How to make Bitcoin Miner and application cgminer with BitForce

Hi friends, today's tutorial will show you how I use BitForce miner from Butterfly Labs for generating digital currency Bitcoin, setting wallet full of mining software and settings to the pool.
Last time I presented controlled device at Butterfly LabsToday I will show you how to make Bitcoin with this device based on two chips ASIC.
Pleasant surprise, when I put in the work, was that miners with 7-8 GH / s instead of 5 GH / s, extra performance that frankly I did not expect. That means the miner is based on ASICs manufactured 28 nm, which means they may be forced to minereasca with 10-12 GH / s if made firmware updates.
After a year or so I have explained what it means and how it works Bitcoin network, A few months later I tried to tell you that is best hardware made Bitcoin. Regarding network and how Bitcoin transactions are validated there is no change in contrast when it comes to hardware, things are extremely volatile. If until yesterday worth of miners video card, today barely worth using a BFGA only ASICs remain the most efficient and economical solutions-spree OF THE Bitcoin.
The device that you use the tutorial is a Bitforce miner miners and 8 GH / s, its price is about 1500 lei all taxes, a video card cost about as much and barely miners with 700 MH / s, ie 10 worst of times. If we count and consumption respectively Bitforce 30w 300W video card, no wonder to the world no longer wants to minereasca and video cards.
Returning to our tutorial, we have something we need to use mining software.
Softrule necessary:
Bitcoin Wallet - Multibeam
CLI mining application - cgMiner (Note zip to the latest version)
Drivers - Zadig (In case the device is not detected correctly)
In tutorial see how you link between wallet and pool you choose to miners, I chose BTC Guild, You can choose any other pool.
Do not forget to address channeled wallet in the pool settings.
Good luck with that!

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  1. Hello Cristi,
    I mean that from the beginning urmerec your tutorials and I like very much.
    I was thinking if you want to sell the device from ButerflyLabs I would be very interested in buying it.
    Please give me the news when you want to sell it.

    Thank you and look for your answer.

    All the best and keep up the good work.

  2. If you decide to sell it I am willing to buy it anytime!

  3. adrinar76 said

    It's a nice tutorian. I kept thinking when you do the tutorial.
    Cristi, I have an HTC Desire 500 and can not see what's on TV snub Usb (be seen only pictures). A Smart 3 is everything ok can vrdea files, photos and error and filmene. Neither walks through MHL (not compatible). DLNA has but is interrupted, it's hard to see a movie. Can anything be done?

  4. If today you make + $ 3 a day (although $ 3 is a bit hairy), in 2 weeks you will make + $ 1,5 and in a month and a half you will make - $ 2,7 (current, wear, time) . In the end, all the miners end up minus, but not in time, almost on the spot :))

  5. Ellipses personally recommend one reason: the PPS is 5% commission on eclipse 7.5% compared to the guild.

  6. Hello! I have a problem with your wallet: Make backup but do not know to put that backup after system reinstallation. And another problem, wallet, whatever partition that is installed, makes files in C:, which is not ok and I want to know if I can change the path. I have a small ssd 60 G and my wallet to handle Giga 16 more. MS luck!

    • Octavian said

      bacilla but why 16gb wallet occupies so much I would like to explain maybe Cristi, I still have 60gb ssd sees me 55.7gb and I have 48gb free space… .but if I use mine, I would like to know all these shades…

  7. Octavian said

    Hello ! Cristi thanks for this tutorial it's ok, I would like to see from you how to properly backup your wallet and after reinstalling windows how to properly install your wallet backup, I emphasize these things because maybe someone has accumulated some bitcoin or they have faded hundreds of dollars on that mining device and it will be very unpleasant to lose all the bitcoins immediately, it would be a tragedy… .and I can't wait for the next tutorial so I can get bitcoin alone.

  8. Hello guys from videotutorial! I have and I have a request Cristi. You said at the end of the tutorial on configuring router DIR 655 that if we can learn how we can link two or more routers. I would need something like that and I think can help others such tutorial now or in the future. Now to explain why I need the second router: I have a subscription to the UPC router included (Technicolor TC7200.U) and I have a router (D-link DIR 615 4-old model 5 years, we have seen that new models are much smaller in size). Good. Now the problem is that the CPU local area signs internet as television signals via coaxial cable. UPC router has signal input jack coaxial cable, router D-Link's WAN input. In conclusion I can not connect my cable internet router DIR-615 I want to do this because unlike the UPC router that has no external wireless antenna, DIR-615 2 has external antenna, plus the fact that I I use it in another room a few walls away.

  9. Certainly we have here some future millionaires!

  10. someone tell me who in the country offers a lousy customer traffic 50 gh.s that can make mining that give me the deal.

  11. Cristi Hello! Very good tutorial, we expect 5 luni.sunt and I am interested to acquire such ASIC.te I asked him to tell us how you proceeded to order the butterfly given that they do not accept a payment less than $ 550 and therefore can not order 1buc.poate find time for a raspuns.multumesc advance and congratulations for what you do.

  12. Vlad Sorodoc said

    3 per day would mean Bitcoin currently 2700 GROSS dollars would be so super.

  13. Hello very good tutorial but it would be interesting tutorial on how to make a custom rom from pure source android that we introduce somewhat world-ing development and compiling with python

    • It's hard to search on Google? Do you have a tutorial on XDA very detailed specifically stating how to make a custom rom!

  14. Crist Hello! Thanks for a very bun.As tutorial like to ask if this Monarch mining is also a device or a card is put into unul.Multumesc anticipated.

  15. Costelina said

    with a smart-phone can make Bitcoin?

  16. And I had a problem Cristi! Hello ! I bought a ModMiner QUAD from, and I managed to make product Bitcoin Sad
    What is the problem: trying to do the firmware update we renamed memory (which after a reset appear as a stick) which was CRP_DSABL, and the board is not recognized by PC!
    Apart from this inconvenience, LED board normally be flashing at me remained completely lit once connected to power. PC to connect a device that sees but does not manage to reset modminer to be seen as a stick, which is why I can not put firmware. Method anybody knows what I could see and memory to redumesc CRP_DSABL and mount a new firmware? I clip
    We invested about 400 euro and are willing to do the honor of taking me out of the impasse! skype ktine.2013 Thanks in advance

  17. is a waste of time, the only ones who really make money from something are probably those of butterflies and close of their own which are set on the device in place but not after months of zile.Baiatu` with toturialul is likely to neither Poor investment -and making less than $ 2 difficulty being crestere.Bafta day!

  18. Marian Adrian said
  19. TUTORIAL happy!
    Unfortunately realistically, this is just a fantasy Bitcoin (that if we use a little logic)
    You are modest people, maybe even needy. Instead, I am a real trustee in billions of euros (it is an irony, obviously). "You" ONLY ALLOW YOURSELF a computer with x parts for mining, so it turns out that you have to limit yourself at, say, $ 2-3 a day.
    "I mandate" having billions I thought to invest in hundreds of thousands maybe millions of computers with the best performance, so as to earn at least $ 4-5 a day, which obviously we have to multiply by thousands of computers or millions.
    I make another "parenthesis"… being a business so "easy" and "provitable" several governments of several countries, including the US government, have decided to invest their reserves in national banks in the "BitCoin" business. natural step, given the recent news that brings us more and more multi-billionaires following bitcoin.
    It may seem like a joke to you, but don't forget that I started from "let's think logically" and if we do that the question is - is what I wrote a joke? Well, it's not a joke at all. the impression that if it were a money-making solution it would not be adopted by people with financial potential.
    Conclude this chapter, I propose to think seriously about how to make your fantasies and let baniii children 4 class.

  20. Octavian said

    ade first of all you being in reality a trustee of billions of euros, then you would not write through messages how real you are yes you would go and help needy children that Romania is full of poverty, the real one is a billionaire, at least you would be silent and see to it…. and in the second being so rich then what are you looking for bitcoins let the needy who only have money to live for a few days… ..because all the governments in the world are idiots with billions in banks, but others,… the common people with higher and secondary education work on their knees to be able to make money and be able to exist on this earth… Conclusion if you know thousands of years ago the people of Israel were ruled by God in the time of Moses and after them or denied by God saying that they are the only people of Israel to rule and God to return from the people and allowed them to make their own king on earth and that's how we all nations came to be ruled by imperfect people who torment us with various taxes and low salaries ……. it really is super said in the bible: Woe to you earth and heavens when it will be the last day….!

    • "I" does not refer to my person, it can be you if you want that "I". It is a form of expression, an irony if you want. Of course if I was that "I" I did not watch tutorials on the net.

    • read the message from ade again and you can catch the essence… don't strain your intelligence and nerves if you don't really understand why you're doing it 😉

  21. Octavian said

    ade (then you will be at peace)… even if you were one but there are many billionaires and billionaires on the globe, the message above is for those who are and for all governments that cause such anomalies…. and not believing that I judge someone is just my own opinion. Every man must judge for himself what he has done well and what he has not done and who regrets from the heart and admits is good the one who does not recognize and makes wrong is his own choice… Never ask yourself the question: Why JESUS ​​chose the 12 simple people but not high-ranking priests who considered themselves the most religious and prayed, worshiped God most often (not even one!) Even the high priest and the little ones contradicted JESUS. Thought well.
    ok to get through these discussions that makes me sad and write, learn new things from videotutoriale made by Cristi and Adrian.

  22. marius512 said

    Indeed, the difficulty of making Bitcoin increases with time but at the same time you have to grow and the value of Bitcoin. I read a year ago on the net, there were many who said then that there's no way to resist this coin, but in the meantime Germany accepted. Anyway not a fiat currency, which is clapping his hands as the dollar or other currencies.

  23. Hello Cristi.
    I got an ATI Radeon HD 5450 and did not say no cgminer it detects devices detected, I updated drivers.
    What can I do to solve the problem?

  24. Cristi know as post off-topic but I want your opinion:
    RON 500 have budget and we found these two.
    Which one to choose ???
    An important factor for me is and battery, but I read that both lasts pretty well.

  25. Michael Alexu said

    Hello! I have a proposal for a tutorial, actually a series of tutoriale.Este about a slightly older operating system: Windows 98 SE.Stiu it sounds weird issue this proposal, I know you will say I'm crazy I proposed so, but maybe there are some people who have very old computer and want to put them on your feet, or for those who are nostalgic like me and they want to walk on the windows, or maybe some will remember to bring the early years when walked on so ceva.Windows 98 the SE is found all over the torrent that is not a problem, and installation is easy tweak it's harder because you have to watch them manually download updates for Microsoft no longer offers suport.Daca fail For instance in some cases to find updates can I help you, I walked with 98 long and still walk because at least I have started the computer with the Windows 98 secrets Second Edition on a computer that you I still have and still works very bine.Vorbesc Windows 98 Second Edition because it was the best and most stable Windows 9x series (95,98 and Millennium). I say it's not a bad idea, even at uni will awaken memories of this system depends operare.Acum you, you decide, is your site, I think that there is nothing wrong if you do this series on Windows 98 Second Edition.Oricum very nice what you have done so far in these 4-5 years if not better Dean of there I learned a lot from you, I even proposed to look at other sites that have nothing to learn.

    • Stay with your Windows 98 CPC. Brother how you can be nostalgic, but win98 and XP are very much outdated programs vreme.Unele not work on them. With 1200 lei you buy a very good pc

  26. a question, affect SSD if you are overclocking the processor and ram video pl anticipated ms

  27. Michael Florin said

    I intereseaa to make an investment in bitmining but to want to know where it appears Gh \ s unit PC (video card, CPU?) I 4 video cards GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 780 WindForce V2.0, 3GB, GDDR5, 384bit, 2 x DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, PCI-E 3.0 with a bandwidth of 288 gh \ s.
    I am interested if they can calculate return processing units.

    • @mihai florin if you still want access to the plates and put them to work, my advice is to mine in litecoin. In Bitcoin you have no chance.

    • ManiaKMiner said

      So you can cryptocurrency Miners (Bitcoi, Litelcoint, FTL, PPC and Viru are dozens of coins you REBU least the following configuration:
      Hard disk SATA-III 500GB WD Caviar Blue KX 7200rpm 16MB
      4GB Zeppelin Memory Dual Channel Kit DDR3 1333MHz CL9
      ASRock B75M
      Intel Celeron Dual-Core G1620 box 2.7GHz
      Sapphire AMD Radeon video card R9 280X, 3072MB, GDDR5, 384bit, DVI, HDMI, PCI-E
      Tote a lift to 4.400 ron, depending on where you purchase!

      • What's the matter with HDD and RAM in this whole business? I think you wanted to brag about your PC….
        Besides this for Bitcoin: these hardware from BFL can mine and a phone, or a PC to the 2000.

  28. Hello,
    Can anyone explain to me how the mining process works?
    Who uses CPU or GPU, and what they are used in the generation of Bitcoin?

  29. Friends are getting your senses, is total nonsense you are doing there, your first documented then make a simple calculation, mental and see what results you get. Do not get rich overnight stand for nothing. Netizen, wake up!

  30. I can watch tutorials

  31. Daniel T. said

    Does the brothel can I pay with Bitcoin? Does anyone know a brothel that accept Bitcoin?

  32. UmbraNinja said

    Can you videotutorial as a single mineral.
    It myself still like a mining machine has just bought 1Tb / s problem is that the rate of difficulty is high and I recover money 5-6 Monday so too do make money.
    I would like if possible a tutorial how to miners if one is best alone or in a pool (group).

    • ManiaKMiner said

      Everyone wants to inbogateasca fast! , it is wrong !
      Investment rule mining remove virtual coin-10 12 Monday that if deduct pay electric bills.
      But you can earn double or even triple the transaction with virtual coins, that if you're good.
      Mining is better to do go-n mining pool (mining pool as I like to say) alone is very hard ..
      The minimum investment in the Mining Ring is 4.500 RON, ie 1000 Euro + about 300 RON for the current bill per month (consumption is 850 w / hour, ie 20 Kw / day = 11 RON / 24 hours = 330 RON / moon.… / hour costs - $ 0.16)
      And the whole business is not safe, to the same extent cun can triple your money, you better thanks not remove your investment!

      • Finally an intelligent comment. That's the truth folks, it's not fooled as I heard while there is no free money tap. Everything has a risk and any need to invest and risk if you want to win. Nothing is guaranteed 100%.

      • Howdy,

        We can talk in private?
        Merci nice.

  33. Anonymous said

    I have a question I could miners if I have the video card from Intel? Intel HD graphics 3000.Cineva specifically told me as odd as possible but I wanted to ask you.

  34. inteligent_ideea said

    A calculated anyone with a 60 GH / s BFL Single ASIC Butterfly Labs Bitcoin Miner as possible out in a month (approx). 700 800-worth invested £?

  35. UmbraNinja said

    I want to recover even a portion of that amount, as at 1300USD as it was for BTC is now 812USD.
    Difficulties in a pool rate increases day by day and not really win so easily now.
    Make daily 1Tb / s difficulty: 2893847870.17 (like say that I m ​​0.17 0.2) and I 25 day break blocks.
    So I can see how I do alone BTC is altceva.Asa vast majority of the money goes to all pole and I get less or equally to all who participated.
    PS: (and the gain is only one block from 1-500BTC let alone a single block or encrypted informed).
    5Mh-200Gh longer deserve to make money in a pool but from 200Gh-1Tb + better do it yourself.

  36. Hello friends, I want to ask you if I make an investment of 2000 dollars to buy a 600Gh / s board, how long can I make money on the board? how many dollars can this board produce per day? (without energy consumption) is it worth the investment? if cristi said that "machine" for producing money, it makes about 3 dollars a day at 6/7 Gh / s, one at 600 Gh / s wouldn't it make around 100 and something dollars? I'm waiting for your explanations

  37. Here's some interesting news… President of Bitcoin was arrested… why? money laundering…

  38. Hello Cristi little and look over the picture, it appears to me I've tried Windows 8 64Bit the programmed ala Zadig

  39. Hello Cristi,
    I want to buy the device.
    Please contact me when you want to sell.
    Thank you,

  40. commander said

    Nene, explain to me that dinner gives money to someone who is crazy on the net? What do you mean bitcoin? What is that ? Where does this virtual money come from and who gives it to you? How? How to mine on the net? Well, who gives so much money to some to spend time on the net in vain? Someone has to work for this money! I don't think it's possible to make money online without doing anything! What does this "mining" entail? Do you go to the pickaxe, to dig? What do you scan? what do you scan to make money for free? Where does the money come from, from the Holy Spirit?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Be calmer. If you read under the video tutorial you had the column "Similar Articles" and immediately below you had the titles of other tutorials written in red on which if you left a single click, you would get to the respective tutorial.
      Click on the title written in red in the Similar Articles section called "Bitcoin, make money with the help of a high-performance computer" There it was explained where they come from and what BitCoin means.
      If you lack patience to inform you, you will never believe anything and everything is bullshit for you, that's only because you refuse to inform
      Often, the information is right under your eyes just is not as nice color and a picture of a woman indecency, you have to look, to be patient, to read, to look, to observe, not to be hasty

  41. Adrian and I clarified a bit… no comment.
    but… Cristi, it's different with you.
    I'm surprised you're so naive.
    UNED is your investment now? when the boys were made invisible??

  42. then… cristi… bitcoin is $ 419….
    you got something, you won something?

  43. Good afternoon. Waiting videotutorialul as you are saying about yourself mined Bitcoin network. Please if possible soon. Thank you.

  44. Not going to go on btcguild

    This webpage is not available

    Hide details
    A secure connection can not be established because the site uses an unsupported protocol.

    This shows me please help me
    Thank you!

  45. View Product said

    I hope you got some bitcoin at that time. Because if you did, it's definitely worth a fortune now. More recently I started speculating the course, you can get some profit… not much, but maybe something will come out. It also depends on how much you are willing to buy and take risks.
    Too bad I did not believe in the bitcoin then because I would have been more advantageous.

  46. hello can you make a tutorial with on line securing of virtual coins such as off-line paperwalk or byte coins?

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