Automatic start YouTube, Facebook, Windows startup files

Automatic start YouTube, Facebook, Windows startup files

How to start applications, files or Web pages, including YouTube startup, at startup?
On Windows we have a folder called "Startup". The contents of this folder are executed at the start of the PC and of course the Windows operating system.

Why do we want to start applications or web pages with the PC?

Have you ever thought that somehow can open automatically, along with PC projects you're working on, or a YouTube playlist, or a song or a movie, or document. For that is startup.

1 scenario:
It rises in the morning to leave for work or school and start your PC to listen to a YouTube playlist. YouTube playlist startup in startup with Windows, no longer need to stay beside your PC, than press and eventually the music will start to sing without your intervention.

2 scenario:
You have a lot of work and among other things you want to catch another document to be edited for tomorrow. Nothing simpler - put the document in the startup and it starts at the same time as the computer.

3 scenario:
Want to listen to your favorite YouTube channel when you start your PC, but you're too lazy to wait past him to start, to search YouTube. Just simply put YouTube channel in startup music or whatever there will start with your computer.

Where is the Windows startup folder 10

manual method
C:\users\"userul tău"\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
simple method

How do we RDS startup
Disable Windows Defender updates and 10
Want video wallpaper on your desktop?

How start startup applications?

1. Copy shortcut application
2. Paste the shortcut "paste shortcut" into the startup folder.

How do I start the music, pictures, video or documents in startup?

1. Make sure the file is made, providing details open path
2. copy file
3. Paste the shortcut "paste shortcut" into the startup folder

How start webpage, Facebook or YouTube video in startup?

1. Copy page link
2. Right click in the Startup folder
3. New / shortcut, paste this link on the next page and put a shortcut's name.

The startup folder is good to just put shortcuts to files, applications, folders, web pages. If you put files itself will occupy unnecessary space. They will start so on startup, but will consume unnecessary space partition C:\

Automatic startup of YouTube, Facebook, Windows startup files - Video Tutorial

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  1. Cristi you can help me with a problem, I have a SSD 120gb and HDD 500gb to virtual memory I unchecked automatically manage paging file for all drivers, I checked no paging file for SSD but hdd not know what to make custom size the initial size (MB) and maximum size (MB)!

    • Hi..if you have Windows 8, 8.1 or Windows 10 do not go to paging files leave may generate errors to certain software or programs; it doesn't matter how much Rami you have 8, 16, 32 GB… the system usually needs about 700-1280 MB in page file to work well… ..from Windows 7 and older Vista XP you set a value between what you -I listed above recommended 1216-1280 mb minimum.
      As for SSDs, those times are over with those unchecked ..those and those… New SSDs have technologies implemented in cotrollers that know how to do their job independently of Windows ..
      One thing you need to be careful about… leave at least 10-20% free space always on the SSD for overprovision (write / rewrite cell).
      All the best.

  2. Windows Update 10 Creators ,, ,, (new update Windows)
    On my poor computer with two-way processor and 3 RAM, I installed Windows 10; If I put up the new update, will it work cumbersome? .
    If I meet someone: Thank you.

    • would be to wait until April 11..then is the official release date (Creators Update)… take the ISO image burn it on a dvd or put it on a usb stick with Rufus… and install creators update from scratch ( clean) so you avoid certain incompatibilities..the image should be x86 because you have 3 GB of Ram.
      Can you update and how you want over system or Windows Update..doar there are more risks to get a crash or freeze than the curat..acum you decide.
      All the best.

  3. Hi
    Is it possible to put "Camera app" from Windows 10 in the startup folder?
    I use the "camera" app on a webcam that monitors my child.
    The webcam is placed directly into the USB and go without her installing the driver.
    When I install the webcam driver (it's an old microsoft model) I have problems in windows 10, so I prefer 'camera app'.
    Thank you

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Why not go? Start looking in, keep left click on it and drag in the Startup folder, when you get with your mouse in the Startup folder, take your finger off the left click

  4. Sergiu said

    Hi Cristi, in the tutorial you had a video editor (free),… I would be interested in his name.

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