Recording and interception distance calls from any phone Android

Recording and interception distance calls from any phone Android
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Registration and intercept calls from distance - how come?

To register your phone calls, we use a program called ACR, which is free. This allows us to automatically record all calls or only certain calls with filtering per contact.

ACR call recording application.

Is an application for Android seemingly simple but provides a lot of options. With a little patience we can make application to perform well in the background without disturbing us all the time with notifications.

Stop notifications of call recording application ACR.

To permanently stop app notifications, we must disable notifications and app settings and settings for notifications Android.

Why stop notifications while recording calls?

A simple reason would be tried notification. A more important reason is transforming into an application spy app that records calls and send them to the cloud or to an FTP server.
How ACR turn into a spy software to intercept calls?
1. ACR version free si ACR commercial version (5 lei)
2. Stop all notifications
3. Account Set Up Sync cloud (dropbox, drive, FTP, etc.)
4. Hide application with Apex launcher (or something else)
5. Access minutes of that phone record
... What else, intercept application to spy on a budget; 5 lei and you go of the job.

How legal is recording calls?

In principle recording calls it is not legal, unless both sides agree.
However, there are cases in which it is good to record calls, for example:
1. If you receive threats by telephone
2. If you are blackmailed
3. If you are assaulted
I mean a kind of self-defense. Eventually any gun you can not use it if you have not allowed; but sometimes a gun can save your life, even if you have no license to carry the weapon.

Why I say that is ACR barge best call recording application?

A simple answer would be "SETTINGS". This application provides a lot of settings, so that we can transform our desire after.
The main functions offered by ACR:
1. We notification settings
2. Settings for recording, microphone, Bluetooth, speaker.
3. Upload settings in the cloud or FTP
4. Send entries by email
5. Filter settings per contact
6. Auto or manual recording
7. Application password protection
8. Various recording formats
9. Late registration
10. Automatically delete records

Video Tutorial - Registration and intercept calls remotely

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  1. "Master" unfortunately title has nothing to do with the article!

    • You can record calls on your phone or you can install / set the app to another phone, to intercept conversations in your cloud account.

      • Adrian Gudus said

        In vain you people bother to explain superficial. Normally it in their head if things do not bind the tutorial runs and ignores the text written above tutorial believing he's put there, just so filling
        Probably guy wanted a live demo, as another put it on your phone, make a call you on another device, access calls
        Which it was clearly explained in the text and in video
        Step 1: buy the commercial version of the application
        2 step: installing on a victim's phone, disable all notifications in the app as you showed in the tutorial
        Step 3: In the settings app, Cloud put a cloud account to which you have access (Drive, Dropbox)
        Step 4: set the application calls the account registered to be loaded introduced cloud and wait for the victim to make calls
        Step 5: the device accessing your cloud account that you entered in the application settings on your victim and you'll see there recorded calls. What will be so complicated?
        I would have liked scoffer have argued that the tutorial is not related to the title. Because?!?

        • unfortunately you started sucks ...... if money's no good! :))
          The world just wants Mocco, if not put the cursed moka

    • wick Zdrampâr said

      Title sounds so yeah ...

  2. Adrian Gudus said

    Our perfectly legal wiretapping
    It is illegal to intercept / record the conversation you have two other people.
    When two talk and you placed microphones to record becomes illegal. If you participate in the question and record the conversation (even if the two do not know this, they are registered) is not illegal.

  3. an application note 10 super ok ... ptr videotutorial boys.

  4. If you want to record calls Xiaomi buyer.

  5. You can not ... you tapped illegally distributing them (without the interlocutor)

  6. I have an LG Nexus 5 and is limited by Google / LG. Yes error that can not record because it's limited to phone can not use this function. .. I put another unofficial android. Now I 6.0 Marshmallow Android version. I've never found a recording program that does not call me the error that. On samgung S5 goes perfectly.

  7. Hello, comes vpn tutorial about the Raspberry Pi?

  8. it does not seem as good this application. I think that's the best that come standard with many phones. Now that cloud has not really matter at least for me as I manually save it to the cloud.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You understand nothing, you understand the power of the application. It's an application that you can hide in your beloved (if you're jealous) and because of that cloud, you find you later, speaking with her lover, without being next to her when she talks to her lover without him walk phone without physically check her phone
      Some of you are so, but so superficial, God forbid!

      • I watch video adrian tail head before I say anything. yes I said in my case. plus if girlfriend / iubitu has no active internet is not synchronized. but it's useful for those who want to spy unless otherwise nai not defy the phone. Additionally application can synchronize fisieru defy the phone if you choose the path through Google Drive or other programs

  9. very hard, install it in my Amica telefonu good enough for myself and you all drive?

  10. Interesting for spying! :))
    We hope that you have not abandoned the project with raspberry pi - server, VPN etc.?

  11. Achim M. Moga said

    Boys congratulations I 65 years and can not intaleg how unite not intaleg operation of the program I inset version license going foatre good guys thank you so much - I learned a lot from you and me got better when we work well now help me when are retired - congratulations

  12. Cristian Cismaru and Adrian Gudus. I have also proposed several times with some time ago to censor ,, ,, some comments from those individuals with brain as an acorn, but stiffly ,, ,, that creates excitement and nerves. I saw some pearls ,, ,, removed several related ACR .Citez: ,, does not seem as good this application. I think that's the best that come standard with many phones ,,?! . Smartphones do not come preinstalled with a program to record the call. NOTE: This program will work well if you set ACR that Android does not stop it when you hang up. That is looking into the phone setting: ACR applications protected and tick application.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Yes, some smartphones already have the option to record a call. Few but there are many models (if not all) Xiaomi have it. Even Samsung offered this option for some models sold in certain countries.

    • have to abstain from commenting those who do not need this all phones have this own a rn3 and Xiaomi have this option and they can send small settings in this tutorial is not cloud.daca for me, that does not mean you have to leave mean comments about this this application helps others

    • Where is this setting in the phone? I have P8 lite and I have not found it. Thank you.

  13. a question ... can record conversations on whatapp? I have not succeeded ... .multumesc

  14. Cristi please do a tutorial neon work

  15. Ice Alinutza said

    Congratulations! A very interesting and my first thought was to parental control and not to all sorts of "nonsense" less legal! In this respect, children with inclination towards technology, I think it would be interesting to improve it so that in addition to blocking PIN code, the application in question does not become "visible" than by pressing a combination of keys ... but even so I It looks great! Too bad there was a few years ago when my brother had big problems with my nephew! Many unpleasant aspects were prevented!

  16. Hello Cristi, I learned a lot from you since you made this blog and thank you in this way. But I have a problem and do not know how to fix it, playing mu origin of any 2 Monday through android emulator on your laptop or phone. I sal game on tv stick android Trosmart MK908 II with mouse but not go clik left in the game, with apk TouchSimulator I managed to get into the game but there has to go always in that application, because whenever give Clik disappears alicatia and I must open it again and it is quite frustrating. Bottles vs android is rotated and is 4.4.2. in other games a lot like mouse goes smoothly. Or what advice or ideas is welcome. Hoping that you can help me, thank you in advance.

  17. Cristi please do a tutorial about DoubleClick by Google

  18. Anisoara Tilica said

    Dear Cristi,
    Please help me, I'm looking for an application ... .program (any) with which to activate the location of a remote phone.
    thank you

  19. Is there something similar for iOS?

  20. SERBAN MARIN said

    It seems normal to see if a loved one of your granddaughter gives a minor exemption that you have to protect from bad people



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