We're carried away with sugar, that's the truth. Every day we are convinced (fools) with more and more tempting offers with Unlimited Net. The unlimited net is one of these offers that no one can resist anymore. However, we must be aware that at this time, with this technology, it is almost impossible, as a service provider… [Read more...]

Earthquake alert on the phone ahead with 30 seconds

Earthquake alert on the phone 30 seconds before Earthquake alert on the phone 30 seconds before Earthquakes in Romania Romania is a country where earthquakes have caused quite a lot of casualties and property damage. Here is a list of all the major earthquakes that have been reported through casualties and damage. Prediction or Anticipation… [Read more...]

How to Choose an Air Conditioning, Cheap vs Expensive

How to choose an air conditioner, cheap vs expensive The choice of an air conditioner must be made carefully. If at first most of us think about price, you should know that branded air conditioners offer very important advantages compared to the no name ones. What is the biggest problem of cheap air conditioners If we pass… [Read more...]

Test of strength tempered glass protector

Hi friends, today is the time to test the tempered glass screen protector. For those who still don't know what a tempered glass protector is, you can watch the tutorial in which I showed what it is and how to apply tempered glass foil. In today's tutorial I will be very harsh with this tempered glass protector for my phone, in plus for [Read more...]

Rainlendar, desktop calendar synchronized with Google Calendar and Android - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial we will meet an application that helps us manage time more efficiently, the application is called Rainlendar and is available for Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu or other distributions, in addition Rainlendar is a free program even in the pro version. Maybe at first glance Rainlendar looks like RainMeter but I assure you that… [Read more...]

How to avoid threats on the net, part 1 autoinstall servers - video tutorial

Hi friends, I'm Neculau Constantin, many of you know me from the comments section, there I have the ID "corleone". In this tutorial I will present the Radmin software, this is a remote assistance and remote control software, in fact the tutorial does not aim to present the software itself, we will see some methods by which malicious people can enter… [Read more...]

Data recovery if windows no longer works with Puppy Linux - video tutorial

Hi friends, I'm Dan and in this video tutorial we will see how to recover data from C: partition, when the operating system no longer wants to start for various reasons. If, for any reason, Windows (XP, Vista, it doesn't matter) doesn't want to start and you have files to recover, you have several options: - System Repair after the CD… [Read more...]

Online editors similar to Adobe Photoshop right here on the site - online tools

Hi friends, this is not a video tutorial as I used to, today on this page you will find two online graphic editors, just like Adobe Photoshop or Gimp, the difference is that those must be installed, and those you find on this page you can control them directly from the browser. I advise you to have the latest version of Flash Player installed, [Read more...]

LightScribe a simple disk printing technology - HD video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial I will present LightScribe technology, this is an interesting option that we have had for some time and with which we can print discs compatible with LightScribe technology in monochrome shades. In order to use LightScribe, we need 3 things: 1. DVD writer drive compatible with LightScribe technology,… [Read more...]

Gimp free photo editing software part 3, selection selections - HD video tutorial

Hi friends are Dan, today we will continue the tutorial about Gimp, this is the third part where we will talk about "Making Selections". Many of you, in the comments section, have compared Gimp with Adobe Photoshop, adobe photoshop is a program dedicated to the PRO segment and cannot be compared in any way with Gimp, which is 100% free, however [Read more...]