I haven't had any crashes, viruses or other problems, although I still get "x-rays"

  8. Hi, may occur in the future and a tutorial on how to optimize Windows 8.1 (10), so that it runs better with a smaller RAM. Thank you!

  9. Do you speicificat the tutorial's hard drives differences in eg if you have a SATA hard 2 is slower as the sata and sata 3 3 1 can transfer up to GB / s. If I am not mistaken. and you do not always eat speicificat that everything nesatulu windows. best use linux and you will see big differences in everything and in addition linux opens in 1 2 seconds or more than one application compared to windows and do not need maintenance applications on Linux. almsgiving and can encourage users to use Linux tutorials hub. and so that all Romanians have broken windows and viruses.

    • Hard disks do not matter if they are on SATA1, 2 or 3. The HDD is not so fast as to saturate the SATA1 interface at least (150 MB / s)
      Not to mention SATA2 or SATA3 that can carry data at a speed that 300 600 MB / s.
      Hard disks can be easily mounted on sata2 or sata1, I put them on sata2 on all and the ssd is on SATA3 because it needs a fast interface.
      Only if you want to install about 4 hard disks in RAID 0, you have to put them on sata3.
      In RAID0 HDD speed is summed, at least theoretically, practically does not scale quite so well.

      • straw matters somewhat. look i have a pc sata old and has support only for 2 1 2 sata connection and it says to pc transfer rate that is much lower than the PC that supports SATA newest 2 3 and I here I mean that if you have a SATA hard 3 so hard not move the PC even if you have an SSD. and nothing 3 if you have a sata sata port connected 2 if these ports are not universal sata2 / I do not compare well understood 3 a hard drive with sata ssd only is improvement compared 3 2 SATA hard drives. I mean improvement as read and write data faster. at least to me is the difference where 3 connect sata hard drive. now can depend on other circumstances. I tested the pc sata 3 old sata port 2 to speak slower and transfer the same stuff I put to compare.

        • I forgot to say that I have only one hard enough 1 TB as my super. and I have a suggestion to comments would be good to put an edit button to edit coment coment eg 5 minutes for editing. Answers to 100 not forget that the world adauce something after posting

  10. Sandu al-III said

    Cristi I have seen you curiozitate.Am Windows compatible programs 10.De where you found him? As if I put it probably will not recognize my mouse or keyboard, because most Windows compatible or 7 8, not to mention the programs that do not exist for Windows 10.

    • Constantin said

      Hello, Sandu I want to tell you that today I installed Windows 10 thousand x64 Enterprise and admitted everything from PC. I have a mouse and a keyboard HP di year 2009. Next I'll let you deduct.

  11. A live videotutorial the difference between intel vs dedicated NVIDIA integrated graphics. I'm not saying that is bad but not the dedicated integrated but not bad really good

  12. Ursut Danut said

    Hi Cristi you are my idol and I want to become like you but please in the future if you can make a video in which to present: How do we remove unseen extensions from chrome!?!?! So when I turn on my PC it goes directly to my Russian site and I cleaned it, but it still does… many commercials… I can't get rid of them, thank you for saying goodbye boss

  13. Andrei Cojocaru said

    How can I make a repack in a game with a nice installer?
    Please play a tutorial in Romanian!

  14. Salty! Cristi, I have a problem with my computer, and I don't know how to fix it myself, so I thought I'd call you. The computer is made to order, I am writing a few details about it: intel(R) core(TM) i5-3470 CPU@ 3.20GHz 320GHz. Installed Memory (RAM) 8.00GB (7.71GB usable). 64-bit,
    Do not know why it's so full and im going harder nor can delete certain programs, and everything comes shed download: // C instead: // d how to download them automatically: /// D, if you can help please contact me by email.
    Thank you !

  15. Anderson said

    Hi, I want to ask you, when I start a series of tutorials Free-BSD UNIX, for example how to make a server apache, ftp, mysql database, etc. I notice that you have not talked about it and maybe it's time to start a series. What do you think?

  16. A new tutorial "how to choose a processor, ssd .." on pc and laptop, technology has evolved, as a suggestion, I think it interests many. Write what do you say?

  17. thanks for this videotutorial even something you expect to emerge about this topic
    A few days before I had written a comment on the windows xp settings tutorial page… where I wrote some problems that appeared to me… Thank you for everything and for the attention you gave me 🙂
    Cristi thanks!

  18. Constantin said

    Hello everyone I have and I have a request to you Cristi Adrian I recommend you to a DNS server that does not give me serious problems or what not, to register a domain ¨exemplu.com¨ or ¨exemplu.net ¨ I do not wish ¨exemplu.ro¨. Thank you.

  19. We introduce openSUSE, Cent OS and if you are seem something worth knowing?

  20. victorstoicescu said

    We salut.Laptop old 1800Mhz, 1G ram, ide.Se interface can be installed ssd and if it's worth? Where can I find more details about it. Thank You.

    • Costelina said

      BIOS from IDE to AHCI change then installs Windows
      if you do not want to install it for this setting to get a blue screen

      and restarts meeting

    • victorstoicescu said

      thanks for nothing

    • Costelina said

      with your mouth you said that your laptop is old and has IDE interface (AHCI in BIOS if it has nothing of chicken
      SSD satisfied? if that setting is how do I tell you otherwise nothing of chicken)
      if it's worth it ………… ..
      il try something put him even 2 gb RAM to Aiva
      if you can not find something similar (same frequency with pleasant \ pads that you have)
      then at least get hold of a new stick and uses redy boost function)
      if you do not know what is redyboost search tutorial
      not a politician
      I try to help as much as I know and I
      unthankful and take the gift
      I wrote so I would do if it were my laptop

      • Costelina said

        mounted on any laptop goes a SSD
        even if the interface is SATA IDE cable is all right? Victor Stoicescu
        but to know only prepared Operating System running on SSD is WINDOWS 7
        WINDOWS is the 8 but some PC laptops give some errors at bootup

  21. djnelutu said

    I recently built a PC >>> Gigabyte H87-HD3, i7-4790-3,60ghz, memory ram corsair 8gb 1600ghz, ssd kingston 200gb, 500watt source. the problem is that it refuses to use all the 8gb of ram, it uses only 4gb, what settings to make a bios to use 8gb of ram and at 1600 ghz, currently it uses only 4gb of ram at 1330.

    • Costelina said

      install an OS on 64 bit and use more than 4 gb RAM (if needed)

      so you are novice or

      May tells us more human way of knowing what you did there


    • Costelina said

      give up Windows XP
      understand that the sites are changing and if you change your system's operation is not ready (with daily updates) and the browser also automatically freezes on contact with the internet simply
      Not to mention that the black edition and other means that it is not even original custom and if it is old in vain understand you install another browser like mozilla or chrome or opera they come all over poor soul who's old IE overwhelmed by the situation
      look if you put a Windows 7 and you do daily updates of IE will 11
      Windows IE 8 10 as is necessary and all integrated into it
      or do you put a Linux (Mint or Ubuntu) but be a new version
      and see the difference
      and Linux Windows viruseaza harder than everybody says so

      • Costelina said

        very very important before you install an OS saves everything necessary from the PC sticks
        DVD or external hard drive

    • I also had the same pattern, with the 550 m2 ghz Celeron, I added that I was only 1 gb ram, I managed to get a plate 2gb, a difference was, but not what I wanted, if you want to invest, although I do not see why you do it, you could take his ssd and ram. Find sh market and better CPUs for him, and not least the move to linux, namely the puppy or lite or q4os, besides this you only have the option to give him something to stop receiving it. Think it was an entry-level laptop when it was new, after 7 years, which means eternity in it not to be exceptional. I gave it and I went to the desktop, not a moment sorry. Break A Leg.

  23. Very interesting and helpful this videotutorial.
    thank you.

  24. victorstoicescu said

    FOR COSTELINI …… ..I also asked a question… are you a POLITICIAN ????
    the object can give an answer?
    for the others…. HELP

  25. victorstoicescu said

    I like everything related to IT&C, I like to share the experience and information I accumulate every day. I'm learning to teach you!
    I asked myself a question; can answer?

  26. dan scarlat said

    player of World of Tanks

  27. hello .. I use Advanced SystemCare 8 free version for 'cleaning' .. interesting article but excluding a 'copy - paste', I do not have a button like send to a friend this article .. I have friends who 'take off' the PC from cause of dust ..

  28. Ricardo said

    All software-tools for cleaning, wiping Cleaners Repair, Uninstall, do the same job. The problem is that lack of money, all Romanians use full versions or TRIALL-FREE-limited. These demos are specially made to work 80% maximum, compared to the full version which sells RTL FULL money. Any TRIALL (version Technical, Professional, Ultimate, Business) remain all TRIALL albeit apparently fooled by KEY and CRACK or PATCH. Software makers know this and therefore leaves a port of entry, they all Triall knowing about limitation of operation.
    Because of this, these demo versions will not delete / repair… 100% completely. The rest is already CANACAN for Marketing!

  29. Howdy guys,
    you make a videotutorial about integrated video processor?
    I have a few questions:
    1. how can we solve the problem when it crashes the integrated video processor?
    2. if you have integrated video processor and video card in the slot can go both simultaneously?
    3. video card in the slot when you need to stop the video is integrated in the Bios? And what are the steps?
    4. how strong is an integrated video? can handle the action games for a few hours?

  30. Costelina said

    what do you see as much is done
    Cristi has made several tutorials on new and AMD and Intel processors
    performance to you then you have to turn when you configure a PC to install video card and processor from the same company, AMD Radeon ATI and Nvidia Intel
    As integrated video processor if you do not have PC games and _ only for office work then it's ok
    for that in my opinion it would be appropriate a proc Intel
    If you want gaming and graphics performance when AMD is the champion with an ATI
    best looking in the box to the top right of this page and you will surely find what you are looking even as you get an idea an idea about what others have tried before you and are more advanced
    I guess one to use Windows Games preferably with daily updates do not settle for Windows XP if games are newer

    • Costelina said

      and to respond to the last question
      housing (unit) to be ventilated well from front to rear cables are arranged so as not to impede
      ventilation power source to be able and then not be a problem if you run a game for several hours

  31. Hello! My question would be this: why after the computer starts the click other commands do not react? no program starts by clicking on the desktop…., only after the command ctr + alt + del
    task manager., and occurs when the task manager Works fine on win xp .. whether they win 7
    and even after installation.
    if you can help me…
    thank you

    • Costelina said

      from what I remember he went like Windows 2000

    • Strangely enough. I had a go in the startup program, and then I could not use the mouse. Could I use only about 2 seconds to start the software in question. I had to go into safe mode (PC during startup F8 key press) to uninstall that program. When you say it strange if this happens right after installing the operating system. Try a clean version of Windows such as the Enterprise on Technet.

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