Nokia Here Maps for Android (offline navigation)

Hi friends, today I will present Nokia Here Maps, maps and navigation application from Nokia to Android is free.
This is not a review but a short presentation accompanied by my opinions on the first version of Nokia Here for Android.
From the beginning I have to say that this is a beta version and that they can sneak bugs here and there. must understand that any application in beta version can be less unstable and sometimes inexplicable errors may occur. It happens with all applications that are started on a new platform.
Since the first contact with Maps Here I liked the interface that is intuitive and simple, easy to understand.
Maps and voices can be downloaded free yet not available yet Romanian. Luckily we English that I could understand. Languages ​​are in two versions, lo-fi and hi-fi, hi-fi of course languages ​​are heard better but take up more memory ROM and RAM, that voice must be loaded in ram navigation programs.
I would be unfair to compare Nokia Here Maps with Google Maps, which has long been on the market and while PLAFOR has broadened and matured functions, while Nokia Here is Beta version.
Now Google Maps is without question the most solid navigation solution, of course as long as you net. With Google Maps can browse and offline, but do not expect the reconfiguration of the route, traffic or warnings.
Nokia novelty that comes not at all new, offline navigation has long been available on smartphones, but Nokia wants to offer something for free that others charge us.
Even if Nokia Maps Here not at the level required to Google Maps, you need to give him confidence and hopefully soon will be a formidable opponent for Google Maps.
Right now Nokia Maps Here can be used with hard, maybe in extreme situations when we have no other choice, otherwise Google Maps remains king in this area.

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  1. Can test and CoPilot GPS application.
    It is possible to map free downloads!

  2. Hello Cristi.
    First of all, thank you and the whole team from "" for what you do, regardless of the subject approached !!!
    Secondly, you can also try a documentation for the “Waze” application (also for navigation, valid on several operating systems)…. a few months ago I had an "outing" in an area other than Europe or America; all I can say is that where I was (I don't say because I don't advertise), when someone buys a phone (or tablet) is the first application they install from the app stores (well, maybe it's your habit), but it is certain that no one uses Google Maps….
    By comparison, I put them both on the phone and used them both there and here at home; Shortly after returning I uninstalled Google Maps, apart from taking up more space it did nothing special…
    All the best, happy holidays, health and a new year as you want !!!

  3. Well said. We must be compassionate, just as is beta.
    I am symbian user and WP.
    The other day I put a beta here on a friend on the phone, and I was not very happy… I was hoping for something of quality over WP and symbian, especially since the application must be itself a kind of advertising for the Nokia brand. I hope this comes with important updates as soon as possible.

    I have to say that they have a Nokia Europe 700 I installed and a Nokia 1020 several countries.
    Applications on Symbian WP are concerned over what is shown on android.
    Besides being very accurate, they and other improvements like:
    - voice in Romanian (actually presents many more language packs)
    - the routes can be of 3 types: the fastest, the shortest and balanced route
    - the software fonts are great (I don't care that while I'm driving I struggle to see what is written on the phone when I want to change a setting or something, but just to do it very quickly while driving)
    - presents a "take me home" button (symbian), in Romanian when you want to return home you don't have to press the button and you look for your address again.

    The idea is that you use both .NET and without, even in Romania.
    Let's face it, google it be hard but not that he has no right intotdeauana street numbers with nokia I honestly never wrong (and it offline) and I refer to non-core street numbers.

    I ask gentlemen / ladies who would like to go on the mountain eg where no cell reception, or perhaps only certain network signal they do in that case. I use the phone as a GPS that works smoothly.

    It was also ask those who use google if you do not go to foreign countries and do not know the way? Download google maps somehow? Or not, go and do a tour of Europe and choose tracks as you want without having to set anything. Answer: those who come to them with android phone navigation systems like GPS with Software i-GO!
    Or buy navigation software ...


    What I never understood why google maps is that almost everyone praises do with actual maps offline and not just a copy of a picture like parts of a city or something like ...

    Do not get mad but my phones and phones and GPS are, fulfilling both requirements very well.
    Let me add that behind NAVTEQ maps are HERE software, whose technology is owned by Nokia and from what I knew these maps are used including iGo is probably one of the most popular satellite navigation software?

    Altogether  Here are lobbying for application and rightly so because it is one of the best GPS software for free.

    Cristi wait with interest and possible future reviews and updates possible Here for Android.

    • Well with Goole maps is simple if you have internet connection only until you look Posi address and then stop slow internet browsing that you nevoie.Eu so do not come from Paris România.Deci when you need internet settings just as you do when you want then go after it started directing you can stop internet.

  4. would be nice to do a videotutorial: how to do a mail server on linux and windows. I think many have an old PC that I could make use linux server and how it's perfect.
    Ps; increased demands on videotutoriale :))
    Thank you

    • Constantin said

      First I want to greet you and to wish you Happy Holidays as there is little before Christmas.
      Indeed Stefan here and I agree with you, and I like you so I requested a tutorial a while ago (I think it is more than a year) and I was promised by Christ as you do but still waiting this tutorial. With all due respect for the team I noticed that, make certain promises have yet to meet. Again RESPECT for what you do for that and I in my turn I learned a lot from you but I have a saying (promise date is debt clean).
      Hello again and wish you Happy Holidays.

      • Constantin
        It's called "free time" and everyone has it more or less and manages it as they see fit. As far as I know (it's possible I'm wrong I don't strongly support the statement) Cristi said " to do this tutorial as well ”(on different topics not only the one mentioned by you and Stefan). He probably doesn't have enough time at the moment to deal with such a tutorial or the fact that there are a few of us who want this (and I would be interested) does not correspond to “mass demand”
        Happy Holidays!

        • Boys ... ..
          Right now I am working on a tutorial with something very close to your request, I can not ruin the surprise but I can tell you that it is all about servers that consume less fooooarte.

  5. It's really good map from Nokia, I know the route for the train, subway, bus and tram in Berlin. Offline without internet.


  7. I Recommend
    BE-ON-ROAD app I tested it in various situations and fared best of free applications.

  8. But why do you put on Here it banned?

    • seniordady said

      It is not the maps that put you on the forbidden road, but the ones from CNADR or from the town hall, etc.… which every day break one street or pave another street. In civilized countries (Germany, Austria, Italy) when they close or divert a road (a route), they communicate with those who create the maps to update them.

  9. Cristian said

    THANK YOU !!! Cristi're a great man.

  10. Good evening, I used here maps in various situations by Romania to Valley Vaseruli in Suceava and Oradea, Bistrita in Britain, here we tested in parallel with a GPS Tom Tom and indications were accurate without any the difference between them and unscheduled change pretty quickly recalculates the route .I do not know how it works on Android, WP doing great.

  11. MapFactor - offline navigator (without internet), menu and voice guidance in Romanian, download maps from all over the world for free, is updated every month. It is the best and. . . free. You can find them on Google Play. Test it to convince yourself. A good day .

  12. Maps does not work here. :) I was lost. Cam comment sites all say the same thing. Here Maps since the last update is not opened

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