Bitcoin machine made / money from Butterfly Labs

Hello friends, as I promised yesterday, after 5 months of waiting, I received money making device Bitcoin Miner 5 GH / s DMC is a Butterfly Labs can 5-10 miners with GH / s with small changes in difficulty today means a 2-5 euros per day, depending on how you choose to miners.
If you are new to Bitcoin, you can view these tutorials about Bitcoin, there you will find out what Bitcoin, is a btcoin, how to get a Bitcoin, how networks work, etc, etc..
Bitcoin, earn money with a computer performance
Best hardware for "printing" money Bitcoin
Pay attention:
In the first tutorial of a Bitcoin value was around U.S. dollars 12 today one Bitcoin is worth around USD 800 1000-door.
The product that I received today was commissioned 5 months ago and yesterday finally came.
In time of order placement, 5 months ago, I paid bucks 350 door yesterday I paid £ 220 duty. So we should expect additional costs if you buy duty mining machine outside the European Union.
In terms of performance I can not say anything because I did not put to work, but we'll keep you on the way you test him / bag to work.
Waiting for your questions and comments on the section.
About fog during filming talked during the tutorial, so basically sell you going to shoot with a cold camera into a warm environment.

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  1. Hi Cristi, I am also interested in a mining product but I also want to know if you end up producing some bitcoins, can you turn them into real money or can you just buy products from sites that accept this payment method? that I would invest 1600 lei in such a device and leave it there in the socket for 365 days and after I reap the fruits

    • Adrian Gudus said

      He can convert into real money (USD, Euro dollars) or you can buy products with them.

    • After one year you did not recover even half the investment.
      And those numbers above are not true. You can max out 3 $ per day with this car, and that in the moment, if you increase the difficulty will be less.
      If you give a simple search on google you'll see the Bitcoin mining is no longer profitable for asic under $ 5.000

  2. Peter gabureanu said

    Cristi has now 5gh how new machine purchased 1.31 produce about dollars and do not think it deserves adik not worth it at all

  3. Peter gabureanu said

    1.31 dollars and I forgot to mention dollars a month 39.77

  4. With this product can be obtained and Litecoin?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      No species is designed for Bitcoin
      Bitcoin is based on SHA-256 while Litecoin uses a different cryptographic algorithm called scrypt

  5. Yes indeed you 1,50 $ per day. But there are other SSH having a little difficulty and you can make money.

  6. You shoot off your tutorials are steaming lens?

  7. You should make tutorials on other ways to make money:
    -Sale pictures, designs, themes, sites on Envato ..
    -Sites PTC (paid to click) of that gain if you subscribed on multiple sites and have and referrals
    -And there are other ways to earn money online

  8. Congratulations, Cristi!

    I hope, at least, to recover your financial investment, and if you can make and profit with this device, the better!
    Thank you for sharing with us this experiment.

    You want Adrian Cristian, to have a New Year with health, luck and happiness, personal and professional accomplishments, material wealth, family harmony, all good thoughts for you!
    Many thanks for Videotutorial project and either rejoice with it many years from now on!

  9. Cristi method can you tell us how you paid on the website buterflylabs

  10. Hi everyone! .I am a beginner and I have a lot of questions that I did not answer about bitcoin..For example "How do those bitcoin and how do I make them go directly in my wallet ???" ? ”If I take a bitcoin machine how do I go on ???” In BItminter Client I now have 60 squares of those and their number increases what do they mean and what are they really ??? how long will i have a bitcoin ??? Help me please!!!!!!!!!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You already have an answer to all these questions in the comments section to the other tutorials already made about BitCoin. In the text above the tutorial you have a direct link to the 2 tutorials made on this topic. At the end of the last comment from those tutorials you have the "Older Comments" button, which if you click you will get to the older comments from that tutorial and so you can go through them all.

  11. View Product said

    My opinion about bitcoin mining… may be right or wrong.
    On October 15 difficult tasks was about 189.000.000 and collected a total processing power of approximately 111 THPS. (I mean Well, today reached difficult tasks with a total processing power of 460 gathered THPS. So in about a half months 2 increased difficulty of 6 times.
    I set up a spell account, let the bitminter client work for about 3 hours while I watched some movies. After the "win" was displayed, I went to the "shifts" section, and there I could see this history.

    Conclusion… .here is a vicious circle that I don't like at all. The more efficient the others buy their processing equipment, the more difficult the tasks will be and the harder it is to get the money with the same processing power. After all, it's normal for this to happen over time. The problem is that processing requirements are growing at a very, very fast pace. If in less than 3 months, the difficulty has increased 6 times, in another 3 months, how much will the difficulty level reach? Maybe the modest bitcoin will increase in value, but it still doesn't seem worth it.

    It took about 6 months from the time of order until the delivery of this 5000 mhps device. But… .as I said earlier, in less than 3 months, the difficulty level has increased 6 times. It remains to be seen what profit you will make with it. You probably won't get hurt, but you won't gain much from it either. In another year from now, as processing requirements increase, you probably won't have anything to do with that device. You will probably have to risk a much larger amount to purchase another much more powerful processing device.

    I hope it's not upset, maybe I'm wrong, but things seem pretty clear. Finally…

    Happy New Year Team, health and happiness.

  12. View Product said

    Well, looking at the history of Bitcoin dollar quotation, this time was a big boom .. from 130 dollars on a Bitcoin has reached the 1200, then decreased rapidly to 600 dollars, and now there is a increasing trend in 800 dollars. I'm not great economist, but are too large variations on a very short time. It remains to be seen what will be the future. This coin is extremely unpredictable and do not like.

  13. Hi, I squeezed myself some Bitcoin. How can I remove the lei or euro, I do not know so well?

  14. Do you know what I find curious? Does the fact that Bitcoin Wallet presented by you in the older tutorials get bacup but not restore? Look, I have a backup made in my wallet and I don't know how to restore that backup puteti can you help me somehow? all the best

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Very simple, wallet.dat file which you did put it back in the location backup created Bitcoin Wallet application you used.
      Bitcoin wallet close application then go to the folder:
      In case you have XP - C: \ Documents and Settings \ YourName \ Application Data \ Bitcoin \ wallet.dat
      In case you have Windows 7 - C: \ Users \ YourName \ AppData \ Roaming \ wallet.dat
      Delete the existing "wallet.dat" file there and replace it with the one you backed up

  15. Hi Cristi when there will be tutorials about this Butterfly Labs device, I would like to know what software and wallet you use and how to set all this…?

  16. Hello!
    You did something to him?
    It installs easily?
    I saw that a BTC 730USD!
    I think somewhere out 1.50 USD / Day
    47USD / month
    Are you happy?

  17. You keep asking Cristi if he made money or not, it's clear I think for everyone… Cristi bought this miner to do some tutorials to inform us and learn new things….

  18. Hello Cristi
    I look forward tutorial about this miner when you said you made the order.
    you finally got be interesting if you do a tutorial with this miner and work related to android phone (as you said in the tutorial above)
    I am also interested to order something but I hit the bank provided with working butterfly, so minimum $ 550. therefore can not control a device.
    how did you do?????
    DONE Videotutorial entire team letter because doing.

  19. Cristi method can you tell us how you paid on the website buterflylabs like I did with payment as I want to buy ghasuri in their retiaua

  20. If you have not noticed there are holidays for these people that just are not employees vostrii. Plus it takes a few days to test / set / etc. Be patient brothers!

  21. OK flattened bottle

  22. Hi. I want to ask you about these bitcoins too. After all, what do you do with the mother of the table? Do you pick them up too? (I haven't seen sites that accept such a thing)? took a minimum of $ 1400 / day * 1500 days. I would be grateful if you would bring me to light. Thank you and a happy new year!

  23. huh, now when you see that little can the damn worth 300gh got one?

  24. sebastian said

    Greetings! I'm interested in taking a machine from that to make dollars, I'm waiting to see what results you get with 5gh / s… I'm curious if it does its job :)

  25. Hello, Cristi please lamurestema and me with something. If you reserve a field. Ro else can reserve the same domain name. Net. Com. Info ect. ?

  26. Thank you! In this case you choose a field. Net or. Com, so that we will not benefit from reservation life to the fields. Ro (D was the only major advantage. Ro).
    Multumec again for the speed with which you answer me.

  27. I looked at a few tutorials on this subject but I INTEL few things:
    1) can obtain only mining Bitcoins? I mean this coin was designed specifically to pay Mineira?
    2) How many Bitcoins 1Mh receive less for example.
    3) What are the resources I "sell" for?

    • View Product said

      I mean you do not understand anything.
      1. You can get bitcoin by mining or by buying bitcoin using RON, USD, EUR, etc. (currency exchange). Other examples, you can provide a service and request payment in bitcoin, you can receive donations, etc. For all these things you need an electronic wallet… there are several, your choice is yours.

      2. With 1 MH / s you get absolutely nothing. With my video card for example which is an nvidia gt 630 that can do about 20,5 MH / s I can earn about 60 money per month, under one leu. Here we did not include the cost of electricity… the conclusion… is minus. Even if you had an nvidia gtx 660 or a gtx 700, which would produce 100-150 MH / s, you would still come out with a lot of minus. You can only make a profit with special mining devices (asic). But here is a hidden thing… the difficulty of the tasks has started to increase extremely extremely in the last 3 months and the trend seems to be maintained… therefore with each passing day you get less and less profit. The more the other miners buy more and more powerful devices, the greater the difficulty of the tasks. There's a balance trend here, the higher the total processing power, the less you get paid. Otherwise, a lot of bitcoins would be created in a very short time, and the rules of this virtual currency do not allow this. It is true that the value of bitcoin has increased a lot in the last 3 months, but on the other hand it also has big fluctuations. It increased from about 100 and a few dollars on bitcoin and even reached 1200 600 and then dropped in about a week to 800 dollars, then to about 2010 and something. Who was lucky and started mining in 1 or buying bitcoins… was very lucky. At first 12 bitcoin was about $ 13. How it will be in the future, I have no idea… maybe it will increase to $ 2000, maybe it will decrease to $ 200… whatever is possible. (there are some sites that exchange bitcoins into dollars or euros, you could use a paypal account for this)

      3. The resources, the processing power that you make available are used to validate transactions between people who make transactions with bitcoins. The total processing power is the "Bank" that makes transactions with money (bitcoins), and for these services, each "official" receives his "commissions". Transactions are validated based on algorithms (hashes). "Mining" is the calculation of these hashes and guarantees that no more transactions can be made with the same amount of money (fraud)

  28. not you to mine Bitcoin with this appliance, recently appeared on PCI Express oo board the Monarch buterfly called but that's over 2000 dollars and to get to you if you order iara increase the difficulty, it is best to go on alternative currencies are a lot and some of them are easy and do undermine hundreds of thousands and you can enter the trading sites and place orders for buying and selling and earning better still, a new alternative currency 2gh machine in two weeks I did over a thousand coins 100 those later I sold them for 0,8 Bitcoin and Bitcoin normal minind not even make any 0,2, so the solution is alternative currencies, dezavantaju is not stable and may disappear from the market

  29. inteligent_ideea said

    A calculated anyone with a 60 GH / s BFL Single ASIC Butterfly Labs Bitcoin Miner as possible out in a month (approx). 700 800-worth invested £?

  30. I put the batting brother or 10 000 20 000 Ron
    That is the question
    some of it will be for you if you teach me what to do
    expect answers by email

    • Michael Abram said

      Hi Julian. I am part of a group of people in a month (in 1 January) launched a cryptomoneda. If you are interested to know more send me a message.
      A beautiful day

      • Michael Abram said

        X15 Algorithm
        Block again every minute 2
        80 reward coins per block
        Total quantity 2 billion coins

        Instant Payments
        without electricity costs
        without cost Hardware
        no maintenance costs
        24 / 7 Free Support
        Month 1, 5 days, hours 15, 40 minutes, and seconds 20 Until mining starts.

  31. Viorel said

    Where BTC can change currency in any currency, and can Withdraw the card?
    An online site knows someone?

  32. I 13 MHS)))) in 2736462828 years going to buy me a house with Bitcoin
    I do not know what to say!
    I wonder if there are people who really make money out of it and I do not mean the ones who invented Bitcoin!
    and all n I understood eventually that calculates my CPU? calculates transactions, online payments, but pay online? Whose payments?
    by chance I found out that NASA has an app that'll allow them to download and use your processor for calculations do not know what! they only ask for money to download application))))) and you win nothing)))))


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