Digi Net Mobil sharing through wireless or wired to laptop devices - video tutorial

Hi friends, today's tutorial we will talk about Internet Digi Net Mobil. Specifically we will see how we can share (share-ui) to connect a USB modem from Digi Net Mobile Netbook or Notebook by other wireless dspozitive (tablet, smartphone or even another laptop).
Basically we introduce USB modem Digi Net Mobil in a laptop will connect the modem to the Internet and later to send Internet connection modem by plate rtea wireless laptop but then it in turn to pass on to other mobile devices surf the internet.
With the help of Digi Net Mobile USB modem can share the connection and thus being able to offer wired Internet connection to a PC that does not have a wireless network card. To do this we proceed just like we will not send Digi Net mobile connection to a laptop wireless card but the LAN card which in turn will forward your laptop computer connected by wire to us.
To carry out the what we wanted, we will not need additional software but we will use only the settings of Windows Vista, Windows or Windows 7 8.

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Enjoy !

Adrian...... ..linux.videotutorial.ro

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Flemish information and knowledge, I like everything about art and share my knowledge with great pleasure. Those who give themselves to others will lose themselves but usefully, leaving something useful fellows. I enjoying this privilege, I will never say "do not know" but "not yet know"!


  1. Adrian sorry to disagree with this tutorial because I find it totally useless because the Internet from Digi Net Mobile dust and secondly should not complicate anyone in such settings simply takes a router with wirelless and ready net has even entire house and yard.
    Only better and more tutorials!

    • Gaby, sorry to give a reply so late (I mean a few days), I watched the tutorial, I read comments later, but I see that there are people who primarily write and think later. I thought about writing something for you before but I managed to restrain myself not to write. you are dust and stick to digi when you are connected to it and you're not in a city (ie outside the city, you understand, you did not sign), I stick and vb knowingly make travel in the country with serv. and I use this stick very much. (For me it is mocha). I'll explain what you have written, if I have a router in the backpack are not home and I do not have what it refuel (electrical and net). what helps me router? I netbook / I and a friend would stick net 3 G tablet that has helped me this tutorial?
      sorry for the other readers of this review longer. and please think before you write something.
      Thanks for understanding.

  2. Very good tutorial! Adrian tell me please if doing tutorial on network vulnerability wirles `?

  3. gaby:
    Adrian sorry to disagree with this tutorial because I find it totally useless because the Internet from Digi Net Mobile dust and secondly should not complicate anyone in such settings simply takes a router with wirelless and ready net has even entire house and yard.
    Only better and more tutorials!

    If you want to learn is good, if not ...
    Try to look at things in a different context, to realize that it's not necessarily about digi mobile net.
    4G site is seen in the distance, things will change for mobile connections, why not be prepared?

  4. For users to share the host computer - Digi connection - cable, cable THAT THERE IS NO NEED YOUR between the host and guest client to be crossover ... STRAIGHT one is enough.

  5. Without a false impression, but as can be evident how useless is this tutorial for you ... because you must also be able even to imitate what you saw in this tutorial, but it seems like so much work tie it's impossible to replicate, leaving aside'll understand in which situations this procedure is absolutely necessary!

    Adrian sorry to disagree with this tutorial because I find it totally useless because the Internet from Digi Net Mobile dust and secondly should not complicate anyone in such settings simply takes a router with wirelless and ready net has even entire house and yard.
    Only better and more tutorials!

  6. Adrian Gudus said

    Adrian sorry to disagree with this tutorial because I find it totally useless because the Internet from Digi Net Mobile dust and secondly should not complicate anyone in such settings simply takes a router with wirelless and ready net has even entire house and yard.
    Only better and more tutorials!

    Face tutorial available only if you use a modem from Digi Net Mobil RDS.
    You can scroll through the same steps with any modem Orange, Vodafone, etc.
    I used a USB modem that's why I currently RDS.
    If you're in town, the mobile net Digi Net Mobil is "move" very good, at least to me ....

  7. But if you're on the road you somewhere you do them for you to move your router to a smartphone or tablet net did, indeed useful tutorial to keep it all so .M you make your tutorials on Android

  8. this method is valid only on mobile or digi net and other providers of mobile net?

  9. Please teach me what to do I can watch tutorials on your Samsung mobile phone S2 because I asked to get Flash Player, but you have already installed and still not happened anything.
    Thank you.

  10. Adriane, it goes from a desktop to tablet? I wireless USB desktop TP-WN821N.

  11. I wait with great nerabare and maybe you'll make a tutorial about programs and programming linmbajul AutoHotkey can be found at this address http://www.autohotkey.com. This small little program can do as all your programs from the entire computer which also dear readers need to know is just to learn this programming language and then make wonderful miracles of your imagination Roman ingenious commercial programs without fear of introducing Sites Packet spy on computers in their executable files which then sell them or put them on the net. Here is imagination that this program can fulfill it with great ease, we assume that every time every time DubluCLIC give a small little program to automatically connect the computer to the internet and open the email and to automatically log and mesingerul opens and automatically logs, and favorite TV stations, and a specific folder in which almost always want to know what's in it for example "Download" from partition D: and many others all met one click distance and when we want to exclude one of the actions to be easily excluded from this list. this program do what we want.

  12. I got a Huawei USB modem, digital phone net, write on it that is capable of 21.6 mb / s. I wanted to see how it goes. I got 1.06 mb / s download and 0.36 mb / s upload. I had full signal. I live close to downtown ... so what else "Share uiesti" if you like "speed"? maybe a new modem from Cosmote launched.

  13. This tutorial is very helpful, users !!!!!!!
    You complain Digi Net Mobile, Vodafone, Orange, Cosmote have low speed, it is not.
    Romania has just appeared in 4G, so the speed will be very good, now depends on you how many MB you have on that USB modem. I with 4G from Vodafone easily caught 20 mb / s, what to say, videoclupurile 1080p on youtube load like saying over. The world evolves as technology.

    • My impression is that the tablets smarfonurile and other crap from them and they will disappear giving way to other technologies loop PC (desktops) will endure for a long time, the question is who purchase these trifles SIAR money greatly reduced in many respects their ability .'s true that PC can not carry it with me all the way but if I choose a faster laptop at best and about tutorials made by you are satisfied bravo I learned a lot from you

  14. Adrian I'd like to buy me a good router that I recommend

    • something from TP-LINK router and tutorial ... about ... look it up and informs

    • eNd:
      Adrianasivrea to buy me a routerbunce you recommend

      Adrianasivrea to buy me a routerbunce you recommend

      Adrianasivrea to buy me a routerbunce you recommend

      I have D-Link DIR 605L a month and never failed me no signal and use it as a modem to modem HUAWEI 655B Romtelecom weaken the wireless signal, now buy what you think best for you.

  15. exciting vision of what Mircea ... shit tablet is already selling better than almost any desktop laptop ... can not find in stores. ... people want portability.

  16. ADRIAN good I want to know if it works on xp sp3. thank you for your hard work and for lessons learned. esteem

  17. You're wrong Gabi, net digi internet on phone works fine, and in some cases you need such a connection, the expl. 're at a hostel without internet subscription, and you have a mobile internet USB stick to your laptop but want to give your girlfriend the net and have a tablet, for example.
    You understand, right?

  18. sorin2013 said

    just mia an idea about this tutorial to take this case we have a desktop PC and internet from Romtelecom by rooter but Rooter does not have wifi we could via an antenna usb wifi to give net pine wifi to a smartphone that is not May have to buy a wifi rooter who have and are very curious what do you do of course understand if you mam

    • You did very understandable ... only you descperit hot water too late! Exactly for a scenario like this tutorial was made ... got it ?!

  19. I like to write mobile net connection always Digi No Internet access! ;)) If I do hotspot with your laptop or other mobile internet has no one that connects to the Internet signal is disastrous, I just write 3g the phone and just digging a line that I upload them .... I called the people at the RDS for any laptop that did not have good signal was terrible, no checking email ... I could not have done a little after a month, I had more than a week before returning improvement problem .. they say they have made improvements to the antenna .. bullshit ... and I got a router that I had no choice. In some areas of Bucharest, you have nothing to do actually with the modem, for k does not have good signal, you can just put him in the% $ ^. ;)) Anyway, the more I thought about sharuirea connection to the modem, I appreciate the tutorial!!

  20. Cristi a question if I buy another motherboard socket 1155 best, can remove processor on the motherboard old ruin without him or I'll break something and mount it on the new board? Or not really go. ???

  21. Hello. You can do a tutorial in detail on the transfer of files between 2 PC with Windows 8 through a cross-over cable, as I torment me a while to give him headaches and fail ... I tried all kind of settings, ba as xp, windows 7 either that the homegroup, and disable firewall and still can not I connect to the PC that I want to get some big files. Pixy.

  22. for florinel give you but only if that is compatible power supply socket, fsb etc.altfel not think merge.de ex 775 if the socket will not go on it amd 1155.daca will not go on board and intel.depinde fan depends on many factors.

  23. I want all the 1155 but another motherboard better than that. But the same socket. I noted above.

  24. Hi Adrian, congratulations on tutorials. I have a question I tried to Digi Mobile connection when you try to make the wireless network gives me an error "Windows could not set up ..." and I have a second question requires a different internet connection I saw that May were connected to another network. I use a wireless adapter to have access to, net for easier laptolul 5750 my acer aspire. Thank you, waiting for response.

  25. I have an android phone and sees Reta v. 2.3.7 adhoc done on laptop connects other devices you need to do to connect and tel.

  26. Dan tugui said

    You can give explanations and pt. XP system?
    Thank you in advance!

  27. Marius f. said

    Hello ,
    I followed all the steps, but your smartphone (galaxy s2), sees all newly created connection. Any idea what???

  28. Marius f. said

    Marius f.:
    Hello ,
    I followed all the steps, but your smartphone (Galaxy s2), sees all newly created connection. Any idea of ​​what ???
    The ........ mention that the laptop is wireless enabled, connection gave him connect, instead he sees smartphone wirelwss networks that are the neighbors, but the connection shared by me, not seen at all! I have watched other tutorials on the same subject, I followed all the steps but ..... nothing! Do you have any idea? Thank you!

  29. you could do a tutorial for Windows 8? In Windows 8 not find ad hoc network ....

  30. ... I have created unnecessary connection according to the tutorial. Tablet "sees" but can not connect, but phones (Samsung Galaxy Ace S2 or) do not see at all ....

  31. I solved .... and very simple, only with a username and password by installing the "WiFi Hot Spot Creator" ...

  32. atamanu:
    ... .and I solved extremely simple, with only a username and password by installing the "Hot Spot WiFi Creator" ...

    Can you give more details please? NONE appears to network card and I can not change anything

  33. alexandru said

    Sallie look like you said u tried nush goes some indices more accurate dc dami would safac tr tried shi wifi hot sport but not going creator dc?

  34. Search on google-tutorial "WiFi Hot Spot Creator" (I tried several times to post, but I just occurs comment .... Why?)

  35. Alex Craigslist said

    Careful! For those who want to share Digi Net Mobile network must necessarily have the network card driver installed. If you do not know what network card you have in Windows7 right click on Computer and then click Manage, and select Device Manager from the left and from there click on Network Adapters. It says the model network card you have, go to the official website, download the latest drivers, install it, reboot and then create Ad-Hoc connection.

    • Marius f. said

      I did what he suggested Mr. Alex Craigslist .... but ...... still nothing ..... I wonder if you still can be in reality such sharing, we spent hours .... nothing, we did .....

  36. Alex Craigslist said

    Marius f.:
    I did what he suggested Mr. Alex Craigslist ... totnimic ins ...... ... .. I wonder if you still can make such sharing in reality, I've lost hours ... .degeaba, I did ... ..

    Obviously you can, I did, works great. I did exactly as in tutorial. Maybe you've missed something.

  37. Dobre DDoru said

    Good and very useful tutorial. In my case, the job, we 5 laptops and only one stick rds!

  38. Alex Craigslist said

    I have a problem with your Android: can not connect to ad-hoc. You root my phone and the model can not root. What can I do?

  39. You can share the connection from the USB stick with RDS WIFI hotspot creator application (it is free). I tried and succeeded. I tried the method in the tutorial and although I followed all the steps I did. Recommend method WIFI Hotspot Creator.

  40. Very interesting, but useless as long as any Android 4.1 not see Ad-hoc connections.
    Am I missing something?

  41. Hi Adrian,
    Please, if you were kind enough to achieve this videotutorial, enlightens us and us

    Everything went according videotutorial's up to the minute 05: 01 dupam I chose a name and password, I gave NEXT, but surprise, notifies me that was not done!

  42. Please, Adrian, help us!
    Do not go! Everything OK, up to the minute 05: 01. After the call and give the password, says he has not done sharing.

  43. Looks like I succeeded finally! We made connections, but there was another problem:
    Scan phone networks available and there is one created by me on the laptop.
    What to do??
    Thank you !

  44. Helooo .....!!
    It seems that here speaks of himself! Anybody else in this country nearby to help me??
    I'm buying!

  45. Hi Adrian,
    Please enlighten us on the new Windows 8.1 not appear "ad hoc computer-to-computer connection" and can not achieve!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      This option generally find a laptop (PC, unless you have a wireless network card attached)
      Even so, in the case of laptops and desktops if there wireless cards that do not support "ad hoc". This is why if you do not see the function.
      It is also possible that this option "ad hoc" to be disabled in wireless network card properties.

  46. Hello,

    I did exactly as in tutorial. Several times, the 2 laptops. Every time the newly created connection appears to be waiting for users, but does not see any external device that SSID on laptop. I tried 3 phone and a tablet.
    What could be the problem? I just can not believe I have that problem. I searched the net on forums and nobody but Nicu (above) has met it. I see that he was cleared of broke ... :))

  47. Hi Adrian
    It can create a wireles network and for Cliknet Mobile USB modem ADU 510L?

  48. Hi Adrian

    I managed to create my network can connect with telefonu but fail to have internet on it?
    I have a modem from Cosmote? What should I do?

  49. DenisSiAtât said

    I got a Huawei Ascend Y-300 and an Asus laptop and I do not appear on laptom :: Computer-To-Computer :: What to do to show me?
    Let me add Denniss Nepotu who knows :: :: Facebook
    Thank you!

  50. DenisSiAtât said

    Oh and I also have USB Modem Digi.Net.Mobil

  51. Hello. I've windows 8 not appear to create an adhoc network ... .ce can I do?

  52. Hi. I did everything you said in tutorial I found not only that the phone network and do not understand why ... :(

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