NextVid, listening to music on YouTube in background on Android

Hi friends, today I will present an application for Android phones and tablets, the app is called NextVid and allows us to listen to music on YouTube or anything else while you are chatting on facebook or surfing in browser.
The official YouTube application for Android does not allow us to listen to music or podcasts in the background, if you want to listen to in the application is ok, but when open the browser, your facebook, twitter or anything of course YouTube application stops .
NextVid help us with this problem, we can listen to any song on YouTube in the background, we can upload even more tracks in a playlist and they will run one after another, and in this time we can see each other by phone.
The NextVid application is not perfect, it has some bugs that you will probably encounter but nothing
We hope that the YouTube team to integrate formal application this function will definitely happen soon given that phones have enough processing power to run multiple applications simultaneously.
1. If you are on a mobile connection is recommended to use a lower quality video setting, to avoid consuming allocated traffic subscription.
2. If you have a tablet or a smartphone older generation is likely to have problems with the device's lock, you have to keep in mind that not all phones and tablets are the same.
Download NextVid (Listening to music on youtube in the background on Android)


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  1. I used PVSTAR + / store / apps / details? Id =, but it seems interesting and NextVid

    • PVSTAR + no comparison with NextVid (which is a crap application, in my opinion). Sound quality is superior to PVSTAR +, has a more friendly interface, it moves much faster and more.
      Bogdane ms.

  2. Cristi and you do a review of the Samsung Galaxy Gear or LG G2 if you get a sample to you.
    Cristi, Nexus 5 will appear, what are you doing with Nexus 4? see ….

    • If you go this principle, and if you do buy Nexus 5 bad deal, because right over some time will appear 6 Nexus.
      As smart watches, they are still some shit. Why you need a smart watch, which is in addition to the smartphone? Besides, smart watches are awful little autonomy.
      Still not the right place, as evidenced by the huge quantities of watches returned.
      If a manufacturer goes great with anything interesting, smart watches will disappear in the vast garbage dump with failed projects. See what happened 3D screen phones.

      • Adrian Gudus said

        I say we do not buy any Samsung Galaxy S4. Anderson is absolutely right!
        In January there S5 Galaxy on 64 bit processor and RAM 4 GBB. Already Samsung Galaxy S4 is exceeded! (Sarcasm)

  3. On tronsmart mk908 goes to give background music and no pvstar

  4. LG-E400 not going to give background music

  5. Hi, I have the question, What about the Bitcoin.

  6. about iphone why do not we learn?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Because iPhones are more restrictive than Android smartphones. Basically you get what you buy without flexibility to customize (personalize) system as allowed by Android.
      When using Apple products, not you who make decisions about applications, system customization. Apple is the one who knows best what to use, what's good, what does not, you must obey their choices.
      On Android, things are totally different, you have a simple operating system, but extremely powerful, open source you arrange and you are allowed to do what you want, how you want, to customize the smallest details
      Those who buy an iPhone are not interested in improving their user experience, they want something that simply works… without them having to "set up" their system at will to perform certain tasks.
      In general an iPhone is often acchizitionat atehnice people who are interested in IT, technology in general, hacking, customizing or bibileala in the smallest details.
      Very few of those who visit us are users of Apple products. They are exclusive products with a ridiculously high price is not justified.

      • rather, it will never compare iOS to Android, you hear, you can not put what I want on the phone software, I upgraded to ios iphone 7.0.2 4s, and can not put altu above, eg. 6.1.3, absurd, absurd

        • Adrian Gudus said

          On Android it is not. You can return to any version of Android, anytime. You can flash a version lower or higher than that which you have.

  7. Hi Cristi / Adrian. I also record videos with Camtasia playing but I can't manage to export them to the clarity with which they are filmed ... can you tell us what the "secret" is? What settings should we choose when exporting to be as clear as you? It looks great on you.

  8. Salut.Am have a question: Does anyone know how to Enable AHCI in Windows 8.1?

    • This is done in the BIOS, but before installing the operare.Dupa going to have problems, that were not available to May booteze.Acestea Windows 7, I like the Windows 8 / 8.1 are the same.

  9. coachman dorel said

    It doesn't work …… I have a galaxy s4… I'm connected wirelessly….


  1. […] The screen turned on consumes the phone's battery. If we start the youtube application, the phone screen will have to be lit all the time while a video is playing, and this breaks our phone's battery. How to listen to music on youtube with the phone screen locked. we did some more video tutorials on this topic. We have various methods: method 1 (go and download) method 2 (bonus video picture in picture) method 3 method 4 […]

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