Record sound on the phone nonstop Echo

Record sound on the phone nonstop Echo

At one point, we all thought, "How good it would be to go back in time, because I didn't hear what you said." Now we have a solution for forgetfulness, the Echo application, which allows us to record ambient sound, from the phone's microphone, in the loop.
Echo app is free and very easy to use, in addition, works very well for an app so unknown.
Ambient audio recording is made through the phone's microphone, and of course it's important to be close to the sound source, to have a good record. Do not expect the phone to record the sound of a few tens of meters, because that is not possible technically. Now you understand the limitations, let's see who is the best application for Echo.
Why continually recorded sound with Echo?
Situations where we need a recording of ambient sound:
1. At school, when the teacher taught us.
2. When we take notes at work
3. When we have friends liars
4. If we work at SRI, DNA, etc.
5. If we want to spy on friends, family, etc.
How to use Echo!
The application is pretty simple; Just to start and ready, record only. When we want to save a recording, press three options minute 1, 5 minutes or current time of registration.
In the settings we can allocate more or less memory, and can change the recording quality. Depending on the phone and the space available, you can change these settings after you've done some tests beforehand.
Echo will record in the loop non-stop and permanently delete the beginning of the loop "like a snake that eats itself".
Registration not only saves. You have to save you, when you feel like you've missed something.
Echo application (Play Store)
AIMP application (rolling WAV)
Echo application (F-Droid)

Video tutorial - Record sound on your phone, non stop with Echo

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  1. Howdy. to me one seems interesting and useful in some cases. Fain would also be an application that shoots with the phone screen off. or maybe it is and I don't know… ..if it is to tell us please. (I'm spying, I wanted to be a kid 😀).

  2. Hello. I fell behind with technology but I got a lot older. That's why please be patient with me.
    I needed to buy a smartphone. Cheap: Myria. And if I still have it in my pocket, I took some photos. The problem is that I can't download them to my PC. I put the cable but, he "doesn't see" the unit. What don't I know I have to do? Thank you.

    • if you put your android when cable tel PC and give the mass storage option that appears if you do not enter and search settings PC connection and give mass storage

  3. LucianGL said

    You can try the application Secret Video Recorder Pro can record video with the screen off, or while you see to navigate, or other things with your phone
    Linked as compared to the application submitted by Cristi, I would recommend DaRecorder application that has some advanced features that allows you to remove the most from your phone's microphone
    If someone has a gender SmartWatch with Tizen Samsung Gear 2 (in my case is rooted clock) can install and set to shoot video or audio recording in stealth mode with application Undercover
    Undercover application is initially set by the owner to make sounds when recording, but you can remove these sounds and you can easily use the time to post your camcorder without anyone realizing.

  4. Howdy . Good tutorial if you need something. Cristi so and I have a question Onepluse One. It is worth to buy it as far as I know we have some time and I think Cut form an opinion about him. I thought about the Meizu mx4 PRO you think is best.

  5. Alin Lucian said

    Cristi Hello!
    I watched carefully about your tutorials Router (ASUS).
    I want to buy me and I one but in DE and have an internet maximum 200MB / s, this speed does not think it renteaza to buy me one as yours, but I found another ASUS RT-AC51U AC750, e buniciel ??
    And network card will be all ASUS namely the ASUS PCE-AC56.
    I just want an opinion and apologize for my post here.

    Good luck!

  6. It's a must have if between truth consumes so little of RAM, yet brb When ready to test. Anyway it is very simple and does not allocate stereo recording than a bit of RAM, usually when I leave record close it and leave it somewhere, do not run any other application. dpadv is thought bad, pity him, but there are others as has been written and perhaps find others to RAM recording.

  7. DaRecorder advanced unevolved.

  8. Echo consumes> 10% / 3h
    Max memory 192mb / 16khz on a Samsung N7000 with 1gb RAM, file noisy from time to time, nor is saved until last, however without giving any errors to the rescue.
    Is Rewind, brb yet to test whether it is worth attention.

  9. I also tested Rewind, on 10 ′ 22khz it works ok and consumes the same as Echo, only it has a bug, its vibration cannot be removed, the bug is between ““.
    The higher frequency vibration resonates with the finer circuits in the smartphone and over time one of them can crack and you will not know what the smart has to sometimes crash…. most likely it will be from vibrations or bends. if you like to sit on it.
    Author Rewind a very passionate, I am writing to draw vibration, still no response, so sin and Rewind, look for another but it seems that there is at the moment.

    It's good like this app.

  10. Hi, I have a question. I made an audio recording of the phone (android) and I want to know how I can save the recording laptop, listening to it another time.
    Thank you

  11. Cristina said

    Hello! Can the application be hidden?

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