AirDroid 3 desktop quickly transfer between the phone and PC

Hi friends, today I will present AirDroid 3, the client desktop.
With the help of AirDroid can transfer files quickly between your PC and phone, or vice versa, you can reply to SMS (need root), you can receive emails, you can reply to emails (requires root), you can receive notifications on Facebook, twitter, etc, and can respond to them (must root).
For many functions of the desktop application we need root fortunately for file transfer and receive notifications do not need root.
AirDroid was presented ago while my colleague Adrian, who at that time had only web interface, which actually is more provider than desktop client right now.
Desktop client's advantage is the speed with which we can transfer files. Of course speed is limited to the interface that you are connected to the network.
On wireless 802.11 or 802.11 AC N, N have little or 65 150 Mbps (on 5Ghz) and the AC can pass 430 Mbps (on 5Ghz).
Before watching this tutorial I advise you to forget and one that made Adrian's web AirDroid, That is especially dedicated web interface, which you can use to control your phone from anywhere in the world.
This application is useful when you forgot your phone at home, but it pote connect to the net.

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  1. Is there a possibility that when you call someone on an Android phone you can talk directly to your computer?

  2. Hello, I received some mega bonus from Vodafone for internet. I bought a new phone and do not go get on the Internet. How to make me fed with the internet settings and restart the phone to go ..
    Cristi .. Can you help me?

  3. hello, I struggled for some time watching YouTube clips in optimal conditions, we installed and uninstalled all kinds of addons, I took in a row all browsers eventually reinstalling the entire system but the problem still has not disparut.Mentionez that pc moves very well and successfully cope with any task and the Internet also do not worry (just watching 4k) believe that the bandwidth but the problem is and remains YouTube and I think you you are you only ones who can come with arguments or solve this thank you and appreciate.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Unfortunately online content is increasingly difficult and you need serious resources even for 1080p, not to mention 4K. Without a video card serious hardware accelerated to an Intel processor that has the technology Quick Sync (technology addressed by my colleague Cristi during another tutorial which you can find using the search box) hardly can cope on YouTube if you want to inscribe even 1080p clips.
      Regardless of whether you choose to play the clips through the old Flash Player or HTML5, at 1080p it will move hard, until the chip is fully loaded in the buffer you will lose frames (cards), you will see "stung" and the large screen player will be delayed.
      10 personally own an inch Netbook Asus exactly a 1001PX and have big problems in playback 720p not to say about playing in 1080p can not be talking on this toy.
      As a conclusion and in response to your question, you can not do anything. Your only solution is to buy a processor with Intel Quick Sync technology or better video card with hardware acceleration

  4. Adrian, thank you for reply but, until recently youtub f ul went well on this pc and now interrupt (block) in the absence of buffer even in the worst posibila.procesorul resolution of my PC is amd a8 3870k (quad) and video card on the use of procesorului.Nu are gamer and therefore did not buy a video card with it but went ff well again, until recently ..

    • Google has many data centers worldwide. From time to time may appear small because of problems with traffic data synchronization.
      Even in our digital Romania Google has many nodes that are put in place in this period.
      Lately I noticed that the speed of download and upload to Google Drive is very high, nearly saturating my entire bandwidth.
      Perhaps youtube and are located some maneuvers to improve playback.
      Yet he said his colleague Adrian above remains valid.

  5. Very useful information!

  6. This program goes on iphone unless something? Thank you very much

  7. Hello,
    Do not go contact form.
    Other contact solution not you?


  8. Question, can transfer files from a connected calcultor fiber optic and telephone? Such as http file server. It can Transferred files between phone and PC via WiFi but not through a normal but udp protocol http or you know

  9. Manuela Cristina Panzaru said

    Please tell me how I can enter the google play store, the application does not open for me what to do?


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