360 degrees movies on YouTube

360 degrees movies on YouTube
Hi friends, today I have something interesting for you. The new technology that people at Google have managed to implement Google Chrome, Android and iOS (YouTube client), and here I am referring to filming 360 degrees.
Not to be confused with 3D, which is a much simpler technology. 360 degree video means an interactive filming in which you can move the "camera" back and forth. You can see practically any frame, whether it is left, right, front, back, up or down.
Now who is watching the cameraman, then the image should not be twice the same. Depending on who follows the shooting, it might be different.
This technology can be used in many fields. First of all in sports competitions, where you can see everything from any angle at any time, not just what your classic camera looks like… What? Was he offside?
Perhaps in the future will be able to zoom in video or digital it and whether technology will advance.
How does YouTube 360?
First you have to have a room capable of shooting at 360 degrees.
Following is why you go on youtube info section 360 and download resources, it's not just child's play.
Certainly shortly 360 video upload process for degrees will be simpligicat, but until then you must fight head with Python scripts.
Imagine a football field, where there are high resolution 360 cameras in all corners. You have virtually no way to miss a foul. You will see when the goalkeeper scratches his nose, or when the referee receives a lighter in the head.
Fuck these Germans…
Playlist 1 - video360 grade Youtube
Playlist 2 - 360 degree video Youtube
These shots only works on Google Chrome or Android or YouTube client on iOS.
Merge and YouTube client on iOS!

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  1. Constantin said

    Hi Cristi, some time ago I asked and have agreed to do a tutorial on Asus router that you you own, how to put it into AP mode. I still expect that tutorial and I was not asking myself that this tutorial. Thanks.

    • I have something scheduled and after that I will speak Acess Point Links. Because, any router can also be acess point, not only Asus.
      Now they are so cheap routers that you can use as AP, to make your dream Wi-Fi network, covering super concrete.

  2. Good evening! I asked myself some time ago a tutorial on installing Windows 8 and 8.1 in UEFI.Va way please do it because I want to clarify some things about Secure Boot, GPT partitioning in that will automatically partition so if UEFI from what I read and whether this type of installation is recommended for those with SSD.In Secondly I think it is a topic that will interest the many people who not only UEFI mine.Sper you should do soon because I do not think is an issue left a parte.Am read something on the internet but are not cleared if it's good or not your opinion total.Vreau per your own after the point of view, how you instal; to you if will be! A good evening!

  3. Daniel Radu said

    But i do not go on your phone.
    He shows me a strange picture with gyro and neither walks nor finger

  4. Florin said

    Cristi, as can be seen on YouTube more than 480p on your phone?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Do you buy a top smartphone with a display resolution 4K and next-generation processor and you can see YouTube clips at resolutions higher than 480.

      • stefan said

        I did not 4k resolution display. I 1080p a nexus. no processor generation is gone. and I can see very well 1080 on youtube.
        I do not take you to the ras adrian display of 4k. adrian 4k you?
        Florin depends on what phone you have. it was good if you said. you must have in the menu when you open a video to change the resolution. three points one below the other. and open subtitle options, image quality…

        • Adrian Gudus said

          What are we talking about? Nexus has very good specifications even today. If you have a Galaxy Young with a 3.5 - 4.5 inch display and a display resolution of 480 x 800, do you still have demands for resolutions higher than 480 on YouTube? YouTube resolution is available depending on the capabilities and performance of the device that will play those clips. It is not the first time I meet people who buy a 200 lei smartphone and claim to do (that device) or behave (those devices) like the top ones with the latest generation processor, high-performance camera, super resolution and large display.

          • Adrian Gudus said

            Like other person above that has a Young Galaxy but wants 360 degrees on YouTube. That is a phone that barely moves / drags the menus! How much 360 degrees?

          • Florin said

            I just managed to watch Full HD videos with an alternative to YouTube… with that phone that on YouTube "supports" only 480p. Thanks for the reply, but useless.

          • Marius L. said

            And to help you as you watch HD content on a display 480p ??????????? You will not notice any difference because it allows you not display !!! What is the logic ??
            PS: Bre, Adrian, and you end up with these answers useless :))))))))))

  5. Daniel Radu said

    When I go on youtube tablet wifi signal dies

  6. bogdan said

    Hi Adrian and Cristian! Thank you for your videotutorialele! I learned a lot from you! I wanted to ask you if you plan future upgrade to Windows 10 the licensed operating systems, Windows 7,8,8.1.Avem likely to a videotutorial? Thanks in advance for your response, and hope not too much to ask.

    • First one to make one for preparing the installation and installation.
      Then we will see whether to make and update.
      In fact, the update process is very simple and not lose data. Simply follow the on-screen wizard, Windows takes care of everything. When it is available, Windows 10 a list to find Windows Update, the optional updates.

      • bogdan said

        if we RETAIL license for win7, and make updates to Win 10, you think has retail or OEM will become? I found on Google raspunsul.Multumesc again!

  7. Cristi welcome. I want to make a UEFI tutorial how we can install with the option of making an instant flash your Windows with your Windows hard slope (the factory had a slope Restaurants and install by clicking on a button and your Windows)
    PS if the instant flash install if I'm not mistaken.

  8. Hi Cristian, Adrian. everyone.
    I have a webcam Microsoft LifeCam HD 3000.
    The low resolution of the image is stable 640 360 x. When giving higher resolution camera image moves erratically in all directions.
    Another problem: sometimes do not catch someone fluent movement that passes in front of the camera, but jumps on images or stops in an image.
    The camera has been tested on many computers with powerful video cards and it is the same: at low resolution it is stable, at a resolution higher than 640 × 360 the image moves in all directions.
    The camera is mounted at the gate, and USB cable has 12 m length from the camera to the computer.
    How can I fix the problem may still image camera / stable at high resolution?

    • The USB cable is not working properly on large length. Maxim 4m or 5m, and that quality cables, shielded properly.
      Besides technical issues, webcams are not profitable for outdoor surveillance. The lens is not designed for that, not UV filters, etc. An IP camera is quite accessible today. In addition to IP cameras with SD slot are autonomous, not dependent on computer or other storage device.
      Why you complicit?

      • I solved thanks to Cristian tie. Thanks.
        You were right, I changed the old cable shielded with another of the same length as, and has led usb red end mother. Now the camera goes well and high resolution.
        For now I can not afford financially IP camera so I use this webcam, that's when Romanu is poor: resort to improvisation, he is doing what is.
        All the best.

  9. ViorelR said

    and me I would be interested in a tutorial to explain: GPT vs MBR, secure boot, UEFI, thanks.

  10. Cristi greeting installer CM method you prezentato in an older tutorial and I can put Asus Padfone Infinity CyanogenMod on a fare 2 ... bricuesc him.?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Try it! If CM Installer does not work with your smartphone model, the installer will notify you by message and will not let you continue.

  11. Mariusss said

    I just installed special chrome to try this with 360 ° and do not go. I gave them my clips 360 and look exactly like mozilla. what would it be?

  12. Mariusss said

    Windows 7, 32 bit

  13. Mariusss said

    I just tested it on an Android 4.1.1 tablet with 1 gb ram, dual core 1.6 processor and 1280 × 720 screen. latest youtube version.
    Do not go.
    It is still too weak these specs?
    or can only go on lollipop…

  14. how can i separate the songs from a video collage (ex- if they are 5mel together to separate them one by one) can someone help me ??? what is the name of the program as if it was one…, ms in advance

  15. I have a question where to find older screenshots? I took a screenshot without having to save it and then another that I saved how do I find the other one (I did screen in the browser).

  16. I suffered this thing too, after watching the video instead of scrolling up or down, I left clicked 😀 😀 😀 so it gets infected….

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