Disable Google Now and Google Search on Android

Hello friends, today's tutorial to see how disable Google Now (now Google) and Google search box (Google Search) that is always on the home screen of our Android phone. Also Google search box with Google Now we meet and tablets running the Android operating system.
Although using a smartphone for a long time, about the time of 2.3 Android Gingerbread, I have not used even once Google search box that is always on the phone's home screen. If 2.3 Android Google search box could be moved or removed from the home screen on Android Jelly Bean does not happen so. This is always the home screen of your phone or tablet can not be removed, resized or moved, basically we are dealing with a persistent search box.
The moments when I "use" the Google or Google Now search box (because these two are closely related) are when I want to pull the drawer with notifications down and by mistake, instead of touching the Status bar, I touch the search box Google. It's pretty annoying because once you reach the search box you have to wait a bit (especially if you have a slightly weaker smartphone) for it to initialize and then exit it or remove it from the Task Switcher (application manager / tasks to switch between open applications)
The same happens with Google Now in Jelly Bean that can be activated with a gesture (tap / hold / swipe up) with your finger on the Home button and pulling up. Now how can activate Google disturbing when using Pie Launcher (the pie) instead of the navigation bar (navigation bar with buttons Back, Home, Manager applications) that comes default with Android that hides only when there you use. Now Google can be activated accidentally and when playing some games for Android is quite unpleasant to be interrupted in the game.
For this reason we will see together how we can disable persistent Google search bar and Google Now and how we can reactivate later if we change our minds and decide to use them. Now I remind you that Google search box and Google are closely related, actually both part of the same application. Unfortunately we can not selectively disable only one of them without resorting to methods that require root or use a custom ROM or a third party launcher.


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  1. hello I do not find it interesting tutorial that is too few Android 4.4 and especially touch buttons incorporated directly as most of the market is nexus samsung
    I phone ZTE Grand X IN and all the work you did is where you have the launcher settings Enable / Disable Persistent Search Bar

    • Adrian Gudus said

      What job does Android 4.4 with this tutorial? Be a little more careful and read texxtul above tutorial!
      Search or Google Search bar exist in any version of Android!
      Now Google has recently introduced version of Android Jelly Bean 4.1 but Search is in Android from the beginning!

    • Sorry I did not google ICS 4.0.4 so now I misunderstood tutorial I just read the truth that I did not play the video
      Or as I appreciate the time and work you pay for this site, I learned and learned a lot more news here

  2. Andi Turcu said

    Adrian, that all you talked about voice search, I do not use it, but when I want to speak a message (without typing it) to send anyone tells me I can not access it, was forced to turn Wi netul-Fi or mobile. Why? Can you help me, please e!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Google Now or Spech to text (because it is used in google now) is a cloud based technology (cloud-based).
      Basically when you activate Google now and say words they are processed and compared quickly with a database in the cloud for better accuracy. For Google now to be able to communicate with the "database" it needs the internet and hence the need for a data connection.
      Some of the information is processed in the Google cloud and then sent to your phone fast and asambalte

  3. Interesting tutorial. I would like to do tutorials about programming languages ​​and their purpose.
    Good luck!

  4. For me, I'm going to delete Android 4.1

  5. Adrian what it's called or where to find the weather widget like you or where you are in the playstore with that name?

  6. May guys some PCs, some Windows programs for windows, something about the progamare or about interesting sites and I say no?

  7. Catalin.81-Rm.S said

    Welcome. A useful tutorial, I guess as a service in less leaves more resources available hardwire.
    I have a question related to the default android theme (in black): Is there a way to disable a custom theme of a manufacturer (Alcatel in my case) and move to the original Android theme / icons? Or have they been removed and replaced with custom ones? White background on Alcatel of menus, agenda, sms, etc. I find it tiring… and how much trouble does it have with battery life?

  8. what games you play

  9. try a launcher like nova that makes your phone interface to look like a nexus one found in Android Market

  10. I also agree with you about Google Now and to some extent Google Search, why we use applications that are not% to% compatible in our territory, or why we use Google Now & Search if we are at a disadvantage and others in other states are at an advantage.
    Anyway, Google Now is a nonsense application that Google promotes very intensely and that I will never use…

  11. Very good tutorial, I disabled this application Google Now while watching the tutorial because it is a useless app for me.

  12. adrian hi, can you tell me what weather widget are you using?

  13. Welcome. It can make a tutorial on cryptolocker virus? I searched and did not find much about him. With respect.

  14. What about the project Hackintosh?

  15. Guys you do not watch your tutorials on my Ipad requires flash. How can I watch flash content?

  16. Hi guys! Can make a tutorial on how to flash a BIOS UIM to a video card?

  17. Minutu at 08: 12 my name appears on google +

  18. Hello. How did you install the ROM virtual machine?

  19. varzaruluigi said

    Hello! This method is valid for other applications? for example I have no root and I want to get out and other preinstalled applications. Thank you.

  20. Mihai Catalin g said

    How to Loose: how get rid of the status bar in android 4.0.4
    WHY THE HOME, BACK AND WATCH notice I do not know why?
    or I like to trade?

  21. George said

    Thanks for this tutorial, I managed to escape thanks to Google Now a rom Google Play Edition 4.4.2 a Samsung S4.Stii got any application that starts and stops your phone at a certain time and an alarm that starts with the phone closed?

  22. Thanks a lot.

  23. hello there. I have a problem. I have a viper v1 Allview phone, and last night I walked through the greaseala settings and enabled Google Now, the top of the phone and tap the screen wherever you go on google now and tells me to download. Please can someone help me, and make me disappear somehow there

  24. AndiJudea said

    Thanks, I really needed this tutorial, now I'm glad that * * ^ * Google Toolbar won't bother me anymore, ty for help.

  25. it was useful to me… thank you!

  26. Thanks, all application and show me how to meet off!

  27. Very interesting and well explained tutorial. Thank you very, very helpful!

  28. was helpful Thank you very much for the tutorial

  29. hello .. How remove / delete the android 5.1. ??

  30. As remove the lolipot? 5-5.1 verse ??? no one is answering??

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