Online movies with subtitles, without wires on TV

Watching movies online is extremely comfortable. You do not have to download movies and subtitles. Everything is a click away.
Unfortunately online movies can be watched not only on PC, phone or tablet.
We'd better we see online movies complete with captions directly on TV without cables; All wireless and extremely simple.

Online movies with subtitles, without wires on TV

Chromecast can play movies online at great art, extremely easy. Online movies with subtitles are just a click away. Cat's legal, I do not know? However, everyone can access those sites where there are online all movies with subtitles.
Why do we need to see online movies on tv?
1. A TV with HDMI
2. Chromecast
3. A phone with iOS or Android.
How do we see online movies with subtitles?
1. Access from a mobile favorite movie website online
2. We find favorite movie
3. Chromcast Click on the icon that appears somewhere player
On sites with movies, not all players are supported by Chromecast. Fortunately we have a backup solution, which is mirroring the Android screen. This version consumes more battery power, but it works.

Video tutorial - Online movies with subtitles, wireless, on TV


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  1. Congratulations 2016 first tutorial :)))))))))) Util

  2. Happy Birthday Christ and as many tutorials. Thanks for this tip (information).

  3. First rind..LA HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
    Sorry for deviating from the subject but I want to ask you something… a few months ago I switched from windows 7 to 10 through upgrades and I was not too happy because the system boots hard… about 2,5 minute 3 minutes with ssd and your colleague Adrian advised me to try an installation from scratch… I installed windows 10 from scratch but the same thing happens… it boots in 3 min… and in windows 7 it starts in about 25 sec.
    Do you have an explanation… solution.
    Thank you.

        But activating AHCI in windows 10 is different than Cristi explained in that tutorial… I found it but it was already activated and in addition I didn't find AHCI in the laptop bios… I read some AHCI drivers about a bios update..I don't know if this it's the solution because in windows 7 I didn't go to anything and the system started in 25 sec.
        thanks anyway…

        • what laptop? Get on the manufacturer's website and make them immediately BIOS update, plus drivers to have the exact model zi.Zi

          • HP Pavilion Entertainment Notebook PC dv7-6b11ev
            this is the model… but I repeat in windows 7 I have not changed any settings and the system starts in 25 sec with ssd kingston v300.
            I do a BIOS update and tell you after you changed something

          • driverele.Daca updates and even then, I would try Windows 10 .If not even go so you can go back to windows 7 when you want, in 30de days

  4. Cristi Happy Birthday and congratulations for all you do for us.
    You could do a tutorial about Kodi.

  5. It's nice badly background. Where can I get it?

  6. What software do catch 4k?

  7. Many sites online movie site have advertisements around the player or when you start, it's a tool you can block ?. Dc access the phone's crazy, it opens several tabs with commercials, games etc. On PC it going, but those commercials annoys me. Happy birthday and many Videotutorial in 2016;)
    Chromecat is super cool, I cumaparat him after I saw the first Videotutorial.

    • First, we must be realistic.
      Those sites are not entitled to publish those movies. It is illegal what they do there.
      Therefore, although we can not approve these activities, they exist and those managers put their skin in brine, for posting online movies with subtitles.
      Keeping an online site, cost, and not less. Therefore they put quite annoying commercials for mainstream that advertisers do not want to work with them.
      Annoying pop-up ads can also be found on well-known sites (protv) (antenna1), so to stop the sounds, the rollovers and all the mess, which you can't even find.
      As if these guys do not want to visit their websites. As if sabotage their visitors.
      Bai nene, there are hypocrites, and we publicutate, but not like salt on you to take your eyes out. The new ads are available in fixed spaces, obedient, where moves. If a man is interested in the product presented in the ad is good, if not ignore and ready. But we do not pop up, like demand, subscription, rollover, mouse over, autoplay, autoshit self-kaka-maka, etc.
      Crazy world!

      • marian said

        Well, maybe the world understands what it means to run a movie site. I've heard from someone that a user has filed a petition against his site because he did not make a subtitle as soon as the movie appeared. Absurd not?
        As a recommendation for TV movies, I say that… ..edited… is a good solution and it works very well.
        It does not have all those ads that block your device.

  8. A tutorial on time, because I also watch movies online sites one, But would like to know what those who own or maintain gaining a website that can be filme.Nu who knows what virus behind those films, given that redirects you when you click on other websites, all kinds of porcarii.Cum can check what and cum.Multulesc

    • The administrators of these sites online are like Robin Huzi :-). Steal from the rich and give to the poor.
      What they do is illegal.
      Their gain is relatively small compared with the risks.
      Eventually it will close. This will probably happen when a player like Netflix enters the market, who will put "pressure" on these guys by any method.
      I have nothing against them, not judge them. I will say that is the reality.
      Something with her distribution companies, broadcasters and the state, not the first part.

  9. Hello Cristi and Happy Birthday! I've been following you for about 6 years and I've learned a lot from the tutorials you do. Now please if you can help me solve a problem. I have an Asus laptop, I had windows 8.1 bing on my laptop, the smart touchpad helps me to do more things zoom in with two fingers up and down… I updated to windows 10 everything is ok, then they asked me to update again and they put windows 10 in my family
    (I do not know if I did well) then these functions have virtually disappeared. I can enable somewhere? It's a big minus for teaching me along with ele.Am an application in computer called the ASUS Smart Gesture and suspect that no longer work, but do not know what practic.Am seen it more that asta.Daca face the problem you could do even a small tutorial .Multumesc and I wish you a good year.

    • George is trying to go to the Asus website and look for the diver from your laptop model..see what model you would type on google model and go to the drivers section… and there you should also find the Asus Smart Gesture drive… for Windows 8.1… but no problem it should also fit on Windows 10..install it and see how it is… if it doesn't will have to wait for the Official WHQL driver from Asus especially for windows 10.
      Happy New Year.

  10. Daniel Radu said

    Sorry to deviate from the subject, but I have a Galaxy S3 (i9300) and I have CyanogenMod 11 and I received the update at 13, and every time I try to do the update, in TWRP it shows me that the target is something like this: i9300xx…, and when I reboot, it has bootloop, can you help me? (At boot it shows me the CyanogenMod 13 boot image)

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You gave a wipe Dalvik cache and wipe after update? If not, enter into recovery and wipe Dalvik give and wipe cache

      • Daniel Radu said

        I tried several times:
        1. I deleted ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING (System, Data, Cache, Dalvik Cache…), well, apart from internal memory and card
        2.Am installed over, and wiped Cache and Dalvik Cache and
        Anyway, thanks for. response
        If you have a solution, I would like to be without deletion, pt. I have a game (Shadow Fight 2) in which I worked very hard.

  11. Happy Birthday and only good… When you can do a tutorial about google nexus player….

  12. Hello Cristi and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm writing to you for the first time. I also have a problem with the start and stop sounds in windows 8.1 pro. I opened the sounds and checked the Play Windows Startup Sound box I gave a restart but it has no effect and I don't know what to do. If you can help me… Thank you

    • Adrian Gudus said

      In other applications of the operating system in audio / video player you sound? If not, you need to install drivers for sound

  13. Happy Birthday Cristi,
    Everything that you want for yourself and your loved ones to find the most in 2016.

  14. The best solution Raspberry pi2 + OSMC

  15. Thanks for the tutorial! I find it very useful, but I think that the solution proposed by you is "beaten" by KODI. Eventually you can develop a series of tutorials about KODI. It works flawlessly on everything that means Android but also on the Windows platform!
    Thanks again!
    And happy birthday!

  16. html 5 still has problems. and anyway this technology is still in its infancy. the best method is the chicken version 2 mirror like you said telefonu charged. so you can watch the movies without any problems oricunde, videos etc. and those that scriputurile You said anu let cromcast can change console when you see detealii html (goole chrome) and modify the script to allow you to refresh and go. but it's more complicated if you do not know what it's called in the script and what to do. ok so the mirror version is my opinion.

  17. Happy Birthday
    Going to do the sopcast streaming on Android.
    By the way a good site for commercial-free movies

  18. Cristian said

    A better solution seems an Android TV Box, which have much more capabilities (I have a tronsmart S89 vega and I can say that is super good, cause any format even 4 K)

  19. Happy Birthday and good health

  20. Happy birthday and as many video tutorials as possible! I am grateful to you for your activity and thank you! Now strictly on the subject. I understand how things are with watching subtitled movies online "without wires", but I find it very easy to watch movies still using ONE CABLE for PC (tablet) -TV connection… This simply means convenience / ease! I repeat, I do not dispute the article, but this seems to me the most convenient. In my opinion! Pt. I use Mozilla with the adblock suite, there are three, I hope I'm not wrong and I manage to "string" the ads. One observation: the quality of online movies does not compare with the version that can be downloaded from torrents, it is true and the "volume" is different, from 1Gb to jump to 4/5/7 Gb ca So when I want to see the movie at a high quality I usually download it on a stick and watch it from the tv player, or, if I can't stand it, pc-tv. Regards,

  21. Happy Birthday!

  22. Happy Birthday!
    Chromecast between PC and TV work? would be great.
    We thank the team for everything he did for us.

  23. YouTube is presented Chromecast connection between PC and TV ( ). I do not yet have Google Chromecast 2.0 can test it. We can help with information who owns Chromecast 2.0 if it works?

  24. Andreo Bozga said

    Cristi good job. felicitarii !!!!
    I want to make a video about antivirus that can run on a PC weaker and what you can run on your PC better.
    thank you

  25. Chromecast connection between your PC and TV via Google Chrome goes well, filmelede titration from PC to TV I can watch the videostream Chrome extension. I Chromecast 2.0

  26. I ordered for a Chromecast 2.0, waiting to come and try. Thanks for the reply,

  27. Hello.

    A useful tutorial. Especially as I was zoned Chromecast if they're worth it or not. Because until some time ago it was limited and Amazon firetv seemed more useful (and Romania since now with Netflix.

    Question: What software do you capture on your phone? A name or at least a tutorial? And even the 3rd question… .with what program do you edit the videos you upload online?

    Thank you very much!

  28. Lawrence said

    Hello guys. Happy Birthday.! I wish you a 2016 with a lot of health and accomplishments. I also propose a minefield 🙂 for, namely…. Car diagnoses, inputs, changes in car parameters, maybe some backup of car data. I know it's hard, maybe dangerous, because you put a lot of personal things at stake, but I think a lot of people would be interested. It would be a new segment and maybe an extension of visitors. VIDEOTUTORIAL RESPECT. EN

  29. Dorin Bentea said

    Mr Cristian Cismaru

    With much respect and consideration I Thankyou, for that despite the busy schedule, you have deigned to answer your my baby Vlad Bentea on several issues, though I warned not to be stressed, that not to abuse with intrebarile.Vreau to confess as 10 15 or years since I came by chance your site (back then do the work patriotic, that impartaseati novices like me who barely knew u take mouse in hand, although I 50 years :)) money and this is proof DVS man of great character !! Share your your your vast knowledge of IT) So as I said, since I gave you no longer had to I call anyone to fix my PC and it was a big deal for me. Who called you to make your PC me and told me to also show me, or did not want (eg, :)) I was a cash cow) or does not understand anything making me think times are pre old and bad times is extremely complicated, that's because the guys did not know to explain the course of all, what action you (here seen that you have not worn elbows through college studying many of today ,, ,,, I do not deserve to keep).
    Again thank you and assure all my consideration and respect !!!!. Now probably think I'm tinereii a dosuri.Creada Poupe of what they want, the truth is you do you helped save money

    PS .: pity that countries are not at the helm 25% MACAR people like DVS-O would otherwise our little country DRAGA.LA your knowledge LEJER Gase WORKING OUTSIDE BUT, you have chosen to do something in COUNTRY, WHERE denote PATRIOT AND THAT YOU WILL RESPECT more.A PT HAPPY NEW YEAR AND everything you want !!! DEARFULLY

    Dorin Bentea

    • Dorin Hello, thank you for your words and I'm glad I could help.
      I came home with money only about 3 years, then began to walk on job, just to be fair.
      Finally, I enjoy myself, not money, but the appreciation and interest in tutorials that we do here. I'm not saying that money does not matter, but it seems more like stimulates me.
      I am like a child (from 38), which is not necessarily interested in money, but more discretion. When I say appreciation, not thinking of applause or praise, but the true interests of visitors to the tutorial for the subject. Just like children who do not enjoy the money, but more like play, movement, praises and newer tablets / phones.
      I'm usually modest, but now I have to be realistic and say that a person, after watching the tutorials on this site, can build a career. Who has patience and will….
      Thanks again, and please, don't call me "Mr. Cristi" anymore, because I feel like I'm getting on my feet. I still need a Corega / Fixodent subscription…

      • Dorin Bentea said

        Hahahahahahah, I liked the phase with "zaharisitj" hahahahaha. Anyway great character and stay calm, only good God is perfect. All the best to you and your loved ones

        • Dorin Bentea said

          I forgot to pass them on to your employees that call girls and guys do not know what they are doing behind the ear, and therefore their all best :))

  30. Cadissen said

    Thanks nice tutorial.
    I also bought my Cromecast 2 and I'm happy with it. It's just that if I try to access movie sites or online TV, my browser, Chrome, is "flooded" with all kinds of ads, such as that my phone software is not updated, or that I have viruses… and the like, accompanied by vibrations, so that my phone crashes and I can't access the sites I wanted.
    Please help me with a solution.
    Thank you.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Hmm, I think you're spoiled!
      A "man" (hiding behind 3 letters RZV) was just telling us in the comments to the tutorial with Netflix that there is no such thing on sites with free online movies, that it's stupid, that there are a lot of sites that have no ads.
      And you are against? Incredible! Well I did not get the avatar that you otherwise.
      Joke aside, this is the price you pay if you want to "enjoy" free content!
      Get in touch with RZV he can give you a site without ads!

  31. Or simply buy an Intel Compute Stick with Win10 and we solved it directly on TV, not to use the phone or tablet. True is more expensive but has other advantages in addition. I use it for several days and moves very well.

  32. Cristian A. said

    Hello Cristi,
    How can I play movies with subtitles on an android application directly on the TV without Chromecast? They can play movies on tv, but unfortunately without subtitles.
    I have a samsung tv, it's not smart, but it has a network cable, connected to the asus router… dlna works well on the hdd connected to the router… on the samsung phone I can stream directly on tv, movies, pictures, music, even movies with subtitles (if the movie and subtitle are local on the phone) through the video player pre-installed on android, but also with bubbleupnp.
    My problem is that I fail to stream the TV complete with subtitles (on an application for android). The phone works perfectly, but on TV just does not load the subtitles.
    I didn't find anything on the net to help me… If I don't have a solution in the current conditions, then I will think about buying this Chromecast.
    I would ask if you can help me with an answer.
    Thank you.

  33. hello, and I cristi.Am a intrebare.t fr.sami please say to me, how can I view online movies with VLC Media Player ??? SAMI DAK CAN THANK YOU EXPLAIN MORE DETALIAT.VA

  34. Hi, look at me on tablets as they open a movie online but when I give the Chromecast not look, thanks

  35. I also have a question unde the sound with this chromecast where is it heard? it can be heard in the TV speakers or in the phone / PC or and / or you can only choose on TV or only where you are streaming. I would take a toy like that too, but it's not clear to me what it's like with the sound 🙂 thanks a lot

  36. anonymous said

    so, everyone is omniscient. The title shows "from PC to TV but chromecast" and the tutorial is with ANDROID) tablet, phone) .. what the hell, you all fooled? .. better day than MAY, I DON'T KNOW, and I don't enter the site anymore.

  37. Kis Zoltan said

    Lately, about 1 the moon is almost impossible to watch on-line subtitle film in English on Samsung Smart 4k TV. I tried inclusive with Chromecast 2 because the built-in Tizen displays problems of loading or insufficient space. As people are tricked up with misleading commercials, especially those from SAMSUNG as well as me. The most suitable solution is a laptop connected via HDMI to a TV SMART:

  38. SERBAN MARIAN said

    I have a big problem, I have 2 cromecast and it works perfectly in all respects less when I project the image or videos with google crome. the option is to design the deskpop. The sound is on TV but the image frozen after 1 second. It worked well this at the beginning, but we updated drivers with Driver max and did not go anymore. The bad part is that I did not take into account the drivers we updated. Now I put the hdmi cable. How do I solve the problem?

  39. alexandru said

    when I project from pc to tv with the chromecast on tv only the subtitle is seen… .what to do?

  40. I tried after the browser even on your site and I do not see the icon with cast?
    Maybe first I have to make all the connections to see on the wifi that there is the possibility of cast, then the player appears on the cast icon?
    Now to tell you a method you can cast the whole screen on the phone and put an application that turns off the screen on the phone so you do not eat your battery. The Sreen off has two helmets on the red icon.

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